A stone fireplace exudes different kinds of impressions and aura into your living room. Depending on the type, color, cut, and arrangement, stone fireplaces may radiate grandeur, modernity, minimalism, rustic, or even simplicity.

You may use natural stones or stone veneers; they both are equally excellent to portray intended look.

Here are some stone fireplace design ideas to help you boost the warmth and comfort of your home.

1. Shower in Bright Lights

Setting up a stone fireplace in at the center of two open windows is one way to ensure your centerpiece stand out. From roughly cut boulders to finely shaped slates, limestones, or granite, this fireplace exudes confidence. You can go modern or rustic, your choice! Play around with various candles for the mantlepiece. Or go without mantle at all. They all work!

This stone fireplace decor is completed with windows on the right and left of the fireplace for a stylish room design idea that will create a bright and airy room. You can also add large paintings over the fireplace and ceiling lights for a stunning design. You can also add some wooden furniture and a wooden ceiling so that it brings a warm impression into the room. Stone fireplace decor from homestratosphere.

Having a stone fireplace decor will add a warm room decor and create a rustic feel. This will make the focal point of the room perfect and inviting. Equipped with large windows on the right and left will provide the perfect flow of light, making your room brighter and more inviting. You can use wooden floors to provide a warm and comfortable room decoration, besides that it will give the impression of a warm room. Large stone fireplace from homestratosphere.

If you are a lover of modern style, a stone fireplace mantle equipped with open shelves will make your multiple ornamental features look effortless and neat. You can also add a large window near the fireplace to create enough light flow and will make your room brighter. The all-white nuance and wooden floor give off a warm and spacious feel. Stone fireplace on modern living room from hgtv.

The windows between the fireplaces in this room provide the best light for the lighter, as a result. The white walls give the room an extra bright impression because of the neutral colors. Combining it with a stone fireplace will give your living room a warm impression. Adding a TV over the fireplace also gives your room more style. Don’t forget to add a patterned sofa to create a comfortable look for the room. Stone fireplace from thespruce.

2. Cozy Up with Simple Wall Benches

In-wall benches next to a stone fireplace give you unique spots to chill and relax. Go all the way up to the ceiling with your stones. Use the same stones or same tones for the side benches. Top them up with a touch of simple wall décor: nice paintings, or even small bookshelves. Some fluffy cushions with soft-colored pillowcases give a sweet touch for your comfortable space too.

The stone bench mounted on the wall beside the fireplace is magnificent. Not only to sit there but also to be placed to decorate something. In addition, you can add green plants in pots and large windows to create a warm impression and the illusion of a large, bright room. Top it with some wooden furniture to create a warm and stylish bedroom décor. Stone bench mounted from decoratedlife.

Stone bench on the wall next to the fireplace This is a great place to have because you can relax there with warmth. You can complement the decor with fluffy pillows to give the room a comfortable impression. You can add some classic furniture and large windows to create a spacious and bright look. Adding some greenery will also give the room a stylish decor and create a fresh impression into the room. Stone bench next fireplace from homestratosphere.

A fireplace above the high ceiling creates a stunning look in this room. Even making a built-in bench around a fireplace like this one. You will find an extra comfortable place to relax. Choosing a brick wall will create a room that is warm and has a natural presence in the room. Don’t forget to combine with some wooden furniture to create the perfect room. Built-in bench from thedesignchaser.

3. Dare to Differ with Decentered Installation

A fireplace is the centerpiece of a room. But, it’s not always at the center. Imagine a stone fireplace on the corner side of the wall. You can go all the way up with a rectangular shape, or you can design a unique shape for the open side of your fireplace. Go asymmetric with your room! Set up a corner bench or a long arm chaise at the corner, right in front of it.

With or without a mantlepiece, you can add a touch of personality around to make the overall space a lot more comfortable for you.

Instead of decorating the living room, it also gives a warm atmosphere. However, a fireplace placed in this corner provides the best place to decorate and spreads a sense of warmth. Choosing the material from this stone fireplace will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. You can add a sofa and coffee table in front of this fireplace to bring a cozy impression into the room. Corner stone fireplace from nextluxury.

Look rustic by placing this fireplace in the corner of the room to create a warm room. Moreover, the stone fireplace and black accents in the room will present a stylish room decoration. The decoration of this living room and furnished with wooden walls brings a rustic look to the room and will make your room warmer. Don’t forget to add a leather sofa to balance the decor. Rustic fireplace from nextluxury.

Give a sense of comfort too, a warm sensation in the living room by placing a fireplace in the corner of the room will make the room decor stylish. Especially, place it in the corner of the room to create a broad impression on your bed decoration. Equipped with a sofa in front of the fireplace and complemented by several pillows, will create a stylish room decoration. Corner fireplace from homedesignlover.

There are a lot more inspiring stone fireplace designs out there to give you ideas on how your space may look like.  Have bookshelves on the sides. Or, build it in between hallways. Eventually, it is your personal preference that matters.

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