Despite its main purpose to protect the house, your house’s gate plays a bigger role than being a passerby when people come and go. Being the first thing people lay their eyes upon, your gate should reflect on the best side of your house; warm, welcoming, and inviting.

Gate is the place where people either feel comfortable or discouraged to go inside. Hence, it’s essential to invest in the finest gate design ideas for the best impression from your guests. To rouse your inspirations, here are some of our favorite gate design ideas to start your own.

1. Gate with Ivy Walls

Living in an urban area means less to no exposure to the wilderness. Framed with swirls of ivy plants and leaves, this wooden gate looks like a pathway to wonderland. The gate design ideas will be a perfect match for those who seek an idle touch of nature amidst a rigid, modern environment.

This wooden gate surrounded by ivy plants brings a fresher and less boring feel. You can repaint this wooden gate with white paint to make it look cleaner and less shabby, use a wooden fence with a modern design for a look that never goes out of style. These two fences are the first entrance to your home, you can try this wooden fence easily and of course save costs. Eucalyptus gate surrounded with ivy from ofdesign.

Complete the appearance of your wooden pallet gate with ivy growing lush beside it. The more ivy, the fresher the look of your gate will be. Make a hole in your wooden gate with a heart shape as a peek a boo that seems unique and different from the others. Repaint this wooden gate with earth colors for a more natural, warm impression and of course it will blend with nature more easily and perfectly. Wooden gate decorated with ivy and peek a boo from ofdesign.

2. Classical Black Iron

Looking straight from a luxurious mansion, this classical black iron gate is both charming and elegant. The hollow space between irons can be used as an opportunity to showcase your front garden or yard.

For the front or back gate of the house, you can choose iron material that is strong, hard and sturdy against all weather changes in the outdoors. So that the iron gate doesn’t look rusty, you can repaint it with a dark and shiny black color. Don’t forget to use contemporary designs to make it easier to apply to any stylish urban home decor. Iron gates repainted in black color from ofdesign.

This iron gate design applies a classic concept that evokes the attractive side of a house. For color, you can choose black as a neutral color that blends well and is very inspiring. The advantage of using iron is that they will withstand any weather changes so they are not easily corroded or corroded when exposed to water or snow. Classic iron gate with neutral colors from ofdesign.

3. Wood and Metal

A harmonious combination of the past and future, the gate design ideas provide maximum coverage and security to your house. Additionally, it also looks timeless, which is a great thing if you’re too lazy to renovate within a short time.

The combination of wood and metal on a house gate will be stronger in long-term use, you can use red wood for a more unique and different color. IN the metal part of the fence, it is equipped with carvings as a different view and of course it seems more modern. The higher your gate, the more luxurious it looks. Choose a gray metal material that will look shiny when exposed to sunlight. The engraving design on the metal gate from divesanddollar.

The combination of brown and black on this gate will look more perfect and of course it will not seem flashy and cause chaos. Use two different materials, such as a combination of teak wood and black metal, which is sturdy and strong. Give a carved accent at the top of the gate for a more artistic look and of course seem more luxurious. Complete this gate with a key to make it more secure. The combination of teak wood with metal gates from divesanddollar.

4. Sturdy Iron Mesh

Sleek, elegant, and effortlessly modern, the gate design ideas provide total security without obstructing the view. It’s a great pick if you live in an area where foot traffic is heavy, and people often pay a visit to their neighbor.

Bring a different nuance to your outdoor decor with iron mesh gates and fences which are known to be stronger and less likely to rust. This gate is a modern touch suitable for urban living. Choose these gates and fences in white to match the color tone of the outdoor to make it look more elegant and of course stick with neutral colors. Iron mesh gate and fence from homestratosphere.

Monochromatic style can be more easily obtained by combining two different colors, namely black and white. If your walls are painted white, for the iron mesh gate idea, you can use solid black. This iron mesh gate has a smoother texture and is stronger when used for long periods of time and with all changes in outdoor weather. When you open this gate, you will be greeted with various types of green plants that are fresh and soothing. Monochromatic iron mesh gate from renoguide.

5. Wooden Gate with Peek-a-Boo Accent

Rustic with a hint of mystery in it, this intricate wooden gate incorporates peek-a-boo elements to boost its aesthetic without losing the functionality.

If you use a wooden gate in green, then don’t forget to add peek a boo iron as a unique peeking accent and certainly not shared by all urban-style home decorations. You can peek at the outside of the house with an openwork iron which has a large and wide hole. Wooden gates with peek iron a boo from penick.

This unpainted reclaimed wooden gate is equipped with a large enough hole as a peek a boo area that you can try. With this hole you can peek outside freely and not be obstructed by anything, besides that this gate is also equipped with a hook that you can use to hang anything for an outdoor look that looks neat. Reclaimed wooden gates with peek holes a boo from ofdesign.

Indeed, picking the best gate design ideas might not be an easy task. Fortunately, with these inspirations as your guide, find the one that suits your home ambiance best, and start working on it!

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