Not all of us are blessed with an abundant kitchen. However, that’s what urban living place mostly offers us. We must know how to make peace with our limited area. But bigger doesn’t mean better. Even your tiny cooking place can be highly chic and inviting. Want to know how? These colorful apartment kitchen decor ideas will stun you.

Pop of Color in Little Accents

The first décor we suggest you is employing splash of different colors in tiny items. Play with an all-white kitchen tone to make a spacious and airy look, which is the milk color is very good at. Then, add a color clash through your utensils. For example, paint your countertop in metallic yellow, place vibrant green teapot, and display colorful cups.

The nuances of a white apartment kitchen will look more colorful when using one of the other interiors with a striking color. You can apply a bluish-green color to a wooden chair in the kitchen island area. This kitchen island can be used as a dining table and storage simultaneously because it is equipped with several drawers on the side. Don’t forget to use two pendant lamps right above the kitchen island for the main lighting ideas that you can try. Bluish-green chairs are placed in the kitchen island area from decoist.

There’s nothing wrong with including other colors in your white kitchen decor to create a brighter and more cheerful room. When you have a kitchen decoration with a large room, you should try the layout of the dining table set in one room, this iron dining chair in yellow is the focal point because it has a clear color contrast. The dining table with a pattern also adds a beautiful, simple feel in moderation. White kitchen with yellow iron dining chairs from decoist.

The combination of white and purple is a great combination when applied to your kitchen decor. You don’t need to sprinkle too much purple, just the high part of the iron chair. Iron material will be more durable and not easily porous so it is highly recommended for you. A glass flower vase on a marble countertop becomes a decoration that refreshes the room as a whole. White kitchen with a splash of purple on high chairs from decoist.

Living Colors

This colorful apartment kitchen décor idea involves living plants, a great way to infuse fresh and natural feel to your tiny kitchenette. Choose green for your wall, then place baby ferns or other houseplants in the corner. Your greenery will look perfect with the wall. To add another fun color.

You can get a fresh atmosphere in kitchen decorations easily, the way is to paint some walls and cabinets with bright green colors. Furthermore, you can use some indoor plants with white ceramic vases as indoor decorations that bring this kitchen decoration more to nature. The glass door is a light source that can bring in the maximum amount of sunlight. Use wood frames as natural additions. Paint some walls and kitchen cabinets with bright green color from home-designing.

You don’t have to paint the entire kitchen wall with green color, you can also combine it with white. The combination of green and white is a color that will work well in your modern and minimalist kitchen decor. Choose from several types of string lights of different lengths for a luxurious and beautiful artistic impression. Herringbone tile becomes soft and shiny footwear. Modern kitchen style with green and white color combination from home-designing.

Lively Boho

Do you find something eclectic to amaze you? Well, we love bohemian style as much as you do, and injecting the unique design into your kitchen is highly acceptable. The key is to not go overboard with the wide-ranging patterns. Use Moroccan tiles for your modest countertops then, warm the floor with a Persian rich-of-colors area rug. Those little touches will elevate the unique vibe.

The Moroccan tile that is applied to the backsplash of the kitchen gives a different style and feel, you can combine it with a striped carpet with colorful bohemian motifs. The various types of greenery that are in this boho kitchen decor emphasize the style of this kitchen with details. Usually, the plants that are often used are vines and betel ivory, place these plants randomly but elegantly. Tile Moroccan tile kitchen backsplash from digsdigs.

Neutralize these classic Moroccan tiles with a clean, white kitchen feel. Indirectly, this tile Moroccan provides an eye-catching color, pattern, and texture. You can also coat your marble floor with a faux fur colorful carpet for warm, soft footwear. This gold-framed painting becomes a beautiful vintage accent and is a sweet finishing touch. You can try it on to fill your empty wall. White boho kitchen with Moroccan tile from digsdigs.

Bohemian kitchen decoration will not be separated from the green plants that are placed in several areas such as above the kitchen island and countertop. Use a pot with luxurious color, namely gold as an accent that adds color instantly. Some of the interiors with wood accents are a natural touch, on budget, and environmentally friendly. You can use the Moroccan tile backsplash to add colors and patterns that never go out of style. A combination of greenery and Moroccan tile backsplash from digsdigs.

Adorable Pastels

Using more than three colors at once is usually not recommended. However, if you choose soft tones like pastels, combining various options will make your kitchen look very adorable. Even combining patterns is a safe step – choose a soft white or pink color for your wall and a lemonade lock for your floor.

Two pastel colors that are combined into one in this kitchen decor give the impression of a room that is colorful and is more cheerful or vibrant. In addition, this pastel pink color also presents a feminine feel that many women like while green enhances the natural atmosphere in the room. The combination of pastel green and pastel pink in kitchen decor from thespruce.

The pastel blue color that is applied to this part of the kitchen cabinet gives a calming effect and can overcome your anxiety when cooking in this kitchen. You can combine it with white as a light source which can make the room feel cleaner and more spacious. In addition, pastel blue is also not easy to get boring for a long time and invites a different dimension in this simple kitchen decoration. You can try it in your apartment right now. Blue pastel kitchen cabinet from thespruce.

Since most apartments in urban cities offer limited space, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them into a stunning spot, even for your kitchen. Those apartment kitchen décors hopefully give you a simple way to create pretty and dazzling spot.

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