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15 Minimalist Small Foyer with Stairs Design Ideas

Having a small foyer doesn’t mean you can’t make it with stairs. Here are some minimalist small foyers with stairs design ideas to inspire you.

A small foyer with stairs means that the design shall be simple but able to provide what a foyer should have. Compact, but fully functional to meet guests or to leave your wet outwears such as coats and boots. The idea is to inspire you to have a cozy and inviting foyer with such limited space.

Some staircases are designed to be fit in a quite narrow space such as small foyers. U-shaped and winder stairs are well known for their suitability to any kind of nooks. You have to know these stairs features before choosing which one to build.

1. U-Shaped Staircase

You can color the narrow walls in white and the U-shaped staircase. The stand-out-black will balance the look. A beautiful glass chandelier, pots of flowery pieces, combined with painting, can be added to enhance the theme. 

Having a small foyer with the right staircase design will look beautiful and pleasant. White walls complete with U-shaped stairs look simple but amazing.

Foyer decor with white walls will make it look wider and cleaner. Installing a U-shaped ladder on your porch will provide perfect beauty.

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U-shaped wooden stairs are perfect for decorating your small foyer because of its sleek shape that saves space.

Installing a U-shaped staircase in your small foyer will enhance your decor so it looks perfect. Add wall decoration and lights so that it will look more beautiful.

To enhance the decoration of your small foyer adding stairs is a perfect idea. White walls, complete with U-shaped stairs, will provide a simple and pleasing beauty.

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2. Rug’s Effect

Don’t leave your stairs plain, especially if your staircase is facing forward to the front door. Decorate it with a beautiful rug to get the best looks from it. Rugs selection can be matched with your chosen theme.

Small foyer equipped with stairs looks more fun. To enhance your decor, add a carpet on the stairs so that it will give you warmth.

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Installing wooden stairs in your foyer will give a pleasant classic feel. Decorate with gray rugs to create a strong classic feel so that it feels calmer.

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Decorating the stairs with a rug will enhance the decoration of your small foyer so that it will get the best decoration and look elegant.

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Rustic small foyer decoration with wooden stairs decorated with burlap carpets will beautify your decor so it looks more attractive. You can add wall hangings to make it look more perfect.

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Add a rug to decorate your stairs so that it will enhance the decoration of your foyer. Choose a rug with geometric motifs to make your decoration look modern.

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3. Secret Closet

The placing of a staircase will definitely leave a triangular space underneath. Use this staircase spandrel into a hidden closet. There are many designs for these. You can design it with a door or drawer. This closet can be used as mudroom storages.

The idea of designing a small foyer with stairs is to build well-fitted stairs in a room that serves as a foyer, and squeeze every inch of the room into usable spaces. Are you feeling inspired already?

Designing stairs with cabinets underneath is the perfect idea to save your space. You can use it as a storage room so that your foyer will look neat.

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Installing stairs for decorating your foyer is a perfect idea so it looks more modern. Utilizing the bottom of the stairs as a storage room will make your foyer look neat and empty even though you have a lot of stuff.

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Adding a cupboard under your porch stairs will create a hidden storage space, so your little porch looks neat and organized.

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Small Foyer decoration with stairs is the perfect idea to enhance your decor so it will look amazing. Big drawers under the stairs will be a perfect hidden storage area so it looks more presentable.

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If you have a small foyer with stairs, you can create the perfect storage space under the stairs. Installing cabinets under the stairs for use as a mudroom storage area so it looks modern.

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