Having a neat library at home to store all our favorite readings can be a little challenging if not done right. However, many homeowners have picked the Scandinavian home library thanks to its promising result and sophistication—and we think you should try one for yourself, too. Here are some ideas from us you should consider.

Modern Mezzanine Library

A modern mezzanine library takes a Nordic-style Scandinavian style into play. However this time, it’s the books that are the main characters. This home library doesn’t require an entire room or compromise double-height ceiling for those who have any.

Taking the Scandinavian style and the Nordic style library design this time it looks very neat and orderly, this decoration idea is perfect for you to use. Apart from creating a fun mezzanine library this design will also create an elegant space. Elegant mezzanine library from housely.
One of the home library decorations that is suitable for you to use is the modern mezzanine library. These library ideas give living room decorations a distinct style and décor. Modern mezzanine library in the living room from housely.
It doesn’t have to be all empty walls as a storage area for your books, leaving one side of the wall as a large glass window to bring in the maximum light. This window helps good lighting when you read a book. Wall mounted bookshelves from decoist.
Use one of these white walls for a bookshelves idea that doesn’t take up much floor space. You can give a splash of Scandinavian style with a wall mounted rack made of wood. Wood bookshelves from decoist.

Un Grand Salon Cozy

Combining Scandinavian with Parisian style is another win-win solution for those seeking elegance and functionality at the same time. Take your time to go for a mid-sized Danish enclosed library, with floor to ceiling books.

This modern Scandinavian house has a library wall built into the living room. Furniture here will accompany reading while relaxing comfortably. The LEDs on the bookshelves provide bright lighting. LEDs built library wall from trendir.
Creating a library space at home does not need to be expensive. You can use the wall space as a specially designed bookcase. Make the shelves high so that they reach the ceiling for more book storage. High ceiling bookcase from trendir.
You can display all the books you have on the walls of your Scandinavian style living room with Paris as a useful display. With the idea of a library in the living room, your guests can read it when they come to your house. Library display in the Scandinavian style living room with Paris from trendir.
This wooden shelf that rises high in the living room is used as a storage area for books or your personal library. You will be more flexible when reading your favorite books indefinitely. Personal library from trendir.

Triplex Ile de La Jatte

More about Scandinavian and Parisian style is an open concept home library built with light wood material. To complete the look, you can choose to paint the walls white and select furniture with clean lines.

To perfect your Parisian and Scandinavian style in your library, you can use shelves with light wood, white painted walls and open spaces. With these features you will get a library that is comfortable to use.
This library decoration that uses Scandinavian and Parisian style is perfect for you to apply. Because with this style you will get a clean library look.

White and Brown Living Room Library

Going for a living room library is best done on a brown floor with white walls (because white is so classic). If you have limited space, you can move it to the porch after backing it up to the slider.

For those of you who like classic home decor, then a white and brown nuance for the living room library decor is a good idea. All you have to do is just paint your wall in white color and pair it with brown color for the wooden floor. Surely, you will get a warm home library design. White and brown living room library from housebeautiful.
Give a spotlight on your wooden floor and ceiling to emit light that makes the library even more dramatic. The doors and bookshelves painted in white give a minimalist style that is not excessive. White painted doors and bookshelves from onekindesign.
The light brown on the library floor can be perfected with a minimalist white bookshelf appearance. The combination of these two colors makes the library decoration more elegant with no striking colors. No striking colors from onekindesign.
One characteristic of the Scandinavian library is the presence of a combination of white and brown colors. As in the picture above that uses white walls and brown wooden floors will make a stunning appearance. White walls and brown wooden floors from housely.
To welcome your guests while visiting your house, you can show something different from the others. For example, with a bookshelf with various kinds of your book collection. In addition to complementing the living room, guests can read your collection of books so they don’t get bored while waiting for you to prepare a treat. Neutral color living room library from trendir.
It is interesting to combine natural and modern elements in the living room. For example, by combining wooden floors and white walls, it will be more interesting if you place a white wooden shelf on one side that is in harmony with the room to store books with colorful covers. Natural and modern elements in the living room library from trendir.

Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse

Go simple with no fireplace and no TV. Choose a teal bookcase to get the modern Scandinavian home library.

Featuring a farmhouse, Scandinavian and modern touches, this library is perfect for you to use because of its very fashionable appearance. Bookshelves made of wood are the right furniture ideas. Wooden bookshelves from onekindesign.
Using a rack that is not too big, the design of this living room looks simple. In addition to that with wooden floors you will also get warmth in your simple library. Standing bookshelves from onekindesign.
Complete your home with a private library adjacent to the living room. Bookshelves on one side of the room are the center of attention that attracts your guests. Private library from onekindesign.
Leave one room for you to spend time on holidays with useful things, for example by providing a mini library to store some of your book collections. The bookshelf in the mini library can also be used as a separator from other rooms. Mini library from onekindesign.

The Scandinavian home library ideas above are some of the most selected ones. We’re curious to know your taste!

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