Do you prefer to expose your shower and bathtub space in your bathroom? Or, are you a type of person that choose for privacy over non-functional elements to your bathing space? Indeed, there are several options of a sheer pane glass divider, a waterproof fabric screen, as well as the combo of glass shower door and curtain.

1. Glass Shower Door

Ideal for a totally enclosed shower and/or tub space. A sliding glass shower door is more space-saving. It is also great if you want to make your bathroom visually larger or it’s somewhat inconveniently awkward to install a shower curtain. Or else, if your bathroom has a kind of angled and sloped ceiling, a transparent glass shower panel is nicer. 

If you are not a big fan of clear glass as your shower door, you may look for frosted, color-tinted or patterned glass. Wallpapers for glass is also a good trick for a more decorative touch. Another idea can be a window film that offers you with varying levels of privacy.

Applying glass door for your small bathroom has some benefits. You can use it to enhance your bathroom look and save space if you place your shower room at the corner. If you want to look aesthetic, you can pick the pattern glass.

Save space in your small bathroom with sliding glass shower door. It can make create a minimalist impression and looks seamless.

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Having a small shower room, it means you have to think carefully about the door. The best door that you can choose is a glass door. It can make your shower room looks simple.

Make your bathroom looks spacious by applying a sliding glass door in the shower room. This very helpful to make your bathroom more efficient.

Through the sliding glass shower door, you can make your bathroom looks simple and efficient. It can save space and also can enhance your bathroom looks.

The practical way that you can do to make your bathroom looks spacious by installing a sliding glass shower door. If not really like clear glass, you can choose the glass in frosted glass.

A Walk-in shower is one of the solutions for your small bathroom. Don’t forget to install glass shower door to enhance your bathroom look. Besides, it practical, it’s also can make your bathroom has a larger view.

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2. Shower Curtain

When you want to jazz up your bathing space with beautiful, funky, and chic accents, shower curtains are the best alternative since they are available in a broad range of designs, colors, prints or patterns, as well as materials. Shower curtains are also perfect for a shower-tub combo style. Moreover, having a shower curtain will soften the cold, simple, straightforward interior look.

Upgrade your bathroom look with a shower curtain to cover your shower-tub style. If you want to look chic you can install a shower curtain with ruffle accent.

To get matching look with your classic bathroom style, you can install a shower curtain with a classic pattern. Pair it with a classic cabinet to strengthen the classic vibe.

For those of you who like flower decoration, you can apply this idea for your shower curtain pattern. It can make your shower-tub combo style look more stylish and beautiful.

To bring a natural impression in your bathroom, use a shower curtain with a tropical pattern. Combine it with some greenery to reinforce the tropical nuance.

Complete your minimalist bathroom style with white and yellow stripes shower curtain. This pattern curtain is very matching with your white color shade bathroom decor.

Floral can be a choice to make your small bathroom looks cheerful and fresh. Apply this idea for your shower curtain and see how it can change your bathroom look.

To complete the classic and vintage bathroom decor, you can use the shower curtain with a cream color. And then add lace underneath for the decorative.

If you want to bring a sea or beach nuance in your bathroom, it’s simple. Just install a blue shower curtain and complete it with starfish ornaments.

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3. Glass Shower Door and Curtain Combo

If you think your glass shower door is too exposing, you may choose the previous tips like wall decals for glass or window film. Alternatively, a glass shower door and curtain idea are simply effortless, yet worthy. You may install a spring rod to attach the curtain with common curtain clips or round rings. The panel lies between the shower walls within the transparent glass shower door.

Apply shower curtain in your shower-tub combo style and add ruffles to make it more beautiful.

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If you want a seamless look in your small bathroom, you can choose a glass door for your shower room. It can make your bathroom looks stand out.

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Give an attractive look in your bathroom with a patterned curtain shower. With the green color, it can bring color in your white bathroom.

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A white curtain bathroom can be a choice if you want a neat and clean impression. Cover your shower-tub with this curtain and it can enhance your bathroom look.

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To make more luxurious, a glass shower door can be a solution for your small bathroom. Place next to the bathtub to save space.

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A sliding glass shower door is a good idea to make your small bathroom look larger. It will illuminate your small bathroom looks bigger rather than the real size.

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Your shower room will be more attractive if you use a glass panel for the door. It looks so simple and practical.

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It will be more pleased that we can have matching decoration. For example, you can match your shower curtain with bathroom decoration. Choose in a floral pattern and it can make your bathroom looks beautiful.

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Now, it’s time to choose: a glass shower door, a shower curtain, or a glass shower door and curtain?

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