Nature is a powerful thing, and there is no better example of seeing it at its stronger during a hurricane. If you live in a hurricane-prone spot, you may know all about the importance of so-called “hurricane windows”, but what do you actually know about it?  What are these in reality, and how do they protect your home?  Most importantly, where do you get them?  All will be discussed below. 

What makes windows truly impact resistant?

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Firstly, let’s take a look at what hurricane windows are:
This shorthand name is actually referring to impact resistant glass that is used specifically in windows as well as glass doors (such as patio doors). This keep them from shattering during hurricane-force winds and direct hits from the debris that is being thrown around during either a storm or a hurricane in those areas like Florida that often get hit hard.  These windows are impact resistant due to the manufacturing process itself. 

The manufacturing process is much the same as your average quality-made window. This takes a glass pane and then applies a lamination over top of it to offer it enhanced shatter protection in case of a direct hit. Most often, there are several layers of lamination to increase that protection, though it does depend on whether you’re going for single, double or triple glazed windows.  Single windows rely on the lamination coating, whereas double or triple glazed windows can be combined with insulation as well.  

The laminated glass is also designed to create a pressure barrier. Since a lot of the damage in a home can be caused due to a window shattering and creating a difference in pressure, these windows not only stay strong against direct hits from debris but also dramatic pressure shifts, spikes and drops that are par for the course in a hurricane or severe storm. 

The laminated glass is installed into heavy-duty window frames (critical for maximizing the window’s impact resistance) and then tested using a series of tests to ensure that they’re going to hold up to their ratings as impact resistant windows. Of course, a key part of the design of the window is going to be a proper installation. This helps keep your home protected from debris and pressure-related shattering even during category 5 hurricane winds and their debris. 

Types of impact resistant glass used for hurricane resistant windows

Even within the world of impact windows, you can choose between two main types of impact resistant glass, depending on your location and preferences.

Laminated glass:

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This is your basic kind of glass that is used in many places, including your car’s windshield. It is glass with laminating coating that keep it from shattering in case of a direct hit in your home.  These are often single pane windows that have a strong lamination coating, as mentioned above.  

Insulated laminated glass:

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These are classically your double and triple pane windows. Besides offering you 2 or 3 panes of glass for more protection, these also have an insulating gas layer between each layer that is both insulating (great for energy efficiency) and offers up more protection from pressure changes in a storm.

Types of damage that can be avoided with proper windows

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While it’s important to note that impact windows are not completely shatterproof (hence the name “impact resistant glass”), however, they are very strong and provide reliable protection even against category 5 winds and severe bouts of rain and debris that hurricanes can bring.  These hurricanes can bring severe damage to both the exterior and interior of your home.  Both the window glass and the window frame itself will be up to the challenge of staying strong during furious storms. 

A shattered window can create serious water and wind damage, inside your home. Even a cracked impact hurricane window will hold strong in the majority of the cases to keep your home protected from that interior damage.  

The windows will not only be resistant to shattering in the first place, but also designed to withstand strong blows of wind or dangerous things. Instead of sending shards flying at you, as would a classic window, they’re designed to shatter and hold in place between the lamination sheets to make sure that you aren’t at risk of having glass flying around your home.  This creates that crackled look that you’ve probably seen if you’ve ever had a shattered windshield.  Another protection from these impact windows is that you’ll be able to keep your home protected from break-ins.  Since the windows are designed to protect you from winds up to 200 MPH and direct hits from debris, it will be much harder for a vandal to break into your home. This can offer protection from loss and harm, and peace of mind.

How can I get these strong glass for windows?

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If you’re looking for superior protection from hurricane winds, rain, debris and vandals, you’ll want to pay as much attention to the window manufacturer and producer as you do to the installation.  

Fab Glass and Mirror is a producer of the top quality, cost-effective impact windows of various sizes and styles to give you the assurance that you need in every window pane and door of your home.  With the experience and professionalism that you deserve, Fab Glass and Mirror is equipped to give you the impact protection from those destructive storms and hurricanes.

Additionally, make sure that you are getting your windows installed properly, as installation is a key part to the window’s overall strength in your home.  Go only with licensed installation companies that have positive, long-standing ratings and have extensive experience with impact resistant windows and doors of various sizes.
If you are thinking of buying hurricane glass from fab glass and mirror visit at while the price may seem higher than your classic glass in windows and doors, that extra amount of money is going to save you from a whole lot of damage and even injury in the event of a hurricane or severe storm. Bringing man advantages from peace of mind to storm and vandal protection and even energy efficiency, there’s never been a better time to choose impact windows when upgrading your windows and doors.

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