When it comes to the amicable interior, French home decor becomes an impeccable idea. The Parisian style will make you feel the warmth at home. There are some sophisticated pieces to make your Parisian dream come true. Take a look at the best French home decor components below.

Cubism in The Wall

Parisian vibes don’t always mean romantic, shabby-chic, or something with curvy patterns or lace. The cubism touch is something that you can try on your wall when you’re interested in applying a minimalist French home decor. The design is pioneered by Pablo Picasso and is one of the famous avant-garde genres in the early 20th century.

Some canvas wall decors with cubism art are subtle touches for a more modern Paris wall decor featuring a retro-minimalist nuance. Paint the wall in a neutral shade to make it get more attention.

Decorating a Paris living room that uses wall hangings with cubist art paintings is a brilliant idea. With this painting, you will have a living room look that looks to have high artistic value.

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Choosing cubist paintings for interior wall decoration of French homes is a good idea. You can pick the big one to be installed on the wall behind the sofa. Because with this painting you will have a French interior that looks modern.

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Putting up a collection of cubist paintings on the walls of the living room of a French house is a brilliant idea for decoration. Besides being able to provide high art in the room, with this painting you will also have a living room with a beautiful appearance.

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Secondhand Vintage Chair

What you get in the flea market might be surprising because you can find some magnificent and valuable stuff. Vintage chair is a country chic that pops up a Parisian nuance to your dining room. Its dull and bluish color has a calming vibe. Meanwhile, candle pendant is a luxurious statement.

There is no doubt that you can combine that aged furniture with a glass dining table. It comes from the ultra-minimalist world but gives a balance to the French dining table style you pick.

The dining room of a French country house that uses old vintage chairs, and the glass dining table that is given this fabric is very suitable for you to use, because it will make the interior of your French country house look classic.
Using a vintage chair in the dining room of a French country house is one good idea. Because with this chair you will get a dining room that looks charming and classic.
If you want to have a dining room of a French country house that looks elegant you can use an old vintage chair. In addition, this vintage chair is also very affordable.
The secondhand chair is one of the most suitable chairs for you to use in your French dining room. With this chair, you will have the appearance of a dining room with a vintage touch.

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All White Bedroom Decor

When talking about French homestyle, you can always take upon shabby chic style. The style is a combination of vintage, barn, and minimalist style. People are in love with this idea because it brings warm and antique nuance with a modern vibe. That concept is something they will commonly find in Paris.

Splash the wall, furniture, and bed with broken white color. You might opt for laces as the accent to decorate the wall or the lampshades. Besides, a bouquet is a perfect petite companion to place on the table.

To get a French country bedroom that has a clean atmosphere you can use white color for the whole paint color. This color also can create a warm and antique nuance.
Using white for all French furniture and bedroom walls is a good idea. To get a real vibe of French nuance, add some antique ornaments.
A white bedroom that uses pretty flowers for decoration will make the atmosphere of a French bedroom look fresh. The shabby chic that shown from the headboard can bring a vintage nuance.

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A French home decor creation is such a joie de vivre, the French way to enjoy life. Let’s spread much love in your house.

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