Some people do not realize that stair is one of the spots that you have in your home which can be functioned well to beautify your Christmas home decor when you decorate it well. Not only the happiness when you step into the stairs that you will feel but also the Christmas spirit that can be widely spread since you decorate your home in detail even for the stair.

There will be a varied ornament that you can have for the stair decoration. Apply the ornament to the stair handle or the wall alongside the handle. The most common ornament will be the garland since the form is easy to be applied to the stair. Since it is Christmas, then you can use the things related to the celebration such as evergreen, Christmas ball, pinecone, candy cane, gingerbread, so on. Also, don’t forget about the lighting. Your stair Christmas decoration will be even adorable with the lighting installment. You can even decide the color scheme you want to apply whether it is red, white, green, or grey. Simply choose the colors that represent the celebration.

Christmas Trees from Craftboxgirls

Lantern And Evergreen Tree from Curatedinterior

White Socks Ornament from Curatedinterior

Evergreen Garland from Curatedinterior

Red Ribbon Garland from Curatedinterior

HO HO lighting from Curatedinterior

JOY Wreath from Curatedinterior

Red Lantern from Curatedinterior

Snowflake Garland from Curatedinterior

Evergreen with Red Ornament Garland from Curatedinterior

Christmas Ball Garland from Curatedinterior

Paper Snowflake from Curatedinterior

Snowball Garland from Curatedinterior

Silver Balls Ornament from Feedinspiration

Gold Garland from Feedinspiration

Colorful Balls from Homedit

Red Garland from Homedit

Blue Balls Garland from Homedit

Gold Jingle Bell from Homedit

Red Snowflakes from Homedit

Three Evergreen Wreath from Homedit

White Jingle Bell from Digsdigs

Pine Cones from Digsdigs

White Staircase Decor from Hikendip

Red Socks from Digsdigs

Red HO HO Ornament from Digsdigs

Evergreen and Ribbon Garland from Digsdigs

Red Christmas Gift from Digsdigs

JOY Wreath from Digsdigs

White String Lights from Digsdigs

Pine Cone and Balls from Digsdigs

Redberries Wreath from Digsdigs

Red Knit Socks from Digsdigs

A Round Redberries Wreath from Digsdigs

Colorful Christmas Gifts from Digsdigs

Decorative Candle Holder from Digsdigs

Hanging Heart Ornament from Digsdigs

DIY Christmas Trees Ornament from Digsdigs

Colorful Socks Ornament from Homecrux

White and Red Socks from Homecrux

Evergreen Wreath from Homecrux

Silver Garland from Homecrux

Fabric and Balls Garland from Homecrux

Red Snowflakes from Decoist

Hanging Red Socks from Decoist

Snowman and Santa Socks from Decoist

Round Wreath with Frame from Decoist

Merry And Bright Garland from Christmas365greetings

Balls Wreath from Christmas365greetings

Pine Cone Garland from Christmas365greetings

Red Balls Wreath from Christmas365greetings

Evergreen and Pine Cone Garland from Christmas365greetings

Candy Cane from Christmas365greetings

Santa Ornament from Christmas365greetings

Gold Balls from Christmas365greetings

Evergreen and Ribbon from Digsdigs

Ball Garland Lighting from Digsdigs

Green Socks Ornament from Digsdigs

Brown Balls from Digsdigs

Pine Cone Garland from Digsdigs

Red Balls from Bobvila

Star Ornament from Bobvila

Santa Ornament from Bobvila

Green Balls from Bobvila

String Lights from Bobvila

Striped Sock Ornament from Hgtv

Wreath from Homebunch

Candy Cane Ornament from Countryliving

Green and Gold Garland from Christmas Snydle

Santa Photo from Christmas Snydle

Red Ribbon from Christmas Snydle

Gold Balls Ornament from Christmas Snydle

Star Lighting from Curatedinterior

MERRY CHRISTMAS Garland from Curatedinterior

Evergreen Tree from Curatedinterior

Evergreen Garland from Curatedinterior

Christmas Lantern from Curatedinterior

DIY Christmas Tree from Curatedinterior

Hanging Snowflake from Curatedinterior

Lantern from Hikendip

Christmas Tree Lighting from Hikendip

Plaid Ribbon from Hikendip

Green Garland from Hikendip

Ball and Star Ornament from Hikendip

White and Red Garland from Hikendip

Santa Lighting from Hikendip

Mini Evergreen from Hikendip

Patterned Socks Garland from Decoratorist

Paper Tree Garland from Goodhousekeeping

Red Wreath from Goodhousekeeping

Hanging Star Ornament from Celebrateanddecorate

Blue Balls Garland from Architectureartdesigns

Blue Ribbon from Architectureartdesigns

Burlap Ribbons from Christmas365greetings

Hanging Wreath from Christmas365greetings

Sleigh Bells from Christmas365greetings

Bright Red Stockings from Christmas365greetings

Christmas Pouch Pals Stocks from Christmas365greetings

Stocking And Twinkling Lights from Christmas365greetings

White Snowball Garland from Hikendip

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