Dealing with patterns might be intimidating. Patterns can be a statement of your house. However, when you do not arrange them the right way, they can make the house look stuffy. To play along with patterns, you must understand the basic rule. The key is not being too exaggerated and put the accents in the right place. Make the pattern as a center of attention, but it has to blend well with other stuff in your house.

Well, theory tells everything, but practice makes perfect. See some beautiful ways to decorate with pattern here.

Play with Wallpaper

There is no doubt that you can stick the wallpapers in different patterns to the wall. Try the geometrical pattern combined with the dazzling color—that is all your call.

Remember that you have a limit. Once you have put some patterns in the wall, you must choose softer tones on the other stuff. Pick some furniture in the neutral and monotonous shade.

The bedroom designs are decorated with patterns so elegant. Showing bedroom decor that is the center of attention. Through geometric and blue wallpaper accents and other dazzling dark color combinations makes the bedroom feel comfortable.
Enchanting bedroom decorating ideas. Through vibrations produced from wallpapers with geometric patterns with dazzling colors. Making a very conceptual balance of decoration. Because of good color settings and modern patterns, bringing bedroom decor becomes more special.
The dining room decoration concept showcases luxury and luxury. That is through the touch of geometric wallpaper walls and blinding color settings. The colors used are blue and silver on the walls as well as the natural furnishing colors from wood accents. The concept of a very elegant dining room makes this dining room very perfect.

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Pick Simple Patterns with Softer Colors

If dramatic patterns are not your style, then you can play it softer with simple lines and shades. Line patterns as the wallpaper bring ultra-minimalist nuance, and they will make your bedroom a calming place. Meanwhile, The good thing about picking the color is that it is easy you want.

Elegant shades present in the bedroom. With brown wallpaper pattern accents with transparent motifs. Also combined with a touch of simple furniture but gives a sense of comfort. This makes the bedroom decoration the center of attention but not monotonous.
Play colors that are not too flashy and calm pattern accents. Bring the feeling of a more charming bedroom. Touch of attractive wall patterns and furniture color accents are not monotonous will create a special bedroom decoration.
The bedroom decoration really makes a comfortable feeling. Through a touch of natural color from the patterned walls and a soft brown rug gives a feeling of a bedroom that is elegant and warm.

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Have Feminine Patterns

Floral patterns suit all of those who think that the pattern needs to be dramatic. Floral wallpaper isn’t always that basic and boring. You can use it to create a shabby-chic decoration.

Since the key is balance, the furniture and flooring must be bright and painted with the same color. For a perfect finishing, put a bouquet on the table. Do not forget to add windows that let lighting enter for a more spacious feeling.

For sure, this room decoration will bring the center of attention for you. Because with this cute and beautiful flower wallpaper design will make your room bright, cheerful and feminine, of course.
The room is so feminine with a beautiful floral print wallpaper. A touch of bright flowers combined with a vase on the table will add a feminine touch.
A feminine bedroom with a touch of flower wallpaper and beautiful colors of soft blue. Apart from that the touch of the bed from the blanket and pillow are the same as wallpaper accents bring the feeling of a more elegant bedroom. The patterned concept is not stuffy because of the good natural lighting accents from the window.
This is a living room design that displays femininity and elegance. Through flowers, wallpapers will create a strong feminine taste. Besides that, individual sofa accents are similarly floral. To maximize the room more gracefully, the natural lighting from the window is important.

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After you decide on beautiful ways to decorate with pattern, now you are ready to spice up your neutral house and give it a vibe.

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