A bathroom is a little relaxing part of the house, so making them feel as cozy as possible is necessary. If you find it a little boring, maybe it is already time for redesigning or remodeling. Doing a massive change is probably light-years away. However, some easy changes will offer you great changes. Covering up for you, here are simple guides for a cheap bathroom remodel idea ready to stun you.

Opting for Limited Artistic Tiles

Well, you all might be aware that tiles cost a lot. For that reason, install a limited amount of ceramics. However, choose unique and outstanding ones in a horizontal strip of your wall. Not only make an advance inexpensively, but it can also give you an eye-catching accent of your shower room.

The use of artistic tiles with pastel colors gives the impression of a room that is brighter and more feminine. You can apply this artistic tile to the floor combined with the hexagon tile in the backsplash. The combination of these two tile patterns will work well together when this bathroom is dominated by some furniture that has a splash of clean white. The gold touch on some of the hardware gives a luxurious effect. Pastel tile artistic flooring from livingetc.

An easy way to bring a monochromatic style to your bathroom decor is to use artistic floor tiles that have a mix of black and white. The appearance of this floor will be more beautiful when you place fern plants in this artistic floor area, the white walls of the subways become a combination of tiles that have a neutral impression and color so that they are easier to mix in one room perfectly. Monochromatic color artistic tile floor from livingetc.

The last idea for the application of artistic flooring in bathroom decoration is a beautiful pattern that is dominated by solid black. Here you can apply this artistic tile with subways tile walls and other interiors that have a splash of plain white. Stainless steel towels with neutral colors are also accent accessories that don’t damage the color tone of the room so it doesn’t look tacky. Use some of your walls for glass windows as a source of sunlight. Artistic tiles dominated by solid black from livingetc.

Bringing a Brand New Color

When it comes to a cheap bathroom remodel idea, changing the wall color definitely gives a huge transformation to your toilet. Pick high-quality paints because of the humidity of the room. You can opt for pastels or vibrant schemes. Also, do some experiments by creating an ombre paint effect out of three to four shades.

This Ombre paint with two different pastel colors is a unique bathroom wall decoration idea and is rarely used by people so that it seems very unique and creative. You can combine blue with light yellow with a balanced distribution of wall paint. The combination of these two pastel paints is perfect for perfecting your remodeled bathroom decor this year. You can try it easily without spending a lot of money. The combination of blue and yellow pastel wall paint from lushome.

Remodeled bathroom decorations will appear more fun when you repaint the wall tiles using a combination of pastel colors that seem more feminine. The combination of several peach colors from dark to light is an ombre paint wall idea that you must try, you can enhance the appearance of this wall with vines that are applied to the floating shelf right above the toilet. Cabinet vanity, floor and toilet with white paint to neutralize the color of the room. Ombre peach wall paint from housemixblog.

This green paint from light to dark can be easily applied to remodel bathroom decorations, you can try this Ombre paint on the entire bathroom wall. Match the color of the bathtub with the wall paint so as not to damage the color tone of the room. A natural touch can be obtained by using natural wood boards to the floor area. Add some green plants as indoor decorations that are easy to get in your backyard garden. Ombre green paint walls from realhomes.

Relining of Refinishing Bathtub

A bathtub is a noticeable spot of your restroom. Even so, replacing it with the new one is quite expensive. Therefore, place it as your last option and do some relining and refinishing instead. You can do both of them yourself, and you’ll have a looking-new tub.

So that your remodeled bathroom decoration looks more attractive, then you can repaint the clawfoot bathtub with a clean white color, this bathtub has color harmony with the vanity, walls and curtains so that it helps the room feel more spacious. This glossy plywood floor is the perfect combination that you can try on a budget, hang a round mirror as a room accessory that will work well. Repaint clawfoot bathtub from hgtv.

Don’t let your standing bathtub look dull and unattractive, you can re-polish it for a shiny and clean finish. This bathtub design will be more perfect when combined with a vanity painted in a brighter color like green. It’s not enough to stop here, hang a rectangle painting on the wall of the bathtub area as a room decoration as well as a beautiful artistic view. Bathtub re-polishing from hgtv.

Match the color of the bathtub with the bathroom interior for the impression of a room that has a touch of neutral color tones. White is one of the best neutral color choices that will make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it, including a rattan wicker basket that is used to put some of your clean towels. Built in wall shelves are an open storage idea that can be used as best as possible for a neater bathroom design. Match the color of the bathtub with the feel of the room from hgtv.

Updating Accessories

From towels, shelves, toothbrush holders or glass, shower rods, to storage are worth of buying. Upgrading these items will infuse a fresh feel to your bathroom. You can always count on discount prices to get fancy pieces in an affordable value.

You can update some bathroom accessories for a cleaner and modern look. One of the best ways you can do is use a floating glass rack that is installed in the sink of your bathroom, this shelf will look more shiny and of course easier to clean when it looks dirty. The wall wallpaper used has a blend of blue with light brown so that it gives a more beautiful texture to the room. Floating glass rack from bhg.

To complement the furniture in your remodeled bathroom decoration, the use of a vanity sink made of natural wood is the right idea because it has a selling price that is not too expensive. You can also get the advantage of using this wooden vanity, which is to add to the naturalness of the bathroom so that it looks more DIY and environmentally friendly. You can decorate this vanity countertop with a small vase that is used to plant indoor orchids that have bold colors. DIY natural wood vanity sink from bhg.

The next remodeled bathroom accessories that you can renew are shabby towels that have been used for a long time, in this room you can buy new towels at low prices but still have good quality to absorb water. When you are done using this towel, then you can hang it on the wall hook so it doesn’t get damp, smelly and moldy. New towels from bhg.

Having Fresh Flooring

Consider upgrading your bathroom floor for a total revamp. You can install tiles, concrete flooring, or floorboards. While tiles and floorboards aren’t quite affordable, concrete flooring won’t break your bank account. It is also on-trend nowadays.

The combination of plywood and cement is the perfect combination that you can do in this year’s remodeled bathroom decor. Both of these materials certainly have a price that is not expensive so it is very affordable. If the floor uses plywood, then for the wall idea you can use concrete which has a neutral color, namely light gray. Hang the stainless steel towel rack as a storage idea that saves floor area. Combination of plywood with concrete bathroom from decoist.

Walls and floors with matching materials and colors have a remodeled bathroom design harmony that seems to have a neutral color. In addition, this material also seems more sturdy and strong when used for a long period of time, you can re-polish it for a smoother and shiny outer surface appearance. Transparent glass windows with a larger size allow sunlight to enter the room freely. Concrete walls and floors from decoist.

There’s nothing wrong with repainting the wooden floor with white paint to match the color tone of the room that has similarities with some of the walls of this bathroom. After using this wood material, the next idea that you can apply is the use of concrete walls which are dominated by light gray. The combination of gray and white will work well together without producing a tacky final room result. Indoor plants are a decoration as well as a fresh finishing touch. Concrete walls with white wood floors from decoist.

Make an impressive and stunning new look with those some simple steps you can steal. Even with a cheap bathroom remodel idea, you can get a private place of your dream.

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