Although outdoor activity around the house has been mostly on the backyard as of late, the trend for porch still hasn’t died out. Indeed, this leisure spot in front of your house is still considered the stuff of dreams, if designed properly. To make that dream porch a reality, you may want to check out these 5 elegant porch design ideas.

1. White traditional porch

This traditional porch design also qualifies as a minimalist porch design. It offers a simple design, plain white color, and rustic, wooden porch furniture, yet invites elegance and comfort. Plus, the rustic porch daybed seems alluring enough to tempt you to have a lazy time outdoors.

A coat of white paint on the walls, poles, ceilings and floors for casual beach escape

Shingle-style house with white paint on the walls, ceilings, and pillars to inspire the design of your home terrace.

Traditional English-style house with a white terrace filled with posters and colorful rustic furniture to emphasize the traditional.

Traditional style house terrace with a combination of white, beige and brown to make it look warm and comfortable.

Charming traditional-style house terrace with almost all white furniture and green accents on pillows and wall hangings.

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2. Farmhouse porch

An old-barn presentation can never go wrong, especially if it can turn into one of the most luxurious-yet-homey porch design ideas. The reclaimed oak furniture and flared gambler roof has a typical family farmhouse feel to it. At the same time though, the white accent makes it qualified for being a modern, minimalist porch design.

A beautiful farmhouse porch with several long lounge chairs equipped with comfortable wool blankets.

An amazing farmhouse porch with iron garden benches, wicker pots and kitchen ornaments hanging on the wall as decoration.

An attractive farmhouse porch with stone walls and floors combined with sturdy wooden pillars and modern chairs to inspire your home’s porch decor.

A stunning farmhouse porch with vintage wicker chairs, cute wooden tables, and some wicker baskets for flowering.

Wonderful farmhouse porch with wooden rocking chairs, wicker pots and shed window decorations to add to the impression of a timeless rustic.

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3. Beverly Hills-inspired porch

Some people agree that owning a house in Beverly Hills is like living a dream. Well, even if you can’t be there, having a house with Beverly Hills accent should do just fine. This time, the porch is inspired by that design with wood flooring, natural stone walls, classic seats, and a cozy porch daybed.

Beverly Hills-inspired porch with brick material on the walls and floor equipped with a set of iron garden chairs that blend perfectly.

Beverly Hills-inspired porch with natural stone walls, brick floors, and comfortable wicker chairs for your home terrace idea.

Beverly Hills-inspired porch with a brick area surrounded by gravel, comfortable lounge chairs, and some flowering trees.

Beverly Hills-inspired porch with wooden rocking chairs and brick floors to relax with your guests or friends.

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4. Midcentury modern porch

The styling of this minimalist porch design is actually dated way back during the midcentury, hence the name. Despite that, it works perfectly in a modern house, particularly if you have a two-level house. Take this design, for example, the wide balcony is extended to circulate around the house, with the porch being accessed through sliding glass doors.

Mid Century modern porch with a sloping roof and bulbs mounted in series to inspire your patio design.

A charming Mid Century modern porch with wooden ceilings and a small garden to add to the natural elements on this terrace.

A wonderful Mid Century modern porch with stone floor and a magnificent gate like an empire.

An attractive Mid Century modern porch with a path flanked by river rocks to beautify your home’s terrace.

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5. Communal porch

This is one of those great porch design ideas that work if you have a massive house or if you’re a good friend with fellow neighbors. Multiple houses are connected with a single, massive porch with outdoor vibe thanks to the wholesome wooden furniture. Because of that, it makes a great medium for communicating with other people while having a lazy time. And side note, if you own multiple small cottages, installing this porch to them is a great idea too!

Modern communal terrace ideas with wooden furniture and hanging lamp decorations to enhance your patios appearance.

The idea of ​​a communal terrace with wood that is not processed to create a thick rural impression.

This casual yet elegant space creates a smoother transition, thanks to the flat connection between the terrace floor and the courtyard.

The artsy composition of mirrors and relief sculptures helps to dress up what should be a large blank wall.

A nice terrace with stones that make up half the walls and floor to create a natural impression.

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So, which porch design ideas suit your house the best?

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