Constantly changing through the years, the bohemian decor has transformed from bright-colored patterns into a more modern style. However, it seems like the aesthetic of boho can never go anywhere from the intimate and personalized-looking interior.

Wondering how to style your dream bohemian decor interior? Here are some of the foolproof tips and tricks to get you going.

Start with a Refined Color Palette

While bright colors can be pretty attractive, a refined base color such as white, beige, or grey will let you easily incorporate different colors, patterns, and textures without losing the sense of modernity. Aside from that, the refined background will help you in emphasizing the part of the house that needs to stand out from the rest.

To make a strong foundation, start with a simple base color for your bohemian style house. Neutral pads allow you to stack expressive colors and patterns for the perfect mix.
The living room appears by keeping the basic tone dim to create a harmonious and soothing oasis with modern bohemian decorations.
Warm and earthy tones make a perfect canvas for this bohemian bedroom. Maintaining patterns and colors to remain neutral, making this bedroom look even more soothing.

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This inconspicuous dining room will allow you to add color, texture, and patterns without losing modernism in your bohemian home.
Introduce a new outlook on bohemian aesthetics into your home, and create an eclectic and charming look that still feels smooth and sophisticated. Neutral kitchen with a touch of gold accents makes it look attractive and elegant.

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Combine Bright Pattern with Greeneries

One way to achieve a perfect bohemian decor is by incorporating bright patterns with organic greeneries. Opt for a Moroccan rug or Persian textile, for example, and soften it out with succulent or other house plants.

The art of lace wall decor is so interesting to add color to this bedroom area. You can also get bohemian effects through ornamental plants that you can put on the side of the bed.
Replace the boring impact of your lounge area and bring life into it through an extraordinary renovation. Furnishings with colorful motifs dare to bring brightness to this whole boho room.
Be creative and show your hidden decorating skills by designing your home in a beautiful way. Throwing pillows with bold motifs and greenery around the sofa makes this room look awesome.
The simple swing and the seating furniture are so brilliantly given a bohemian style feel with fantastic layering. Green plants are added to add a natural impression to the stunningly colorful decorations.
Talking about a beautiful bohemian house, it is important for you to keep concentrating on some patterned and colorful items, like these planters and delicate decoration.
Begin to cover a variety of cushions, boho-chic floor cushions, Meditteranean carpets, and some inspired vintage-style accessories to get a real bohemian cultural feel. With greenery, a natural bohemian style is in the palm of your hand.

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Stay Away from Black

If chic, bright-looking bohemian decor is your niche, it’s advised to use black as little as possible. Opt for light-colored wooden furniture instead of a large chunk of dark wood making your interior seem less airy.

This bright and airy room has a lot of indigo, turquoise, and pink creating a bright layer of color. The big tree is placed in the corner like a statue and becomes the base of the room’s corner.
Small sun loungers are sprayed with colors and patterns with nature-inspired carpets. With a bright background, the slightest decoration will appear freely in this room.
The mixture of styles in this sketch is based on natural elements and bright color schemes. Finishing wood color that is not too dark makes this home decor seem soothing.
Wooden tables are laid out naturally which gives a no-fuss vibe to the dining room. Crystal chandeliers blend with a white look that makes it not arrogant.
Creating a visually calm space also helps calm the mind. Choosing furniture with white color will also support the calm and softness of the decor.

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Balance the neutral color palette of your bohemian living room with large, bright art arrangements to make a statement. Using bright color palettes is your great opportunity to accentuate any decor.

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Incorporate a Modern Lighting

Yet another foolproof cheatsheet in nailing bohemian decor is through modern lighting which brings out the personal and sophisticated part of your interior. Mix and match the light sources and don’t forget to spread out the placements evenly.

One simple way to get a bohemian look is by knitting decoration posted on the wall. Modern pendant lamps prove that everything can work well.

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Using a hanging lamp with geometric shapes makes this green bohemian room full of meaning. Natural, traditional and modern can collaborate well without boasting about one another.
The living room uses brightly colored textiles and lots of natural light to warm the dark and moody room. Low hanging lamps, standing task lights, and sconces give a modern impact to this bohemian style living room.
The living room uses a variety of shades of gray throughout the arts and textiles to add dimension to the calm boho feel. Modern splashes come with task lighting for just additional lighting.
A charming chandelier mounted on a stunning medal feature in this room brings instant sophistication to a modern bohemian room.
For a bohemian-inspired living room, play with natural elements such as wood and greenery. Classy lighting will add an impression of luxury and elegance to the decoration appearance.

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Add Something Close to Your Heart

What makes bohemian decor so special and timeless is that its intimate and personal touches. Thus, make sure to incorporate stuff you love to truly immerse in the soul of bohemian decor. Whether it’s your favorite book or old doll, you’ll feel like living inside a photo album full of the things you love.

Adding favorite items as decoration to beautify the room is brilliant. By hanging guitars on the walls of the living room, they create attractive decorations in their own way.

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Displaying a collection of books as a focal point for decoration makes you not need to look for expensive decorations to shop. Arrange and arrange the book to be a sweetener and tinge of color to your neutral room.
The favorite boho blanket that is the decoration of this wall looks very striking. They added to the decoration slap in the living room that had been moody.
You can make your own large open shelf to show off your favorite antique ceramic collection. By adding a little extra decoration, this living room looks very unusual.
The fake fireplace in this room adds a little visual warmth. Another interesting decoration comes from the guitar resting on the stand that gives rise to the serene boho feel.
Childhood memory toys and children’s artwork will be the best decoration in your living room. Showing it on an open shelf, this living room becomes a warm decoration full of memories.

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When it comes to bohemian decor, you can mix and match the things you like and still ended up with a sophisticated interior. This cheat sheet will help you in creating your dream boho house without any obstacle getting in your way.

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