Building a patio should always be on your mind if you’re keen on creating a versatile outdoor spot for entertainment, celebration, or relaxation. No matter how you’ll use that space, this article will help you find the perfect patio design to bring that important outside area to the next level.  

1. Make Your Patio Colorful with Bohemian Style

For those who prefer a more colorful patio look, you may consider choosing this bohemian patio design style. It allows you to combine various colors and patterns, giving a unique and eye-catching effect to your outdoor space.

To start, you can opt for neutral rattan or wooden seating furniture, then add bohemian touches by using multi-colored cushions and ottomans. As for the flooring, mosaic tiles are a clever option. Otherwise, you can cover up your floor with colorful rugs.

The Bohemian patio is a beautiful space that combines several bright colors into one room. The striped cushions thrown onto the white sofa provide a gorgeous contrast. Rattan swings become comfortable relaxing furniture. Colorful striped cushions from digsdigs
Not only cushions, you can also give a boho touch to the carpet and even your stool cover. Give it a striking color as one of the hallmarks of a bohemian patio. Boho carpet and cushions from digsdigs
Cover your distressed wooden bench with boho-themed fabric with a red base color. Combine it with other boho fabrics such as carpets and pillowcases. You can try it into patio decoration. Boho-themed fabric from digsdigs
When you have a large enough backyard, then turn it into a bohemian themed patio decoration. You can start with a boho rug and pillowcase. Don’t forget to add greenery around it. Boho rug and pillowcase from digsdigs
The boho carpet combined with bamboo furniture perfectly emphasizes the bohemian theme. Choose rugs with patterns and colors that are more stylish and have a subtle texture. Boho carpet with bamboo furniture from digsdigs
Bohemian patios with white shades go well with bohemian fabrics of any color. Choose red, blue, and purple as complementary colors that provide a striking contrast to some of the carpet and surrounding furniture. White boho patio with colorful furniture from digsdigs
Cover your green grass with a carpet so that it can be used as a comfortable sitting area underneath. Use the boho textured carpet with large cushions as a soft and soft sitting area. Boho textured fabric from digsdigs
Repaint your rattan furniture with bright colors like blue to make it look newer and more colorful. Colorful pillowcases in a boho style add an energetic feel to your outdoor patio. Repaint furniture and pillowcases boho from digsdigs
Bohemian style with a farmhouse theme looks simpler for your patio decoration. Cover wooden floors with Boho rugs, reinforce the Boho design with colorful complements such as wall decoration and macramé. Boho rugs with macramé from digsdigs

2. Get a Sleek Look with Mid-Century Modern Style

If you like an uncluttered concept and want to combine different furniture and accessories materials, a mid-century modern patio is the best answer. To do so, pick seating furniture with clean lines and neutral colors like wicker or wood outdoor sectional sofa. As another option, you may choose modern dining table sets if you want to turn the patio into a beautiful outdoor eating area.  

The outdoor patio with green courtyard adds a natural touch that refreshes the atmosphere around it. Complete with a soft daybed and a dining table set as a dining area that has a different feel. Patio for dining room from homedesignlover
This patio area has modern furniture in gray tones that go well with other furniture such as a brick fireplace, beam railings. Use an umbrella as protection from the sun during the day. Modern furniture with gray color from homedesignlover
The woven chairs surrounding the modern dining table make for a beautiful and elegant outdoor dining area. This dining room can accommodate many people because it has a large enough size. Woven chairs and modern dining table from homedesignlover
The kitchen, dining area and outdoor living area can be accommodated on the spacious patio. A combination of mid-century and modern styles can be created through furniture and the appearance of the patio as a whole. Mid century modern patio from homedesignlover
To add a dramatic and warm impression to your mid-century modern patio, using string lights as the main lighting is the right idea. Let the container plant become a natural decoration. Dramatic patio with string light from homedesignlover
Wooden dining table and chairs accentuate the patio in a mid-century style. Instead, use walls with thick glass windows to bring a modern style together. Wood dining table and chairs from homedesignlover
To emphasize the modern mid-century style in patio decoration, rattan woven furniture is the right answer that you can try. Spread the wicker chairs around the patio courtyard for a comfortable outdoor sitting area. Rattan woven furniture from homedesignlover
Give a splash of yellow to the white patio surface for a more gorgeous color. Green plants also play an important role because apart from providing color, they are also a refreshing decorative item. White modern patio surface from homedesignlover
So that modern and mid-century styles can blend perfectly. Then you can try pallet wood seating with a modern feel. Provide lighting around the patio to help your activities at night. Pallet wood seating with a modern feel from homedesignlover

3. Pick Industrial Style for a More Aesthetic Design

Choose industrial style if you’re a big fan of clean and simple patio design. With this minimalist decor, you don’t need to add many accessories to your patio. Simply by using eco-friendly, recycled, or distressed materials, you’ll have a standout patio look. For instance, you can use bare wood, concrete, or stone for your floor, as a result. And for furniture, choose the one that is made of aluminum, steel, copper, or other natural materials instead.   

Industrial patio ideas are very on budget because they don’t use too much modern furniture. You only need to use two iron chairs and a small table with sandy feet that give an environmentally friendly touch of nature. Iron furniture with sand footwear from architectureartdesigns
The built in patio bench made of red brick can be refined by throwing pillows and blankets with vertical stripes. Portable fireplace is a complement that warms the body when it’s cold. Built in red brick bench from architectureartdesigns
You can complete a tropical patio with an industrial style with wooden steps and vines. The red brick walls also accentuate industrial décor perfectly. Tropical patio with industrial style from architectureartdesigns
Eliminate rich roof combined with rattan furniture and shabby pillows to complement the industrial patio decoration. Big frame mirrors make the illusion of a room appear wider. Small Industrial patio from architectureartdesigns
Reuse unused metal for your industrial patio furniture ideas that save money. You don’t need to paint it to make it look more shabby according to industrial ideas. Reuse unused metal for industrial furniture from architectureartdesigns
A concrete table with red dining chairs gives a bold color to this patio dining area. Give it a touch of natural color with blooming flowers all around. Concrete table and bold color chairs from architectureartdesigns
To add an eco-friendly feel to your patio decor, distressed wood furniture is the right idea. Don’t forget to also use wood pallet floors as warm footwear. Distressed wood furniture from architectureartdesigns
There is no need to overuse furniture in industrial patio decorations so as not to disturb your space. Just one set of wooden dining table as natural furniture and on budget. Wooden dining table set from architectureartdesigns

Whatever patio concept you have – however be it an open-air dining area, gathering spot, or living room – those are striking patio design ideas will make your outdoor space more attractive and, of course, can transform it into a new picnic zone to spend your valuable time with family and friends. So, which is patio design that has impressed you the most? And which patio concept will you pick?

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