Strictly contemporary or modern living room design, or completely rustic urban design, may not necessarily suit you. If you are free-spirited, have much love for people and culture, have a tendency towards arts and crafts, or are artistic, Bohemian style may be right for you.

How does a Boho-styled living room interior look like?

Here are just some examples that may inspire you to create your one-of-the-kind living room.

1. Traditional Fabrics with Bright Colors & Cultural Motives

Boho-styled interior is characterized by the application of traditional woven or pleated fabrics with a display of bright colors and cultural motives. Add either geometric designs, ancient figures, hieroglyphs, even caligraphies representing the culture and tradition of some parts of the world.

These design features are typically embodied in pillowcases, table cloth, curtains, wall arts, rugs, blankets, and so on.

Adding traditional fabrics to Boho decorations is the right idea to enhance the look of your living room. You can add it in the form of a tablecloth and sofa cover so that it will look perfect.
Add a patterned rug to a boho living room decor. With a touch of a patterned rug, it will create a living room decoration that gives a thick boho impression.
You will never fail to add traditional fabrics to the decoration of your living room. Try adding it in the form of a pillowcase and a patterned rug so that it will look simple but still vibrate your boho decorations.

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2. Ethnic or Cultural Décor & Ornaments

The interior of a Boho-styled living room is often decorated with various ethnic or cultural wall decorations and ornamental displays. Perhaps you may see an Indian headdress on one wall, a painting of a Turkish dervish on the other, oboe at one corner, and some woven baskets at the other.

You can also put replicas of Incan artifacts on the shelf, a large piece of Macrame, or simply Batik to fill up another side of the wall. A bronze, Persian-influenced chandelier on the center ceiling or some gorgeous Chinese lanterns at the far is also a good idea.

Chinese lanterns floating on the ceiling will present a typical boho look in your living room so that it will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.
If you want to enhance the decoration of your living room, maybe adding boho ornaments to the wall is a good idea. You can add a wall decorative on the wall to bring an attractive boho look to your living room.

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Adding wall decorations in your boho living room will create a very beautiful view. You can use colorful wicker baskets to decorate your living room wall so that they will look attractive.

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3. Accents of animal skin and fur

Some Boho-styled living rooms feature large or small pieces of rugs made of animal skin or fur. Occasionally, you may also see them on any of the walls in the room’s interior.

Other than the skin or fur, animal’s head’s skeleton, such a deer’s head often decorates Boho-styled living room interior as well.

Using a deer head for decorating your living room is a simple way to enhance the decoration of your boho so it will look interesting.

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Bohemian living room decorations with a deer head that attached to the wall will look attractive and will inspire many people.

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4. Repurposing objects as furniture

Have a trunk or treasure chest as a coffee table, a vintage suitcase as storage, a huge piece of traditional fabric as an indoor hammock, and others. These are just some examples of how objects can be used as unique furniture to ‘spice up’ the interior of your living room.

A hammock made from a piece of traditional fabric for decorating your living room will give a bohemian look and provide comfort for its residents.

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To spice up the interior of your living room, you might need unique items. Try using a treasure chest for a coffee table in your boho-style living room so it will look very attractive.

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Now that you have had the basic knowledge, are you ready to create your own Boho-styled living room interior?

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