If you’re a big fan of vintage design, why don’t you bring that classic style to your outdoor space? Don’t know where to start? Look no further. Here, we’ll reveal 26 outstanding garden decoration ideas to go vintage and bring the beauty of old-fashioned concepts. Let’s check them out!

1. Turn Your Old Home Appliance to Planters

The first vintage garden decoration idea is to make a unique planter from unused appliances. That said, go check your storage unit and find some old equipment that you’ll convert into plant containers, such as a watering can, milk can, and metal bucket. Otherwise, upcycle aged kitchen fixtures like a teacup, coffee pot, and colander for plant pots.

As a matter of fact, you can also purchase vintage planters like galvanized zinc metal, imperial urn, or terracotta planter in antique shops or second-hand stores, in case you didn’t find any unused stuff in your warehouse.

Take advantage of old metal buckets for planter ideas in your garden. You can suck it taller with the tiered metal bucket idea. Colorful flowers add a beautiful impression. DIY old metal buckets plants from homebnc
Hang roses in your garden for a surprising effect. You can add an old teacup for a pretty, caring vintage ornament. Old teacup ornament from homebnc
Hang a metal bucket in your garden for a lavender flower pot idea. This hanging plant idea gives a creative impression by not spending anything at all when making it. Metal bucket for lavender flower from homebnc
To beautify your garden decoration ideas, you can change old home appliances to planters, such as galvanized metal water. You can grow colorful flowers in one container so that they look more beautiful. Galvanized metal water from homebnc
Change the colander function for a vintage planter idea in your garden. You can hang it to make it more clearly visible, because this DIY colander plant has a small size. DIY colander plant from homebnc
You can use water cans that have been used for colorful flower pots. With this container, your garden decoration will be more creative, smart, and present a vintage impression. Watering can plant from homebnc
You can make antique wheelbarrow as an area to put some of your flower pots. You can repaint the galvanized plant bucket with eggshell color for a newer look. Repaint galvanized bucket plant from homebnc
If you like vintage garden decor, then you can start with an old white enamel bowl pot. You can add a standing black iron as a container for your DIY vintage pot. Enamel bowl pot from apieceofrainbow
An antique teapot is one of the antique and vintage planter ideas. You can place them on each of the old wooden steps for a more vintage-looking garden idea. Try this idea in your garden well. Antique teapot from homebnc

2. Add Vintage Furniture as a Focal Point

If you want to transform your garden into a relaxing outdoor lounge, you might consider adding vintage seating furniture in the middle of your garden. A wooden bench might be a good option, while a wrought iron chair and table set can do wonders.

Adding white vintage furniture to your garden is a smart way to provide a comfortable sitting area to enjoy a fresh, beautiful outdoor view. Don’t forget to add a string light as dramatic lighting. White vintage furniture from thetrendinghouse
Place a pallet chair directly under the tree to keep it in the shade during use during the day. You can add pillows to complement and add to the comfort of this vintage furniture. Pallet chair from thetrendinghouse
Give a relaxing area in your garden decoration, for example using an iron daybed covered with a flower-patterned mattress. You will be more relaxed and relaxed in this place. Iron daybed with patterned flower mattress from architectureartdesigns
To save costs, choose a vintage table set for your garden furniture ideas. Here you don’t need new furniture to bring simplicity but still look stunning. Vintage table set from architectureartdesigns
In order for wooden furniture to look newer and nicer, you can refinish the outer surface for a more shiny look. You can try it in your garden decoration. Refinish wooden furniture from diynetwork
Striped chairs are one of the vintage motifs that look stylish. You can choose white as your favorite color for country decor. The flowers are blooming to make a pretty pallet table decoration. White striped chairs from dexorate
Get a relaxing area in the garden with comfort and shade, you can try applying yellow pallet furniture under your garden patio tree. Instead of using a table with a standing flower container for a beautiful view. Yellow pallet furniture from dexorate
When you have a large garden, you can add vintage chairs as a sitting area that gives a simple impression. This outdoor furniture is also suitable for a shady reading area. Vintage chair from littlepieceofme
Complete the appearance of your garden with the bold colored dining table set as a beautiful focal point. Cover your furniture set with an outdoor rug for warm and stylish footwear. Red dining table set from dexorate

3. Repurpose Your Old Stuff

Other than using your old appliances as plant containers, you may also use other unused stuff as garden accessories. If you have outdated chairs and desks, for instance, bring them to the garden for displaying greenery. To give an antique look, you can upcycle, repaint, sand, or distress the two furniture with milk or chalk paint.

For those of you who want to showcase your greenery in a stylish way, try crafting a beautiful plant shelf using a ladder. You can also repurpose an antique cabinet, so you can put plants inside its drawers to create a unique effect. Otherwise, bring an unused bike outside and make it a stunning spot to display pretty flowers.

The bike is repainted with white paint to give it a newer look. Wicker baskets that are used as plant containers are useful when you want a garden that looks more vintage. Repainted bike plant from thetrendinghouse
You can turn an old broken chair into such a creative DIY planter idea. Paint it blue to give it a newer, cleaner look. You can put it in an empty area. Old broken chair planter from homebnc
When you don’t have the budget for a planter idea, then hanging used tires that are repainted is already a beautiful garden decoration idea. You can make a simple and easy flower container. Hang tires planter from homebnc
Old desks and drawers can turn your garden into vintage heaven in an instant. You can use the desk and its drawer for the flower planter idea. Repaint the desk in a yellow color to get a fresh ambiance. Yellow desk planter from homebnc
To add a vintage feel, you can put an old iron chair in the garden as a DIY potted plant holder idea that is on budget. Place it close to the wooden fence that was decorated with antique plates to emphasize the force that you will achieve. DIY old iron chair potted plant holder from thetrendinghouse
You can place these vases on the top of the stairs and make them a garden display, or make them a welcome sign to the patio for a more inviting home. Love staircase and vase garden from thetrendinghouse
Wooden drawer garden planters. Wooden drawers as planters are eye-catchers, whether placed in garden decoration. They come in a variety of sizes so you can accommodate small or medium plants. Drawer garden planters from thetrendinghouse
The flowery look of the steps gives an antique and smart impression. This wooden ladder will withstand any weather. This planter idea does not require extra care, so it is very easy to maintain daily. Wooden ladder plant holder from thetrendinghouse

Those are some outstanding vintage garden decoration ideas you can try to build a welcoming green area. Feel free to explore and experiment on various aged furniture and appliances to bring the memories of bittersweet nostalgia home.

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