Some families may be temporarily hampered in their dreams to have a dream home. But unfortunately, they ended with a flat apartment. With the remaining space, household furniture must also adjust to the availability of space.

Living room-dining room combo for a small space as a way out is not a new solution for limited space in. But it is not an easy matter to mix and match these two rooms. Pay attention closely because we will tell you the secret of solving the problem!

1. Create a Boundary by Exploring Visual Interest

Dividers must not always be a “real divider”. You can put something striking like a carpet in the living room area, while the dining room is left open to give the boundary impression.

To make the living room-dining combo decoration idea more charming, this design offers a modern concept. Namely by realizing divider accents through visuals. The one through a touch of the rug in the living room. While the dining room accent is left open in a minimalist space. Which becomes the concept of the living room gives an innovative feel.
The concept of a combo combination of the living room and dining room. It stills interesting despite being one room. In addition, this space is still divided through the touch of the rug. A rug placed in the living room and it can be used to define the room.

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 2. Pick The Right Colors Combination

Dismiss in your mind the very idea that you are decorating two different spaces instead of a single room. Use the color wheel as your guide it will help you to blend the color.

Make a touch decorating two different rooms rather than one room. Use the color wheel as your guide from the touch of dark colors in the living room and soft color in the dining room, it will bring a good color combination.
Minimalist room design and not too broad with a dark color touch but look minimalist. If you use the same color in both rooms, you can insert a wooden dining table in natural color. Besides, giving a statement it also can bring a natural vibe in your modern home design.

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 3. Make it All Floating

Maximize the room by utilizing the upper spaces. Hanging the storage on your wall is a helpful trick in living room-dining room combo for a small space décor.

The combo design of the living room-dining room with a minimalist and very modern dining concept. Apart from that it works well in a limited space.
To make this space more functional and decorative, this combo living-dining room offers a decorative concept, namely a floating dining table and cabinet under the TV. This idea can create a seamless look.

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4. Put The Dining Table Corner of the Room

Removing a few corners of your dining table does not necessarily change the function of the table. Instead, the dining table becomes multi-functional than those relating to food.

To bring a more combo living room-dining room combo room. You will be able to better place the dining table in the corner of the room. In addition to bringing more innovative room decorations it also makes a more free space limit.

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By placing the dining table accent in the corner of the room right in front of the window it is able to improve the feel of a more attractive space when you stare at food.

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5. Focus on Lighting

The right lighting can bring coziness and make you relax. Hanging the pendant lamp in the dining room area and soft light in the living area can be the proper combination.

You can install a chandelier in your dining room to give a focus impact when you get dining. And for the living room, just install a low pendant lamp above the dining table and recessed lamps to give a soft impression and elegance.
This is a charming room decoration idea. Combo living room-dining room with soft lighting through the classic lamp and tacker lamps is able to provide a special vibration. Thus realizing the concept of an elegant combo living room-dining room decoration.

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In short, the principle of decorating a living room-dining room combo for a small space is how the function of each space remains balanced and creates harmony. Only that. Dealing with compact space isn’t that difficult, is it?

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