Nowadays, tiny houses are spreading across the country. People choose to downsize their living place for reasons like gaining simplicity, environmental stir, and fewer utility bills. The rise of this small-space house invites various designs and décor themes to make the crib looks nice, comfortable, and attractive. Gather up, here are some tiny home trends that will make you inspired.

1. Ecocapsule Microhome

This tiny house looked exactly like a giant capsule outside and meant for people who mobilize a lot. Just like an ordinary home, this small place features a kitchenette, bathroom, and folding mattress. This microhome has a futuristic design which also applied in its decorating. 

If you are someone who wants to live outside the network or someone who dreams of traveling in an independent mobile home, this eco-capsule microhome is the best solution you can try. Portable eco-capsule microhome from lonelyplanet
This is what the exterior of this futuristic eco-capsule microhome looks like. Simple, clean, and sufficient for what we need in everyday life. Exterior eco-capsule microhome from lonelyplanet
For eco-capsule microhome interior decoration ideas, you can place a small kitchen in the corner of this room. Use wood in kitchen cabinets to keep it environmentally friendly. Corner kitchen for eco-capsule microhome decor from mymodernmet
You can complete a wall mounted daybed with a floating wooden table as well as a work table. Not to forget the roof is equipped with plywood storage. This interior idea is suitable for small eco-capsule microhome decorations. Small eco-capsule microhome from mymodernmet

2. Sunroom Tiny Home

Sunroom tiny house is actually a very refreshing, creative and innovative idea. Two tiny houses are connected by a small sunroom which featured extra wide windows and glass roof. This design is perfect for a couple with two children. One tiny house used for bedrooms and bathroom and while the other owned for kitchenette and living room. 

The glass-enclosed tiny home sunroom structure even has a roof that opens, allowing families to feel as if they are enjoying the outdoors even indoors. Glass-enclosed tiny home sunroom structure from digsdigs
You can complete the small house with a white sunroom with a roof and glass walls so that it looks brighter and more open. This room is suitable for relaxing with family. White sunroom tiny house from digsdigs
Even though the design is small, this sunroom decoration has the convenience of chatting with your guests. Use a number of standard, space-saving features. Space-saving standard furniture from digsdigs
The sunroom is designed as a family room to be enjoyed together, apply it to the glass walls and roof. Use wooden pallets to present a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Sunroom tiny house with pallet walls from digsdigs

3. Grain Silo Tiny Home

Dare to believe that grain silo can turn into a unique livable space. With its 700 feet in height, grain silo tiny home is used in two stories where bedrooms and bathroom are placed in the second story. Because of its cylinder shape, a curved sliding door is installed. Open-wide glass windows from first to the second level add a modern taste to it.

The grain silo tiny home with two floors provides free movement indoors. Also take advantage of the large front yard as a comfortable sitting area to relax. Grain silo tiny home with sitting area from motherearthnews
This tiny grain silo house has a terrace with sliding doors and directly connects the mini dining room on the main floor. Grain silo house with sliding door from zillow
You can look at the interior of the grain silo bedroom well, the wooden staircase design that adjusts the shape of the room looks very simple. Take advantage of a little wooden walls as storage. Grain silo tiny bedroom from idesignarch
The combination of wood and iron furniture in the grain silo kitchen brings a modern style. Wall mounted kitchen storage will save space more effectively and efficiently. Wood and iron furniture from idesignarch

4. Shipping Container Tiny Home

Another tiny home trend that catches people’s attention is this two-story shipping container house. This stunning small home is made of 20 feet and 40 feet containers. Double glass doors are used to substitute the initial cargo entry. Shiplap filled the interior, creating a warm and comfortable feeling.

You can try a shipping container tiny home with two large doors and several windows that surround the container walls. Use white paint on the window and door frames. White paint door and frame window from treehugger
Complete your shipping container tiny home with a small terrace equipped with outdoor furniture. Gray color is a suitable color when combined with any design. Gray shipping container tiny home from tinyhousetalk
Wood shiplap walls in white create a warm and cozy feel. Besides that, wood will also be more environmentally friendly when used, you can try it in a small house decoration. Wood shiplap walls from tinyhousetalk
Apply bold color to the door of the tiny home shipping container to make it look more attractive. Take advantage of a small backyard for farming. Bold color to the door from tinyhousetalk

5. Retro Pink Tiny House

As you see from the outside, a retro-inspired tiny house may look like a common small residence. Gray wall and light pink front door will welcome you. What is really taking you back to the 80s is the interior design. The combo of light gray, white, and light pink is all over the interior. Plus, old-fashioned furnishings will perfect the retro look.

Not only the exterior, the interior is also important for your small home decorating ideas. The retro pink tiled bathroom walls give the illusion of a modern impression. In addition, this bathroom is also more colorful. Pink retro tile bathroom from hgtv
Matching the exterior color of your small house with outdoor furniture, retro pink is the best choice that you can try. Do not forget to use steel to make it more sturdy and durable. Matching color from goodshomedesign
When you have applied retro pink to the walls and some kitchen cabinets, then white is the favorite color to combine. Combine retro pink with white color from goodshomedesign
Choose sliding doors for small retro pink home decorations to save space. Cover the door with patterned floral and add outdoor furniture as a relaxing gathering area. Sliding door for pink retro house from lushome

Having a small residence doesn’t mean having less comfort. Today’s tiny home trends have a lot to offer, from its unique design to its comfy feeling.

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