Getting a new first apartment is exciting. You will feel the unique atmosphere in a new place you have never been to. It is time for you to be as creative as possible and turn your new place into your castle.

Pour down all the excitement by doing your first apartment décor with these some inspirational ideas.

1. Small-space Styling

For those of you who live in a small-sized apartment, you can also decorate your place as nice as the bigger size apartment. But you need to consider the amount of decoration you will put into your new place.

A minimalist decoration will suit perfectly. Some decorative plants, framed painting or calligraphy, and a Tumblr light will do. Too many decorations in your small space will only make your apartment looks messy and stuffy.

There is no need to over-decorate the apartment bedroom. The string light that hangs on your curtains makes the appearance brighter. Candle holders add a warm feel to the room. Hang string light in curtain from mymove
You can embellish the bedroom walls with some artwork and string lights. Do not forget that the big indoor plant is also a decoration item that can refresh the room optimally. Artwork and string light wall decor from mymove.
To provide a dramatic bedroom decor, you can use yellow string lights. You can use the floating rack to display some decorations such as plants and small pictures. Yellow string light from mymove.
Take advantage of the empty walls in the bedroom apartment to hang a minimalist wooden shelf, this shelf will display greenery, books and some beautiful ornaments. Complete with a string light on the side of the shelf. Minimalist wooden shelf decor from careergirldaily.
When you have a plain window frame, you can use string lights to decorate it with more color. The indoor plant which is placed in every corner of the room makes it appear more perfect. Window frame decor from careergirldaily.
A white color scheme in bedroom decor will never fail to accomplish. You can add a small flower on top of a nightstand as a decorative item that is fresh and gives it color. White bedroom with the small flower from careergirldaily.
If you have a small living room, you don’t need to over-decorate it. You can simply apply rubber plants in the corners of the room and indoor plants on hanging racks and on the coffee table. Rubber plant decor from careergirldaily.

2. Rustic Theme

A rustic style always emphasizes a coarse yet straightforward and strikingly beautiful look. Natural materials such as stone, raw wood, and metal dominate are often used in a rustic interior. They embrace the organic aesthetic touch that will bring warmth and comfort to your household.

You can start by having a table set and window frames made by wooden materials, some decorative flowers, and an artsy lamp. With those simple décor ideas, you can immediately bring a vibrant and warm atmosphere to your apartment.

White crystal chandeliers that hang just above the dining table will illuminate the dining room nicely. The wooden dining table, floor and ceiling bring the rustic style to its fullest. Wooden material dining room from elledecor.
Reclaimed wood dining table presents a rustic impression that looks simple. To add a vintage impression, you can use a wooden chair covered with red pillows so that the surface is softer. Reclaimed wood dining table from elledecor.
For a warm rustic dining room decoration, you can add a large stone fireplace. The red dining chair is the bold color in this room and is a striking focal point. Stone fireplace from elledecor.
The white shiplap wall equipped with wooden window frames reinforces the rustic dining room decor. Don’t forget to use a wooden dining table decorated with gold flower pots. White shiplap wall with wooden frame window from elledecor.
A vintage hanging lamp complemented by wicker chairs and a wooden dining table provides a warm and simple rustic appearance. Big flowers can be used as a centerpiece that attracts attention. Wicker chairs and a wooden dining table from elledecor.
A greenery centerpiece that is used as a decoration for a rustic dining room will look perfect. Refined wooden furniture makes the surface more comfortable to use. Refined wooden furniture from elledecor.
Bring the artwork into a rustic dining room decor and post it on a wall that still has empty space. Paint the shiplap walls in green for a fresh look. Artwork rustic dining room from elledecor.

3. Artsy Space

Embrace the art aspects to your first apartment décor by mounting a lot of framed picture to the rooms. They provide an edgy yet fun ambiance for your entire place.

You can also have a unique patterned wallpaper in your entire place. Make sure you choose the right furniture for this theme; otherwise your place will look unattractively striking. With this different style of decoration, your room will be livelier and more exciting.

Decorate your plain shiplap walls with some creative frame artwork. The LOVE sign completes an eye-catching look for the entire room. Frame artwork with LOVE sign from bhg.
You can complete the natural painting hanging on the white wall of the bedroom with a colorful bed that adds to the beauty of this room. Use bright colors like yellow, blue, and red. Natural painting from bhg.
To change the apartment decoration to be more creative, the idea you have to do is hang some classic artworks of different shapes and sizes. This idea is easy enough to try. Classic artworks from bhg.
White and blue is a beautiful color combination when applied to your apartment bedroom decor. Make the room decor more impressive by hanging abstract artwork on the headboard of the bedroom. Abstract artwork from bhg.
Your white bathroom can be adorned with several art frames with matching colors. Fill in the blank walls to hang your artwork. Hanging lamp classic completes the look. White bathroom with art frames from bhg.
Mix and match wall art with other colorful interiors. You can use the gold standing rack to display your favorite books from your collection. Try this idea in your living room decor. Wall art with colorful interiors from bhg.
To bring the classic and artistic styles together, you can hang framed artworks with different textures and styles. Paint the walls green for unique color contrast. Hang framed artworks from bhg.

4. Colorful Ornaments

Just like an artsy space, a colorful ornament will make your entire place looks more vibrant and livelier. It embraces the natural lighting addition and a warmer atmosphere. You will always feel the positive vibe radiated by your place.

Bright colors will bring a pleasant nuance to your apartment. Placing a colorful zebra rug on a wooden floor will enhance your decor so it looks cute and creative. Colorful zebra rug from in7colors.
To create a living room that looks more cheerful, try installing a striped rug, bold color coffee table, and textured colorful cushions in one room. Just add wall art to make it look attractive. Elegant colorful living room from in7colors.
If you want to raise your spirits while in the living room of your apartment, adding colorful cushions is the right idea. So that it will provide a bright and pleasant view of your apartment. Colorful cushions from in7colors.
You can try rainbow colors on your white walls to create a colorful and unique living room. Don’t forget to add furniture with striking colors like red and yellow. Rainbow wall paint from in7colors.
Tufted sofas in two different colors create a room that is a quite interesting contrast. Complete the room’s colorful color scheme with a patterned wall with a splash of red curtains. Colorful scheme living room from in7colors.
Yellow chairs, lamps in two colors, blue tufted sofa, and red cushions are put together in one living room giving a festive and fun impression. This color adds a bold, energetic feel. Colorful furniture from in7colors.

With those inspirations, you will feel the abundant joy with your first apartment décor.

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