One of the most important elements in a home is furniture. These elements can not only make your home more beautiful but also make your home more comfortable so you feel more comfortable. There are various types of furniture that you can use in one room, such as sofas, tables, cabinets, lampshades, to shelves. With the large needs of the community for the availability of various furniture, it’s no wonder that the variety of models offered is very diverse. You can even order custom furniture that can be tailored to your needs.

Rattan Furniture

If you compare it with furniture from other materials such as solid wood, furniture made from rattan weighs much lighter. Because it is lightweight, this type of furniture can be easily moved anywhere. In addition to everything that smells of ethnic and classic must be a lot of people who like it. Then no wonder so many consumers are looking for this furniture.

Rattan bamboo material is one of the best choices that you can turn into a chair and rattan craft. The next step is to cover this rattan chair with a tufted pillow which has a thick and soft material so that it is comfortable to use all day. Use the rattan wicker pot behind this chair to serve as a container for dry plants that make the room decoration so unique and beautiful. Rattan chairs and pots from homebnc.

This rattan bench with a backrest will accompany your holiday while at home, you can use it while reading your favorite book. The green plants around it become a refreshing home decor decoration and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money because you just move the green plants in the garden area and move them into clay pots of different sizes. Rattan bench with backrest from homebnc.

Metal Furniture

Complete the design of your home with a cabinet. Various types of industrial cabinet made of metal can be found as a cabinet to store goods and at the same time as a cool industrial decoration. Don’t forget the shelves when you are designing a home design. Not only as a functional item but also can be the center of attention because it can beautify the room.

In addition to being sturdy and not easy to rust, metal dining tables and chairs also give the impression of luxury because they have a sparkle of color when exposed to sunlight or the light used. Metal material has a smoother surface so it is comfortable to use all day long, place this metal table set in the living room decoration for a more attractive appearance to guests who come to your home. Shiny metal table set from decoist.

To perfect the decor of your contemporary living room, you can use a metal rectangle coffee table which has a shiny surface so that it looks more modern and luxurious. Put a beautiful iron ornament on it as a decoration that enhances the appearance of this table more optimally. Stack a few books on the table neatly to accompany your weekend beautifully. Rectangle metal coffee table from decoist.

Glass Furniture

Glass is one type of material that must exist in a home or building. We usually use glass as raw material for windows, tables, doors, ventilation, and so on. From behind the glass, sunlight can penetrate into the room and make you able to save the use of lights during the day. Although easy to get dirty, but also easy for you to clean and give a modern impression on the residence.

The transparent glass material that is applied through the dining table is suitable for a classic modern dining room style that has a touch of gold in some of the surrounding interiors. Another glass material that you can apply to the walls and standing divider room. This glass material gives the illusion of a wider and more open space. You can use crystal chandeliers as the main lighting in this room. Transparent glass dining table from livspace.

Wooden Furniture

Wood is available in many choices. With so many kinds of wood also makes it easier for you to create. You can apply wood to a variety of designs, or you can also use it to add a classic touch by displaying various engravings on wooden furniture and interior designs. In addition, wood is a material that is durable and long-lived. Wood will not rust or damage quickly and tends to be stronger compared to other materials.

The style of a modern dining room or farmhouse will certainly be suitable when using wood as a furniture idea in it. The dining table, chair legs and standing cabinets made of teak do not need to be repainted to make them appear more natural. The idea that you have to work on is to re-polish it so it looks more shiny and sleek. Use this standing cabinet to put some decorative items that beautify the room. Natural teak wood interior from architecturaldigest.

Plywood Furniture

At first glance, plywood does not look beautiful and is not suitable for use as a home interior material. Plywood was originally created as an alternative solution to solid wood that is easily cracked and broken due to shrinkage. In addition, the width and length exceed the solid wood so we can apply it to the interior of the house. With a little touch of creativity, we can make plywood interiors that are attractive, such as hanging cabinets, stairs, cabinets, or interior wallcoverings.

Install and use floating plywood vertical shelves in your living room decor as an area to put some antiques and beautiful room decorations. Antique small plates, ceramic pots containing small flowers and painting frames are a combination of decorations that are enough to perfect this room to the fullest. Choose a plywood material that has a lighter color to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. Vertical plywood rack storage from lushome.

Marble Furniture

Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone recrilation. The style of the original marble can not be equated because naturally the grooves or patterns that have different. The reason why this marble stone is often chosen as a home decoration stone is that this stone has a very beautiful appearance. And also is suitable for use as material for building decoration and is also easy to carve.

There’s nothing wrong with using marble in some of the interiors that are in your modern and minimalist living room decoration, you can try this black marble material with a splash of white in the fireplace area and the small round table in front of it. Even the beautiful ornament above the fireplace is also made of the same material and color so that it can be used as an elegant coat decoration and of course gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Black marble fireplace and table from digsdigs.

Stone Furniture

Natural stone is one of the materials that we use a lot as building materials, especially for the final finishing process. Natural impression and decorative appearance are one of the reasons natural stone is becoming so popular. The diversity of types and how to install it that is able to produce a variety of patterns and appearance makes natural stone seems to be a mandatory element in the construction of a house. We often use natural stone for additional items in the garden, fence, even the bathroom.

Not only decorating the dining room and living room, now you can decorate a bathroom with natural nuances by using an interior made of natural stone. This material is found on the walls and bathtub. Stone bathtub which has a smoother surface is suitable for soaking to relax your body while enjoying the weekend. Green plants are natural decorations and give a fresh impression to bathroom decorations instantly. Bathtub and stone wall from architecturaldigest.

Terrazzo Furniture

One of the mainstay materials to make the floor look more beautiful and unique is terrazzo. The use of terrazzo also had become a trend in the 1980s. Now, the popularity of terrazzo tiles has skyrocketed again because it is able to present an artistic impression and is suitable for use as wallcoverings or home floors. Terrazzo is made from marble, fine sand, color cement, water and other additives that you can mix into various shapes, from floors, baths, sinks, art and so on.

If you want a different look in your modern kitchen decor, then you can use a terrazzo kitchen island which is dominated by neutral colors. This terrazzo kitchen island is equipped with gold chairs which can also be used as a comfortable dining table and of course more functional. In addition, the terrazzo material also provides a unique color and texture that makes kitchen decorations more cheerful and fun. Terrazzo kitchen island from home-designing.

These are some furniture ideas that you can use for your home decor. With a wide variety range of home furniture, you can choose the better one or mix them. It is all about your preference. Have a nice to try.

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