Decorative items help to emphasize the main design visuals, including for a rustic décor. Once you got the right furniture and storage spaces, don’t forget to get some decorative items to make the rustic feel more obvious. Here are five beautiful decorative items to make your home more interesting.

Crate Furniture

Crate furniture used to be the result of recycling, but now, it is a part of decoration trend. Tables and benches from crates give a rustic vibe without being too obvious. If you want something more decorative, find crate planters and fill them with your favorite flowers, greens, or succulents.

Large rustic countertops made of chests and long wooden plank tables are easy DIY and give you plenty of storage space. This home office design has a strong rustic style.
The farmhouse console table made of wooden crates and covers looks very simple and relaxed. This is one of the rustic furniture that is suitable for you to use in your family room.

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Rattan Baskets

There are many ways you can use rattan baskets. Line them up on the shelves or in the closet to organize your stuff. Stack them on the floor to create additional storage spaces. You can also turn them into beautiful planters or book/magazine storage.

A wicker basket used in the bedroom as a place to put a blanket is a great idea. Because this basket can also strengthen the rustic appearance in your bedroom.
Besides enhancing the look of a more decorative living room this rattan basket functions as the maximum storage. Creating a special rustic living room concept.

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Driftwood Decoration

Driftwood is a naturally artful addition for a rustic décor. You can place driftwood as a natural table decoration. Many objects are made of driftwood, such as picture or mirror frames, wall signs, coffee tables, benches, and even lamps.

You can also use the driftwood as a decorative chandelier. This unique shape is able to bring a rustic feel to the room. Besides the old design is able to provide maximum beauty of the room.
The decorative concept of this mirror can bring a rustic touch to your home. By using driftwood for the mirror frame it will arise the rustic vibe. The natural craved wood can create an aesthetic impression.

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Rustic Wreaths

Wreaths are identical with Christmas or Spring, but rustic wreaths are perfect for any seasons. These wreaths are usually made of twigs, dry leaves, pinecones, and flowers with muted colors. The designs are usually more natural compared to Christmas or spring wreaths, for examples.

This will make the touch of rustic style home decoration more clear. With a touch of wreath twigs combined with fake flowers brings a beautiful and enchanting taste.
Wreath placed by the door will further enliven the rustic feel. Using a wooden twig accent combined with cute flowers. Realizing a simple but memorable decoration idea.

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Earth-colored Ceramics

Ceramics with subtle earth colors work as elegant decorations without looking too polished. You can pick objects such as ashtrays, flower vases, candle holders, or decorative bowls filled with candies as rustic decorative items. You can also fill a glass cabinet with earth-colored or white ceramics, such as jars, pitchers, and cups, which double as decorative items.

Showing decorative touches in the kitchen to further create a rustic feel. Namely through the touch of ceramics arranged on a floating shelf. This decoration increasingly gives the charm of the kitchen look more stunning.
For those of you who want a more attractive kitchen appearance. You can display crafts such as cups, teapots, and bowls on floating shelves. In addition to providing a touch that is more pleasing to the eye also brings a more perfect rustic feel.

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Rustic décor needs humble, cozy, and beautiful decorative items to match its visual elements. Try these five decorative items to add a charm in your rustic home.

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