Arguably one of the most notable decor styles all around the world, creating a country house of your own doesn’t always mean leaving your metropolitan life behind and moving out to the countryside. While the prospect sounds tempting, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a country decor without having to move anywhere else.

Filled with rustic ornaments and antique heirlooms, one of the best ways to realize your country house dream is through DIY projects. Affordable and simple to make, here are some inspirations for DIY country decor ornaments that will rouse your inner creative soul.

Repurposed Mason Jar Flower Vase

Starting with something easy, this repurposed mason jar vase is a great country decor for your living room. Simply stick your old mason jar on a wooden board and hang it on the nearest surface. You can opt for a fresh or artificial flower for the insides.

Do you have an unused glass mason jar? If so, then you can use it as a cheap flower vase and of course, it will be an ornament as well as a wall decoration that is on a budget. Before this mason jar is made into a vase, the thing you have to do is wash and clean it first. Use water as a planting medium so that your flowers do not wilt easily. Hanging mason jar glass vase from homebnc.

To emphasize the decor of a country house, one way you can do this is to hang a used mason jar as a DIY vase that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Repaint this mason jar vase with white to make it look cleaner. Don’t forget to hang this vase on a reclaimed wood surface that has a shabby and chic color. Use a flower with a bold color to complete your plain wall decor. Repaint mason jar flower vase from homebnc.

Several wooden planks that were hung on the empty wall became the main layer for hanging several mason jars of flower vases that were placed not too far apart. You can use a variety of different types of flowers to enhance the look of your current country walls. Hang this mason jar vase with a strong rope so it doesn’t fall off or fall on the floor. Hanging mason jar vase with wooden planks from homebnc.

Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

Feeling like your bedroom needs an extra source up? Transform it into a rustic cocoon with this reclaimed wooden headboard. Whether it’s dark or light-colored, the country decor will immediately be the focal point of your space.

Country bedroom decor will be more pronounced when you use a reclaimed wood headboard that has a shabby color and looks natural. In order for this headboard to function better, you can hang scones on the right and left sides of the headboard. This headboard has a larger size so that it can be used as a focal point that is never consumed by time. Its vintage appearance is suitable when equipped with green plants beside it. Reclaimed wood headboard with wall scones lamp from homedit.

Vintage Bench

Made of upcycled bench legs and wooden door, paint it all into a crisp white and display it in your bedroom, living room, or backyard. The shabby chic ambiance makes it a great addition to your country decor collection.

Reclaimed wood material that is converted into a bench is a smart idea that is suitable for the country furniture that you are currently applying. Place this bench in the entryways decoration for a comfortable sitting area and can be used when you are going to wear shoes. Its natural appearance will be more perfect when surrounded by various types of green plants in pots of different sizes. Reclaimed wood bench from homebnc.

If you prefer the appearance of a more elegant and clean room, then you can repaint the vintage wooden bench. Just use white paint to make it easier to mix with other interiors around it. Don’t forget to cover this wooden bench with patterned pillows to get maximum warmth when the weather in the room feels colder. Repaint wooden vintage bench from homebnc.

Homemade Rope Sign

Nothing feels as special as bedroom decor, especially when it’s homemade. You can easily find the rope from the material store and simply shape it into any kind of sign.

No need to worry when you have plain and empty walls in your bedroom decor, now you can make a DIY craft that can be used for country wall decorations that seem creative. This DIY rope sign which is applied to a wooden board painted in white is the best choice that you can try on weekends to make your days more fun. DIY rope sign on a wooden board from stylemotivation.

DIY rope sign that is applied to the headboard of your bed will give a more attractive appearance and view. You can write the word love or according to what you think. This DIY craft is very easy to make with your friends or family at home. At the top of this rope sign, there is a hook that can be an additional accent to emphasize the country style. DIY country-style rope sign from funkyjunkinteriors.

Barn Door Cabinet

Perfect for a rustic kitchen, create this awesome and functional vintage cabinet using your unused barn door. Sand its surface, paint it, and get ready to be astonished by your new signature country decor.

Country home decor style never uses luxurious or expensive interiors or furniture. Currently, you can close the wall-mounted cabinet with a barn door to make it safer and not easily exposed to dust or dirt. Sliding barn door cabinet is very suitable for use in homes that have a limited floor area, you can use iron material in the sliding area to make it more sturdy and not easy to rust or porous. Sliding barn door wall mounted cabinet from countryliving.

This floating cabinet, which is equipped with open shelves and a barn door, is one of the most versatile and effective pieces of furniture. On this open shelf, you can put some beautiful ornaments such as a cooper green plant vase that looks shiny. Furthermore, for a closed cabinet, you can use it to put or store some toiletries neatly and safely, of course. Multifunction floating cabinet with barn door from countryliving.

There are a lot of ways to nail a country decor without breaking your bank, one of which is by making it yourself. These inspirations will surely bring out the utmost creativity in you!

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