Many people think that contemporary and modern styles are the same thing, while in reality, both are two different things, especially in interior design. While both have some common characteristics, they also have some distinct features that differentiate the two of them.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design is characterized by its simplicity and emphasis on function. This classic modern begins around the 1900s through the 1950s, which when the mid-century modern and postmodern designs emerged.

The mid-century modern still looks a lot like its predecessor but with added splashes of bright colour. However, the postmodern style began to shy away from the simplistic nature of the modern interior design. The postmodern style emphasizes more on the form than function, and not focus on its practical features.

This earth tone color that is placed in a modern living room with matching colored walls gives a calm impression in an elegant color scheme and is certainly very suitable for your current home style. On this beige wall you can hang a colorful abstract canvas painting as artistic art and a focal point that you can try. This work of art gives the room a more cheerful and certainly more colorful feel. Earth tone color interior modern living room from decorilla.

Usually, modern interior design does not use a lot of striking colors, they are more into a monochromatic style with a combination of two different colors. For now, the living room decor is equipped with a white interior layout with a little black splash on the carpet and TV only. There’s nothing wrong with placing a palm tree in the corner of the room for a tropical vibe that keeps the room cool and fresh all day long. Monochromatic modern interior design from decorilla.

The combination of gray, white and brown in this modern living room decoration is a design idea that is highly recommended for you, the gray sofa that is placed on the wooden floor is a color contrast that can work well. The light gray walls will be more colorful when decorated with several paintings that have different themes and sizes, the surrounding greenery will never fail for a sweet finishing touch. Meanwhile, the red brick walls show an industrial style that is more natural and environmentally friendly. Modern interior design with a touch of industrial living room from decorilla.

Contemporary interior design

Contemporary style reaches its popularity around the same time with the postmodern design, in the 1970s. In the beginning, this style is more of a combination of styles from modernism, postmodernism, art deco, futurism, deconstructivism, and many more before finally recognized as contemporary interior design.

The contemporary design is always changing, and the décor trends currently happening is usually recognized as contemporary. Therefore, it is not tied to a specific period, like how the modern style is.

Several arches in the interior in this living room emphasize a contemporary design that has never been obsolete. You can try it by using a unique curved wooden table and minimalist beige chairs, for this style you are advised to use the interior as needed to maintain the minimalism that will decorate your living room. Do not forget to use furniture in neutral colors, for example, a combination of beige, brown and gray. These colors work best when combined in one room. Contemporary interior with arch design from decorilla.

There is no need to use striking colors in your contemporary interior for a more neutral look and not boring young. A linen sofa and faux fur carpet that has a matching color, namely white, is a color neutralizer for dark tables, chairs and floors. The wooden accents on the chairs and greenery in the corner of the room bring a little Scandinavian touch that is never timeless. Ceiling lamps are one of the best choices for hidden lighting in this living room. Two contemporary interior color tones from decorilla.

This contemporary style interior uses several neutral colors that are easy to mix with the atmosphere of the room so that many people are interested. Some of these metallic interiors are shiny accents that you can use as a complement to this living room decor, while still displaying the white walls as the feel of the room that is never boring. Hanging some painting art is also a wall decor idea that is worth trying, choose a B / W painting to make it look more monochrome. Modern interior design with metallic touch from decorilla.

If you decide to use dark furniture as a contemporary interior design style, it must be balanced with adequate and adequate lighting. Take advantage of the walls as transparent glass windows that give a lot of reflection of sunlight during the day, while several hanging lamps of different lengths present a more artistic atmosphere. Choose a lamp with yellow light for a more romantic and dramatic feel to the room. Dark color interior design now from decorilla.

The similarities between the two

Despite the many differences described above, the two interior design also possess some similarities which make differentiating both styles can be difficult, and especially for those who are new in interior design.

Some of the similarities include the smooth and clean lines used in both styles, which create a comfortable and calming feeling. The two styles tend to be simple and emphasizes on uncluttered spaces, which makes the two styles artistically pleasing.

Both styles move away from ornate and heavy designs. They also tend to use reflective and smooth surfaces like metals and glass, although you may also frequently see the use of wooden materials.

The combination of modern and increasingly modern interior styles has become one open room, namely in the decor of the kitchen and dining room. This dining room is modern, equipped with leather chairs, wooden tables and vintage carpets. Meanwhile, the modern interior kitchen uses a minimalist style with a shiny interior appearance. These two designs will blend well if you use the walls and roof with the same color, namely white. A pendant lamp with a long enough rope is the main lighting idea that you can use more than one. The combination of modern and contemporary interiors in one open room from decorilla.

A jet black linen sofa opposite brown leather chairs is a blend of modern and contemporary interiors that you can try. These two pieces of furniture will accompany your chat with friends or family in a relaxed and comfortable manner throughout the day. Throw pillows and blankets are additional accents to warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold. Some wall hangings are an artistic value in itself that you can try on a navy blue wall. Linen sofa with brown leather chairs from decorilla.

Use furniture with different styles in a living room decor to combine modern and contemporary interior styles. For example, a tufted bench with a brown leather sofa, the combination of these two pieces of furniture looks contrasting but still beautiful when placed together in a room. A white shiplap wall will look more artistic when equipped with a canvas painting that is large enough or fills the walls in this living room. The combination of a tufted bench with a brown leather sofa from decoraid.

Those are some basic knowledge about modern and contemporary design. After finding out the similarities and differences between the two, it should be easier for you to choose with styles that suit your preferences.

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