Living together with your loved ones must be pretty fun. You get to see each other’s face and doing everything together every day. A nice ambiance in your place will perfect your lovey-dovey time with your partner.

Adding the fun to your place by designing it with these four homey and simple apartment décor

1. Tropical Theme

Freshen up your whole place by having a tropical-themed apartment. The look will also add a naturally vibrant and colorful touch to your place. Though you live in a downtown, you can feel the fresh atmosphere by having this decoration theme.

Tropical theme is all about vibrant color. Start by mixing stuff color by color and texture by texture and placing some decorative plants with pinkish decorative flamingos on certain corners of your place. Having wooden tiles will perfect this look even more.

Having a tropical theme in the apartment is such a pleasant thing. It can boost your mood and mind. All you can do is try to find some cushions and paintings in a tropical pattern. Then, you can add some ornaments such as flamingo and add some fruits to strengthen the tropical vibe.

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The first thing that you can do to make your apartment have a fresh ambiance is putting some wall decoration with a tropical theme. Such as banana leaves and flamingo.

It will be a cozy and fresh apartment decor. You can use a pink sofa and flamingo painting to make it happen. Add a small palm tree to get a real tropical theme.

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Applying tropical wallpaper to the apartment bedroom is a good idea to make your room feels fresh and cozy. Add a round mirror above the headboard for the focal point of your room.

It’s just simple to make your apartment looks cheerful and fresh. Use some vibrant color for the sofa and don’t forget to apply a tropical wallpaper.

Pinkish flamingo ornaments can be used to represent that your room is applying a tropical theme. To strengthen the tropical vibe, add a coconut tree painting and use fresh color in your apartment bedroom.

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2. Hipster Style

Hipster is about embracing uniqueness. That is why you will always find hipster kind of people has their unique characteristic. They are always being experimental and trying new creative things.

To have a hipster decoration, you need to decide which item will be the focal point of your place. The item will unite the interior concepts you want to show and be the focus of your room and decoration as well. Add a little bit of vintage touch to emphasize the different look.

Hipster style is one of decoration that can be used to make your apartment looks unique. But you have to decide what will you show as the focal point in your room. For example, you can apply a lot of wall galleries to make your apartment looks attractive.

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Applying hipster style for your apartment decoration is suitable if you like a freestyle. You can decorate your room with some plants and use a patterned rug. For the focal point in your room, you can use a big wall decoration and hang at the corner of your room.

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Try to use some wood furniture with a classic and vintage vibe the can be a good choice to emphasize the hipster style in your apartment. Besides that, a unique pattern rug can in line with your apartment decoration.

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Using unique furniture for your apartment can make your apartment looks attractive and different. One of them, you can use a unique wall lamp and use monochrome color to get inline with the furniture used.

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This a simple way to apply the hipster style in your apartment decor. You can use a brown rug with an ethnicity pattern and a wooden beam table. These items can match with your apartment decoration.

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3. Urban-industrial Household

A modern interior becomes a hit these past few years. One of them is the urban-industrial concept. It has a minimalist touch without forgetting the aesthetic. This apartment décor will perfectly suit those millennials.

To embrace this look, arrange and decorate your place by emphasizing the cosmopolitan nuance. Cool and trendy elements blend into one and deliver the soft, modern, and comfortable feeling to your entire place.

To get a modern and cozy apartment decor, try to apply an urban-industrial decor. This is a very simple and minimalist decor, but very suitable for urban life. All you need to do is just use minimalist furniture and you can expose your brick walls to strengthen the industrial vibe.

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Trough the grey bed and bedsheet, it’s enough to create a minimalist and industrial vibe to your apartment decor. Especially if you expose your brick wall and wood touch on the ceiling.

For the suitable urban life decoration, you can apply industrial decor for your apartment. Industrial is all about simplicity but never forgetting about the aesthetic. You can start exposing your brick walls and some pipes in your kitchen and using simple kitchen cabinet.

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Wood and iron are a good combination to create an industrial vibe in your apartment. You can apply this idea to make a large shelf. Attach on the wall and you can use it to put your books and some ornaments.

For your urban life, decorating your apartment with modern and comfortable decor is a must. For example, you can use industrial decoration. It’s simple to do. First, pick minimalist furniture, use a neutral color, and expose your brick walls.

No matter if you live in an apartment and you want a homey vibe in your residence. You can use an industrial style to decorate your apartment. Use minimalist furniture, expose your brick walls and some pipes on the ceiling and use the wooden floor. It can make your apartment feels cozier.

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4. Decorative Patterns

Be playful by decorating your place with customized patterns. This look offers the liveliest atmosphere like no other. You can design your own pattern with your partner all you want that will suit both of your characteristics.

You do not need all-patterned furniture and decoration because that only makes your room look unappealing. Some patterned small pillows for your couch, wallpaper, and carpet are enough to have this look. Make sure you combine the right colors and texture.

Playing with a pattern for your apartment decoration is a good idea to make your apartment looks appeal. But don’t to much mix the pattern because can make your apartment looks crowded. Just use a tribal rug and install it for your apartment living room.

Use a patterned throw blanket and place on your sofa is enough to make your apartment looks appealing.

Patterned curtains can be used to give a vibrant touch in your minimalist apartment decor. It can make your apartment looks attractive and not too look bored.

Install a patterned fur rug in your living room to make your apartment looks beautiful and comfortable. You can use the geometric pattern to get an attractive nuance.

Make your apartment more playful by placing some patterned pillows and a patterned rug. This a simple decoration but can make your apartment more pleasant.

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Maybe it’s just a patterned pillow that placed on the sofa, but it’s enough to make your apartment looks appealing. It can give a different look in your apartment.

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Feel all the excitement by applying those apartment décor with your loved ones!

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