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29 Modern Farmhouse decor

Create modern farmhouse decor by combining both traditional and contemporary designs to create a simple, minimalist, and clean look.

Call it vintage, rustic, traditional, or old–the farmhouse decor has unique characteristics, mimicking the ancient look of houses from the old days. The classic farmhouse look incorporates everything simple; clean lines, minimalist decor that serves utmost practicality. You will not find any clutter in a farmhouse-style home, as it only features simplified ornaments to create a cozy living space.

Farmhouse decor is highly versatile, as you can mix and match the style with other popular decorations including the classic French farmhouse, bohemian farmhouse, or rustic farmhouse. If you want to decorate your house with a recently acclaimed style, you can opt for a modern farmhouse that is less rustic. It allows you to get clearer ideas to arrange things more carefully and practically. Here’s some inspiration to help you have modern farmhouse decoration.

1. Contemporary look

Modern farmhouse look takes on a more relaxed atmosphere with some modern and contemporary touches. Don’t stick to merely wooden furnishing as it will only deliver rustic ambiance. You can use sophisticated elements like stainless steel chattels, modern sofa, glass table, and clean lighting fixtures. 

The interior design of a contemporary style living room with a touch of shiny wooden tiles and combined with soft sofa accents. Besides the white walls and natural lighting from the window. Make the atmosphere of a contemporary living room perfect.

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To make the farmhouse living room decoration more contemporary. Namely by adding old wood accents and soft sofas with soft white. With this decoration, your living room will have a contemporary atmosphere.
The vibration of the living room that is very captivating. With a modern farmhouse style that uses modern furniture from a sofa and patterned rug. In addition, breakage from LED to the ceiling gives a touch of contemporary.
Modern farmhouse living room layout with a soft neutral white color and accented with tile wood. Give a very relaxed touch. In addition to modern sofas and natural lighting from spacious windows. Realizing the concept of living room decoration with a relaxed contemporary atmosphere.
Through textured wood tiles and slick room lighting. Creating this modern farmhouse living room concept. Create a contemporary look.
To give the feeling of this modern farmhouse living room more captivating. With a contemporary look through patterned rug accents and wood wall accents and modern sofas. Which creates the feeling of a chic and classy living room.

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2. Stick to practicality

Don’t go overboard with your furniture and accessories, as everything should be simple and practical. It also has a significant part in creating a comfortable space and allows enough traffic room. Make sure to buy furniture and accessories that you’ll regularly use–farmhouse decor does not include anything extravagant.

Design a simple farmhouse living room. Although simple, the living room still has a comfortable and relaxed concept. Because through a combination of tile and knit rug and soft chair accents. Give the charm of a beautiful and natural living room even without luxury accents.

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The look of a modern farmhouse living room doesn’t always think about luxury. But you can change the decoration of this living room more comfortable and friendly even with a cheap budget, namely by means of a touch of soft sofas and thick rugs. You can create a farmhouse modern living room look that is practical and inexpensive.
The simplicity and elegance that this guest room has. With a farmhouse style living room design through soft color selection and thick rug. And natural lighting from the window and accent on a coffee table made from milk cans. Which gives the appearance of a stylish living room even though with simple furniture.

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The friendly and gentle atmosphere was born from the dreamy living room accent. With a calm touch of furniture and natural lighting accents from the window. Featuring a simple but elegant living room concept.
Deliberately with a simple concept to better realize the farmhouse living room style more comfortably. With a touch of wood tiles and soft gray couches combined with white walls. This comfortable and simple design provides an inspiring concept for you.
By using an L-shaped sofa that is paired with a patterned rug. And combined natural lighting from the window. Featuring a simple farmhouse living room design that features special features.
The hospitality given to the farmhouse style living room. By using a simple furniture accent. Who uses gray sofa accents and a few pillows on top. As well as to provide a cheerful and bright feeling. Add natural lighting accents from the window. Make the atmosphere of the living room more beautiful and special.

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The concept of living room modern farmhouse style. Not always thinking with luxury. But by trying to pair simple furniture and smart placement. Creating an extraordinary and comfortable living room design for you.

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3. Industrial elements

You can create a modern farmhouse look by incorporating industrial-styled elements in the process. Choose some metal objects or industrial lighting fixtures, exposed brass and steels, or mid-century modern furniture. Teakwood chairs for the dining room send out a clean, sleek, and modern appearance.

You will feel comfortable in this living room. With a farmhouse style living room with the industrial concept. Who uses the touch of a chandelier and ornament vase urn. Creating an attractive modern living room style farmhouse.

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Touch of teak wood on the coffee table and ornaments on the old wooden floating shelves. Providing fresh modern farmhouse parlor.
Teak wood side table accents and soft sofas in a farmhouse style living room. And combined lighting accent lighting. Showing the concept of a modern farmhouse living room that amazes.
By mixing elements from wooden accents on the coffee table. And soft fur rug with matching black couch accents. Featuring a cozy farmhouse-style living room feel for you.

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The display gave in this living room. Using a touch of furniture accents that use elements to captivate the heart. By using a wooden coffee table accent and mix and match wall art accents. Featuring a farmhouse-style living room that evokes comfort and tranquility.
The display gave in this living room. Using a touch of furniture accents that use elements to captivate the heart. By using a wooden coffee table accent and mix and match wall art accents. Featuring a farmhouse-style living room that evokes comfort and tranquility.
Teak wood is known to be very full of elegance and valor. With a modern living room farmhouse using the teak wood coffee table. Make a delicious feeling and more elegant.

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Enjoyment to relax in this farmhouse style living room. Created through the concept of a combination of wood tile furniture and antique metal accents on the side table. So you will feel comfort and beautiful dreams in this living room.

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4. Mix and match

If you’re afraid of making the whole room look modern instead of farmhouse-y, try to mix and match things that can work together. For instance, pick some old rugs to pair with your new seater, or combine stainless and wooden furniture to create both a traditional and modern look.

To give the impression that the farmhouse modern is more charming. By using a touch that blends several elements. Namely from the touch of wood accent pieces for wood tables and rattan chair accents. Which thus gives a feeling of grace and charm.
Farmhouse living room design with an attractive appearance. Namely through a touch of wood tile accents and stone wall fireplace. In addition, natural lighting from the window. This creates the atmosphere of a modern style traditional living room style.
Decorating the living room in a farmhouse style. With a touch of accent living room using carved wood features for the living room. And installed natural lighting from the window. Create a beautiful and charming feeling.
This is a farmhouse living room design that gives peace and friendliness. Namely through the concept of mixing traditional and modern accents. Create a graceful and friendly appearance for you.
The beauty that is given to the living room of this farmhouse. It is realized by mixing and matching traditional and modern accents. Namely through rough tile sofa accents and soft white sofas. Which displays the elegance of the living room is very enjoyable and interesting.
Of course, this will give a very captivating feeling. Namely by decorating the living room using modern and traditional accents of white sofa accents and fine rugs. Which gives the appeal of the perfect living room.
Modern farmhouse style living room. With a touch of wood tile accents and put on soft white walls. That gives the heart of the farmhouse living room which combines traditional modern accents. Make a special living room atmosphere.

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The key to creating modern farmhouse decor is to keep the balance. Don’t take one style to overpower the other. Keep the balance and have a perfectly styled decoration.

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