Painting can definitely transform the whole look of a room, including your bathroom. When deciding what shades best for this personal area, words that come in mind probably neutral, fresh, and calming feeling. To give you a number of natural feelings during your shower time, check out the list of fresh bathroom paint ideas to inspire you.

Pistachio, Spring, or Kelly Green

There is no best color to describe the best natural vibe than green. From the color of trees to grass fields, this nature’s favorite color can lift your mood with love, energy, and fresh feeling. While there are several green shades for you to choose, try pistachio, spring green, or Kelly green. Combine them with houseplants or some natural 3D wall-arts.

Green bathrooms usually have to coordinate with other colors. The easiest to draw is a mixture of green and white like a bathroom with this bronze tub.
Green is the ideal color to choose if your bathroom is home to several indoor ornamental plants. Green bathrooms put together well can create a sense of natural calm.
If there is no window to use with your green accent wall, then attach a large mirror above it to get a similar effect.
For more effective use of green, mix with accented walls. If your bathroom is not an ordinary rectangle, pistachio green looks stunning but only works if your bathroom has more than one window.
If you have a transparent shower enclosure that offers no other color to compete with, a completely green wall is the perfect choice to brighten the room.
Green tiles in the bathroom do not have to be plain, one color. The sparkling mosaic style tiles look great with green tones flowing in them.

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You can get a pale green look with a feature tile that has a lot of white grout which breaks the monotone look. Use various tones by keeping the palest for the widest surface and darker tones to choose the details.

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The wood scheme is nature’s second dear, and it is a great fresh bathroom paint idea. Most bathrooms with an outdoor theme display lots of wood colors for their flooring, vanity, and also walls. For dark shades, you can select maple, walnut, and oakwood, while softwood offers lighter shades.  Try to implement them majorly in your toilet. Furthermore, indoor plants will boost the indoor-nature atmosphere.

With a wood floor painted in white, this chessboard makes a rustic bathroom with interesting details. High ceilings and peaks make this bathroom look very spacious.
This bathroom uses shabby wood to deck the bathtub to the floor. The window frame is in stark contrast to the color of the white walls which makes the decoration lift automatically.
The wood from the floor to part of the wall shows the Scandinavian inspiration for this bathroom. The two medium-sized mirrors with shabby frames make the focal point of decoration simple.
The warm, friendly wood light on the walls and doors of this rustic bathroom unites everything as a lounge.

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The darker wood color on the floor, in contrast to the white tiles that dominate the space and provide a natural touch that works very well in this farmhouse style room.
This cool bathroom floor is made of arranged wooden boards. Special wooden floorboards like these will require a lot of attention to stay waterproof.
The modern and traditional blend in this bathroom is a wonderful way to add personality and style. The wooden tones of the floor echoed by the tub bowl and the large mirror leaning against the wall.

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Forest Green

Since green itself is the ideal color for the bathroom, try a different shade like forest green. Compared to spring or Kelly, the forest offers you a darker tone that somehow lifts a retro feel to your relaxing sanctuary. Marry it with bright white and light brown to strengthen the jungle-like feel.

The shower curtain is a lush green forest for urban bathroom decoration. Green walls and some plants are used to remind the forest and the world that lies outside.

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Feeling like you are bathing in a lush forest with green tiles is a pretty cool thing to say about this bathroom.

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To bring the color of the forest, you can use green tiles and then attach them in a herringbone style. Without including native plants, your bathroom will visually look fresh and natural.
With green tiled walls and a bit of native plant decoration, this bathroom becomes a forest that will refresh and calm you every day.
Metro tiles will always be classic. Green splashes are a very versatile way to add forest color and warmth to a bathroom scheme.

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Cerulean Blue

When you walk into a small retreat with cerulean wall paint on it, you will instantly feel a tropical beach sensation. This bright and refreshing blue selection is a perfect choice for natural features. This color goes great with crisp or bright white. Add some indoor palm plants in the corner and enjoy the beach atmosphere as you relax in your tub.

This modern bathroom uses blue on the walls and a bathtub. A touch of copper accents here and there perfect the appearance of a stylish bathroom.
You don’t need to add blue from the floor to the ceiling to make the bathroom dramatic blue. With no rival colors other than white, this bathroom has a natural freshness in a visual way.
The light blue bathroom is the best, although whatever blue color seems to work too. Add some matching accents like towels, curtains, and some other furniture details to make your bathroom feel fresh.

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If you want to add blue to the bathroom without making the room darker, choose a pale blue color and coordinate it with a combination of white, beige and chrome hardware that is polished or brushed.
Adding coordinated mosaic tile wall accents gives the blue bathroom a unique look. With a combination of white, this bathroom looks natural and refreshing.
This bathroom may be traditional, but the combination of tiles with blue walls and sleek cabinet feels more natural and modern.
Clean and simple turquoise subway tiles are perfect for wooden cabinets. This modern bathroom combines traditional elements in a charming way.

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If you’ve been longing for a relaxing time with natural feeling, pick a fresh bathroom paint idea above. From pistachio, spring, Kelly, wood, to cerulean blue, all of those can bring the outside sensation into your little sanctuary.

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