If you have had your country-style living room, now is the time to get challenged by applying this gorgeous style to your bedroom. This 1980s style comes back with its casual and welcoming, versatile, relaxing, and peaceful, and of course, it is easily adapted for any budget. Because your bedroom always represents the real you, you can express your country style through the decoration and make it perfect with French country furniture. Then, to get some examples, check this gallery and find the main characters of the country-style bedroom.

Bed Crown

To bring a French country style into your bedroom, you had better consider a bed crown. This element brings a luxury touch to your bed. As well, it is available in various models. Moreover, you can make it simpler just by providing a curtain with a chic pattern like floral in a calm yet neutral hue. Then, hang it on the wall over the headboard. In addition, these half canopies are also available in some luxurious design which offers elegance. Some of them are being carved or simply using a rod.

A warm and inviting atmosphere goes well with this bedroom style. French rustic style adorns this bedroom with a simple classic bed crown and beige curtains. This matching bed set will enhance the decor of this charming French bedroom. These warm shades of beige and white will give a calm touch to your bedroom decor. Classic Pattem bed cown from hgtv.

Warm colors bring elegance to this French rustic bedroom. Through the crown of the bed, this style introduces a classy, glamorous design. This type of bed crown is easy to make and can dress up any bedroom. With decorations like this will make a classy look. Some of these pillows and blankets will give a warm vibe to your French bedroom. Warm colors bed cown from hgtv.

Like other French country bedrooms, this example proves how stunning and elegant this style is. A bed crown with white curtains will give the impression of luxury. This French bedroom has a pink color scheme that will give this room a feminine impression. You can combine it with dark pink curtains for the perfect decoration. White bed cown from hgtv.

This classic bedroom for little girls is equipped with a double bed that will present an attractive appearance. Completed with a copper iron cown and white curtains this will create a perfect look and steal the attention of many people. The crown of the bed not only plays a role in aesthetic value, but also acts as a focal point for the bed. It has a matching color with the wallpaper and bedding set so that the bedroom looks very beautiful. Sheer curtain bed cown from hgtv.

Mirror Ornament

A mirror is one of French country-style ornaments that gives an elegant and luxurious touch. The frame is representative because it is available in some styles. Wood or metal frame is popular material to make this country-style ornament looks great. Hang the mirror on the wall over the headboard or next to the bed to make your bed looks perfectly classy. Additionally, install a classic chandelier or pendant lamp to create a romantic 1980s vibe into your bedroom.

The role of the mirror should be considered in the French country bedroom. It helps you to create a touch of luxury for your bedroom. You can place it on a headboard with this brass-framed mirror, it will make a luxurious and charming bedroom decoration. Don’t forget to add a crystal chandelier and large windows to provide dramatic lighting and make the room feel spacious. Vintage mirror above bed from thespruce.

A pair of antique mirrors is very beautiful. They provide a touch of shabby chic yet classy in this country-style bedroom. Choosing this antique gold frame will add a touch of luxury to the room. Choosing this mirror will make your room more spacious and will look spacious. Then, the headboard brings a touch of luxury with this beige crown fabric. Gold antique mirrors from architectureartdesigns.

Hang two mirrors above the headboard and one above the fireplace to make a statement. They play both as an artistic ornament and as a functional value. This crystal luxury chandelier provides the perfect lighting. This off-white color scheme will give it a warm and serene touch. In addition, this mirror will give the impression of an airy and bright oak in the room. Triple vintage mirror from architectureartdesigns.

Curtain Designs

The next element to consider in making a perfect French country bedroom is the curtain. This element is important since it helps to make your dreamy country-style bedroom comes true. It creates elegance and makes your bedroom looks classy. You may opt for floral blackout curtains which make your bedroom beautiful with a shabby chic touch. However, choose the ones with muted colors like tan, blue, grey are possible. Install your curtain up to the ceiling to get a larger impression.

Striped blue curtains designed as window coverings make this bedroom even more luxurious and classy. You can design this curtain to the ceiling to create a tall and spacious room. In addition, the chandelier above the bed helps to create a dramatic atmosphere. This matching color scheme will create a warm and serene room decor. Striped blue curtains from designingidea.

Speaking of country-style bedrooms, you can’t forget the curtains. Green curtains that have soft color tones will beautify the bedroom. Choosing curtains to this ceiling will make your French bedroom decor look taller and wider. This decoration creates elegance and makes your bedroom look classy. This vintage chandelier brings dramatic light into the room. Green curtains high to ceilling from designingidea.

Subtle colors bring elegance through several elements. Beige curtains with floral patterns and a soft beige bedding set combine well to create a cozy bedroom. You can also add more stylish decoration to your room and it will steal the attention of many people. This oversized rug will add a warm touch to this French bedroom. Beige curtains with floral patterns from designingidea.

Generally, what makes country style becomes an interesting style to apply for your bedroom is that it is the big umbrella of rustic, vintage, farmhouse, and cottage styles. Furthermore, this style allows you to combine them together throughout elements. Besides, the presence of patterns, muted colors, and natural material become the keys to the country style bedroom. So, be ready to apply this beautiful style into your cozy bedroom.

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