If you feel that your petite apartment is getting dull or even discouraging, it calls for some rejuvenating modifications and gives you a sign for a or more fresh apartment decor ideas. Splashing colors here and there can be one of a brilliant wast to start with. It can be wall paints, floors, decorative accessories, furniture, and more.

Bright Shades

Use bright splashes for your walls. You may choose your favorite ones or opt for galvanizing choices like sunny or electric yellow, bright fuchsia, vibrant green, deep purple, or blue. Another way can be combining your existing neutral-toned wall paints—mostly white—with some vivid hues applied to your furniture, interior furnishings, and other decorative elements.

To get a touch of bright colors in your apartment, you can use a sofa with blue and yellow colors added with wall decorations will create an apartment space that looks playful.

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Earthy Tones

Not only refreshing, but earth tones also create a warm effect. Some colors like olive green, chocolate brown, yellow ochre, or wine are out there to pick. They can be added to the walls or your cozy couch.

An apartment that uses yellow for sofas and living room curtains is a brilliant idea. Because with this yellow color you will get an apartment that looks attractive.

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Daring Monochromatic

Instead of choosing monochromatic, consider the bold ones. What about an intense Kelly green or cobalt blue or the dark purple of aubergine? They are fresh apartment decor palettes that are elegant at the same time.

To get an elegant look, you can use a dark purple sofa in your living room. With this sofa you will also get a calm feeling in your apartment.
This eggplant purple sofa is a sofa with a unique color. With this sofa you will get a stunning view of the apartment space.

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Bold Pattern of Black and White

Black and white in high contrast can be a perpetual “dynamic duo”. In a pattern, they mostly can be found in walls and flooring ideas. Not only adding a little dramatic effect, but they also offer a timeless look.

Using a rug with thick geometric patterns for decorating an apartment is a good idea. Because with this rug you will have a floor with an attractive appearance.
To give an amazing look in your apartment, add a patterned rug in black and white. It will give a pop of color to your white living room apartment.

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Real Greenery

Add colors as well as fresh air to your indoor space by bringing in the living plants. Potted trees or flowers will do. They have other functions to add an extra layer to your interior as well as show a kind of personality.

If you have a hobby of collecting plants but you don’t have a place outside, you can put them in your apartment. With this plant decoration, you will have a space in the apartment that looks fresh.
Adding some plant decoration to your apartment is a brilliant idea. Because with this idea you will get an apartment that looks beautiful.

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The Terrazzo Floors

A terrazzo flooring design is a work of art itself. The odd shape of marble pieces is so mesmerizingly colorful and beautiful. They will make a highly fresh uplift to your apartment.

If you want an apartment with an attractive floor, you can use a terrazzo floor. The floor made from marble pieces also provides comfort in your apartment.
For a unique look, you can use a terrazzo floor. The pattern from the floor can create an aesthetic look naturally.

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Color combinations indeed create an amazingly fresh apartment decor that also represents your personal preference and taste. 

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