If you only have a choice to live in an apartment, then its space won’t be as wide as you have your own house. Well, it is not bad as long as you can maximize the existing whole room. Here, you should be able to create such an effective small apartment decor. Getting well-engagement with minimalist lifestyle is the most appropriate to be applied on. Minimalism here means no over-furnished. You can have any kind of room design applied on but still, you should put less furniture. So, for that case, here are some solutions for you to get a comfortable and proper decoration for your apartment.

Let the Sunshine In

This first idea really works for your apartment. Besides this natural lighting is indeed to replace the function of electrical lighting, this sunshine will make your room fresher and you will absolutely need the effect of this natural light because it will give an alive vibe to the room. Moreover, your apartment will be healthier. So, let it shine through your cozy home.

If you need lighting during the day in decorating the living room, then you can use a glass window that is large enough to enter more sunlight into the room. To install this transparent glass window, you can use some of the walls of the room that are not used or are still empty. This natural lighting minimizes the occurrence of moldy furniture or reduces the humidity of the room. Transparent glass window from apartmenttherapy.

To make it easier for you when adjusting the entry of sunlight into the room, you can use a window shutter that has been repainted with white so that it has a color that matches the living room wall that will be decorated at this time. You can open this shutter window in the morning before noon to enter sunlight as well as being a room heater that can be obtained easily and for free. Shutter window from apartmenttherapy.

Layered Curtain

Having a comfortable apartment is not only about well-combination between clean and neat. But also about the right choice of proper interior design. All decoration should be well arranged and it is not about well furnished with high-end furniture. No! It is not. One of the needed decorations is the layered curtain. This kind of decoration has one layer is thick material for the outer layer and also for the decorative part and another one is thin material for the inner layer. It would be better if you choose the layered curtain.

Cover the glass windows in your living room decor with two layers of curtains that have different materials and thickness or thinness. For the first curtain, you can use a white sheer curtain combined with a cotton curtain which has a dark brown color. You can close or open these curtains according to the lighting needed in your apartment living room decoration. Brown curtains are the best choice because they have color harmony with the wooden coffee table used in this room. The combination of sheer curtains with cotton curtains from apartmenttherapy.

Proper Cabinet

The cabinet is must-have furniture. You can store your stuff in the cabinet. There a lot of designs for the cabinet. From simple to more than the simple one. It would be better if you have custom made. It means that you can have a cabinet that is adjusted with the size required. For example, if you have stairs, you can make a cabinet under the stairs. Besides maximizing the space, this custom cabinet is so interesting and eye-catching. Making the room in clean and neat is all that you need to live comforts in your apartment.

Take advantage of the empty space under the stairs to put a standing cabinet that has several storage spaces that you can use well. With this cabinet, your apartment room is protected from clutter and of course neatly arranged. Match the color of the outer surface of this cabinet with your banister so that it blends perfectly in the same room. Standing cabinet under the stairs from nextluxury.

Wall Ornament

If you choose to live in minimalism, I think you still need a touch of art in your apartment, especially for your wall. Your room won’t be looked rigid. This ornament could be something that you can make by yourself or well-known as DIY or maybe you buy them at a decorations shop. You can adjust its style and color based on your room’s design. In this case, you need to create a balance DIY apartment ornament. One tip, if you have a big one ornament then you need to match with small one or put 2 or 3 big ornaments without any adding ornaments. Then, if you have small ornaments, like the small size of frames, you need to install them side by side into square shape at the very center of the wall or above the couch. If you want to add more just do it but, as a reminder, you need to balance your wall ornaments.

The two paintings that hang on the wall decorating the living room have different sizes and themes so they can be used as room decorations that seem artistic. Perform regular maintenance on the painting by wiping it with a soft cloth to keep it clean and dust-free. Indoor green plants complement the living room decoration in a fresh and natural way. Two paintings with different sizes and themes from apartmenttherapy.

To fill the empty and plain wall space in the living room decoration, then you can hang some black and white paintings that have different sizes. You can fill the wall right above the sofa with a painting that has a larger size so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful and not boring room of course. Black and white painting from apartmenttherapy.

Functional Coffee Table

This furniture absolutely has more than one function. Beside to complete your living room look, this coffee table should maximize its purpose as storage. Living in a limited space is really demanding to have some storages to keep your stuff, from small to big stuff. This coffee table should have those two main functions. You really can find in a shop about what coffee table is fit for your living room’s design.

To minimize the use of the floor in your living room decoration, use furniture that can work more. For example, you can use a coffee table made of iron so that it can be used as an open reading area and storage underneath. This coffee table has a splash of jet black color so that it is easier to combine it with other interiors around it. The material used in this table design is also more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Tier coffee table with storage underneath from homedit.

Foldable Sofa

The foldable sofa is a savior for you who live in a small apartment. You really can use this kind of sofa based on room needs. For example, if you need to have more spacy room because you invite some friends to come along then you can fold it then you feel spacier. For its design, commonly it is a simple and standard one. Not over variation and decoration. But, for colors, you can change the cover of the sofa only. You can find online with many color choices with some sizes, adjustable with your sofa’s size.

Perfect the decor of your apartment room with sophisticated and simple furniture, for example, you can use a folding sofa equipped with floating shelves that can be used as storage ideas for some beautiful ornaments and of course can be used for beautiful room views. Add some throw pillows as an additional accent that feels warmer and has a more soft surface. Folding sofa with built-in floating shelf from cuded.

Simple Rug

This decoration is another part that can make your dining room or living room become more completed. You can adjust it with specific design, pattern and size depend on how wide that space that it will be applied on. But, for an apartment that has limited space, the simple one is the best one. You can put it in one specific room like the living room then your living room becomes a comfort zone in your limited living place.

This faux fur rug which has a geometric pattern is very suitable to be applied in a modern minimalist style living room decoration. The surface of this rug has a softer and warmer material so it is very comfortable to use all day long. You can choose a white rug so that it can be combined easily when you use a sofa and coffee table that has a bold color. Glass windows are a source of sunlight that can enter the room perfectly and freely. Faux fur rug from apartmenttherapy.

Open Space Kitchen

The open kitchen makes the whole room become connected and look wider. Putting a partition to separate the kitchen with another room. Plus, commonly the apartment only has a small area so you need to minimize the appliances used. It would be better if you set the main electronic appliances only and of course, you need a kitchen set to store your kitchen appliances. So, you still have your desired kitchen which is clean and neat.

Avoid using permanent dividers in your minimalist apartment decoration so that it looks more open and looks spacious of course. The kitchen living room combo is a very favorite room mix option and it never fails. You can complete this small kitchen with an elongated floating cabinet and can be used as a closed storage idea that is safer and avoids dust or insects entering the cabinet. Open space apartment design from realhomes.

If you want to have a proper apartment means a proper apartment decoration is needed. Make it as comfortable as you can like your wide house.

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