Lighting fixtures hold important roles in any designs, including Mid-Century décor. Aside from their functions, they can contribute to the design elements to make your interior more attractive. The mid-Century design has a unique look originating from the post-World War Two era, and it shows in the popular lighting fixtures.

Here are several lamp designs to incorporate in your Mid-Century interior.

1. Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik chandelier got its name from Sputnik, one of the notable spaceships form the space exploration age in the 50s and 60s. The unique stellar shape reflects the national interests in space and astronomy during those times. This lamp is simple but quirky, a perfect addition for a Mid-Century décor.

Choose lighting with unique and attractive shapes such as sputnik chandeliers. This decorative lamp reflects the national interest in the room.
Combining the colors on your chandeliers and dining tables is the right decorating idea and you should try to get a harmonious impression in the dining room. Add greenery on your dining table.
This Sputnik chandelier has eight arms, each with a light bulb at the end, all pre-wired and pre-threaded. They all connect to the center ball and have a beautiful gold finish that gives the chandelier a very elegant and refined look
This chandelier has eight arms but they are all horizontal and parallel to each other which makes this fixture a little different from other similar models. It is easy to install and all arms are connected and ready to screw into the cylindrical center.

2. Atomic Lamp

Atomic lamp trend was inspired by the rising interests in modern science after the war. The original shape mimicked an atom’s molecular composition. While atomic lamps now come in various shapes, the vintage models still rule many urban homes.

The presence of atomic lights can strengthen the mid century style in a room. In addition, atomic lamps can also be used as additional decorative elements that are dramatic.
You can try to use atomic floor lamps that are placed right behind your sofa. This lamp gives birth to a typical mid century atmosphere that is modern and stylish.

3. PH-Lamp

Also known as “Danish lamp”, the PH-Lamp was created in 1926 by Danish designer Poul Henningsen. Although the lamp was created before the Mid-Century era, the design suits the aesthetic. The main design feature consists of several concentric shades, reducing the glare while decorating your interior in a less excessive way.

Besides having a beautiful shape, PH lamps also have yellowish white light that makes the room feel warmer and radiant. The PH lamp can serve as a table lamp.
The PH lamp that is hung in the middle of the room is able to illuminate your dining room thoroughly. PH lamps can be the main lights that work well.
The PH5 design has been updated regularly as the light source has evolved. The PH5 plus, designed for use with energy-efficient bulbs, was introduced in 1994.
To achieve higher efficiency, the metal plate was replaced with frosted glass and the light was painted a purer white color.

4. Modeline Lamp

The modeline lamp was a huge rage in the 1960s, and many people regard it as a vintage piece, suitable for a Mid-Century design. The basic design is a bulb and lampshade standing atop three thin wooden structures, usually teak. Modeline lamps may appear as a table or floor lamps.

Choosing the lamp design is important to create a good and perfect mid century decoration. You can choose it as a decorative lamp when placed indoors.
When the line mode light has a high wooden pole, then you can place it on the floor of your house. This lamp has a natural structure that can highlight its perfection.

5. Globe Chandelier

Globe chandelier boasts design features that adapt the main elements of Mid-Century design. It has a simple decorative element, and the globes provide curved shapes to soften the visual. Globe chandelier is usually attached on colored metals like bronze, copper, or brass.

Globe chandelier is one of the main lights that you can apply in the dining room. This lamp is useful to illuminate the entire room around it warmly and dramatically.
Give a touch of gold on your globe chandelier to give a more attractive appearance in your dining room. This lamp comes with a different bent and looks elegant.
The Modo chandelier has a design inspired by simple, off-the-shelf sections and combines them all in a structure that can be configured in a variety of different ways.
The pendant lights for the fireflies are a little more modern but no less beautiful. It features a series of three glass balls, all suspended from a black iron ingot.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures will improve any interior design. These five lamps boast unique characteristics to improve your Mid-Century décor at home.

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