Comfort and convenience can definitely be amazing to bring along with the idea of saving your budget. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our list below on top DIY bed for dogs. It is wonderful to find something you no longer use, yet it is still useful to recycle to be a comfortable place for your dogs. All you need is to gather what you have had, do some cleaning and remake your dog bed with a new model.

Get inspired with our recommendation below on top DIY bed for dogs. 

1. DIY Recycled Tire Dog Bed

A recycled tire can be a perfect alternative for your DIY dog bed. Get one around your house and clean it with soap and water. Allow it for several minutes until it dries, and start making your DIY bed for dogs. You can paint the tire or simply paste some stickers on it. Set a fluffy cushion into the hole, and, voilà, a convenient dog bed is ready to enjoy!

Start by cleaning your tires to remove dust and dirt. Rub with soapy water and a stiff bristle brush to facilitate the next process.

After the tire is dry, painting the tire in a standing position is the most easy for you to reach all sides. Make sure to paint all the way to the inside of the tire.

You can use a little sticky feet or furniture slider to protect your floor from paint. In addition, this leg will make a cavity so that your dog’s bed will not easily become moist.

You can try DIY this dog bed with used tires. With a little effort, this pink tire bed is perfect for your dog who likes to curl up.

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2. DIY Sweatshirt Dog Bed

A piece of unused sweatshirt can surprisingly be used for a simple DIY dog bed. Clean your sweatshirt before remodeling, and prepare a cushion for its filling. Fill the broad part of your sweatshirt with the cushion, and continue doing it to the sleeve parts. Set the sleeve parts around the broad part until they become the outer part surrounding it, and one cool DIY sweatshirt dog bed is all yours.

Prepare all equipment and supplies including sweatshirt, foam, used cushions, threads, and needles.

Gather the ends of the collar and sew with thread or use a sewing machine if you want it to be faster. Make sure you leave an arm hole to insert foam or pillows.

Insert the foam through the cuff to form the edge of the bed, while the used pillows are for the main bed base.

This DIY dog bed from sweatshirt is the perfect project for your sweet and cute pet. You will have the opportunity to make something very fun, and your pet has its own special place.

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3. DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

Having an unused suitcase and looking for inspiration for making DIY bed for dogs? Stay calm. The suitcase can definitely be a unique and simple DIY dog bed as your project. Clean the suitcase, and set a pillow in it. Add blanket for bringing warmth, too!

It is exciting to take something that is no longer used and turn it into something useful and unexpected. This vintage suitcase can be a dog bed with a little effort and creativity.

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You can easily make your own pet bed in various colors or sizes to suit your suitcase. Just add a thick and soft cloth for extra comfort.

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By adding wooden stand and blankets, used luggage that you no longer use can become a comfortable and decorative dog bed.

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This DIY suitcase bed is the easiest project to do on your own. This old wooden suitcase has a size that is proportional to your big dog.

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4. DIY Unused Cabinet Dog Bed

Another idea as DIY bed for dogs is a cabinet which you no longer use. Do a cleaning to your cabinet, and make sure you leave no leed residue which can be dangerous for your dog living on it. Set a cushion or a fluffy pillow into it, and arrange some blankets for adding more warmth and comfort. 

You can make your old wardrobe drawers for your cute puppies. By providing decoration numbers, this bed will look very attractive.

This DIY uses a used cabinet box to build a dog bed. With a little extra decoration and blankets, your dog will feel joy.

This cute dog bed is made from used cabinets that are not used anymore. Depending on the size of your dog, you can determine it yourself.

A small pillow to make a DIY dog bed frame, this classic wardrobe box is very beautiful and comfortable as your beloved dog bed.

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Hopefully, the above ideas of top DIY bed for dogs would keep you inspired. Start making some DIY dog bed plans and give it a go!

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