Apartment dwellers, are you looking for a seasonal upgrade for your indoor plants? Keep calm! It’s not difficult to do. All you need is to get the right pots or planters. Just like this wintertime, there are many containers to opt for a more beautiful display of indoor plants. Here are some indoor winter planters for apartment that are not only spruce up your space but also keep your favorite plants growing well. 

1. Tiny Marble Planter 

Love to grow succulents or cacti? These adorable marble planters are calling you. They are perfect for your favorite low-maintenance and indoor-appropriate plants. Place them on any table, windowsill, or floor. With the right color choice, your room will benefit from them. 

To create a fresh bathroom, you can use succulents and other greenery planted on a marble planter. Place it on the table to make it look more attractive and attractive.

Tiny marble planter that is placed on the dressing table will provide maximum natural touch. Cactus is one of the plants that is suitable for decorating your apartment today.

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2. Delftware Planter

Its white and blue combination suits to every wall backdrop. Moreover, in a white snowy backdrop, this planter will undoubtedly offer you a fancy display. Have a medium-sized one and you can use as a planter for any kind of plants. Then, you can place them wherever you want in your room.

The combination of blue and white will work very well. Delftware planter placed on a glass table will make your room look clean and colorful.

White and blue delftware planter in harmony with table lamps and wall decorations will give your room’s decor a classic yet modern look. This decoration to give calm contrast.

Delftware planter in the kitchen will attract the attention of others. Because this decoration will be a natural and beautiful table decoration. In addition to green plants, you can also use flowers, you can try it now.

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3. Terracotta Planter

You’ll always love the simplicity of these terracotta pots. To brighten up your living room or kitchen, use a whitewashed terracotta. This planter is available in various sizes and shapes so that you won’t face any problems fitting any plants.

The idea of a terracotta planter placed near a window will give freshness to your room. Paint with white to create natural brightness.

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Besides hanging terracotta planter, for indoor decoration you can also place it on a table. This appearance will complement your modern apartment style to the maximum.

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Take a simple idea but has an atmosphere that is not boring when in your apartment. For example you can put whitewashed terracotta on the table to pamper guests who come.

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4. Rattan Planter

Beat your ho-hum apartment dining room with a rattan planter. You can use either the one with the stand or the hanging one. For you who love a vintage look, opt for Bohemian rattan planter style. This style also adds texture and warmth to your space.

You can apply an apartment with a minimal and cheap budget during the winter of 2020. One of them is a rattan planter at the corner. Bohemian nuance gives a beautiful different look.

Rattan planter is a cool element that refreshes your living room. Put between the sofa and swing to pamper guests who come to your apartment.

If you are inspired by Bohemian decoration, you must have colorful furniture. Use the rattan planter for natural and attractive natural decoration.

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5. Terrazzo Planter

Though terrazzo is well known for flooring use, there is the trendiest innovation of it, like tabletop and planter. So, why not place the terrazzo pot for indoor use in your apartment. Its sparkling display will surely enlighten your room.

Choose for a small-sized pot that will result in an adorable display. Do you know that some cute home accessories, including planters, can raise your mood level?

The colorful Terrazzo planter that is hung will be a beautiful wall decor for your apartment. Succulent will be one of the plants recommended for your decoration.

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DIY terrazzo pumpkin planter placed on the table will be a favorite favorite decoration in winter. This Terrazzo planter will show off its perfection to the maximum.

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Use a small terrazzo planter to create a cute impression when seeing people visiting your apartment. Add colorful patterns to make an extra chic look.

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If you are inspired to use a terrazzo planter, then this idea is the right choice and good for your indoor decoration. Plant a green plant to spoil your eyes when you see it.

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We do hope that these ideas on indoor winter planters for apartment can inspire anyone who loves gardening. So, which one do you like to have? Remember to select a pot that suits your place.

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