When it comes to kitchen interior, having a kitchen shelf is a must. It helps you store all the kitchen stuff perfectly neat. However, many people do not really think too much about the shelf design and decide to just have an ordinary shelf.

The kitchen shelf can be more than just a functional object. It adds a fresher ambiance to your entire kitchen if you pick the right one. Hence, these open kitchen shelves ideas help you bring a new atmosphere to your house.

1. Marble

Marble-made opens shelf suits well for any interior. It radiates a vibrant and lively look effortlessly since it’s made from natural stone. A marble open shelf is easier to clean because it has a very subtle texture.

The material is also stronger than others, so it can accommodate a lot of stuff safely. Plus, it radiates a fancy and enchanting touch so that everyone who stops by your kitchen will be fascinated.

An easy way to change the appearance of a simple kitchen to a more luxurious one is to install a marble shelf as an easy and more effective open storage when storing and retrieving items needed. Wall mounted marble rack from mydomaine.
Match the color of your kitchen walls with open shelves that are installed above the sink. You can choose marble material on the shelf for a luxurious, clean and elegant look. Marble rack above sink from decorpad.
Installing white marble racks along the kitchen wall makes it easy for you to easily place your tableware. Drain the washed glass on this rack to dry. White marble rack from remodelista.
Not only for storing tableware, you can also use rectangle marble racks to display some ornaments and decorations to enhance the appearance of your luxurious kitchen. Try this idea right now. Rectangle marble rack from homedit.
You can apply the marble shelf built in the kitchen wall right on the stove. You can use it to store herbs to make it easier to reach when you do cooking activities in this kitchen. Built in marble shelf from homedit.
The marble material on the open storage shelf and kitchen backsplash present a modern and minimalist style. Marble which has a textured look will be more stylish for your monochromatic kitchen. Textured open storage shelf marble from homedit.
Splash the color of gold on your marble shelf to add a luxurious impression to a modern kitchen decor. Use this rack to place utensils that are used frequently. Marble shelf with splash gold from homedit.
The copper pipe accents that are used to hang the marble shelves provide a stylish contrasting color and are perfect for this corner of the kitchen. This open storage idea is very classy. Copper pipe with marble rack from homedit.

2. Glass and Wood

Glass and wood material is not a bad idea for the open kitchen shelves. You can pick to use wood or glass for the base material kitchen shelves. Wood materials that last long and easy to maintain are very useful to be placed by utensils and logistics safely and perfect to radiate a warm atmosphere. And then the glass is material that can make your kitchen looks glamour and luxurious.

Moreover, those materials are one of the open kitchen shelves ideas that adds an expensive look and make the interior more appealing. It’s up to you what kind of material that will you choose to make your kitchen looks perfect.

You can combine an open wooden shelf on both sides of the stove with iron as the holder. You can put all the kitchen utensils here because it has strong strength. Combine wooden with iron rack from homelovr.
To bring the feel of a farmhouse you can use tiered wooden beams rack. Hang it on the white shiplap wall so that it blends in perfectly. Farmhouse wooden beams rack from homelovr.
The combination of wooden beams with pipes makes for a DIY eco-friendly storage rack. Make it a large size so that you can store more items. Combination of wooden beams with pipes rack from homelovr.
Make your eating utensils seem to be floating with a glass shelf equipped with a gold pole. Glass material will be easier to clean because it has a smooth surface. Glass shelf equipped with a gold pole rack from homelovr.
The wooden shelves that are painted in a color match the walls give the kitchen an elegant look. You can hang it above your kitchen sink and countertop. Wooden shelves above sink and countertop from homelovr.
Modern-style shelves made of plumbing and glass offer plenty of open storage in the corner of the kitchen. Hang it on the kitchen ceiling to save on your kitchen walls. Modern-style shelves from theidentite.
Minimalist open shelves hanging from the white ceiling create a stunning focal point. You can hang two glass open shelves for more open storage. Two glass open shelves from theidentite.
Go vertical kitchen shelf that made of glass and gold pole makes this small kitchen look more modern and classy. Combine with a sink that has a gold color and a white cabinet. Go vertical glass rack from theidentite.

3. Built-in Shelf

Built-in shelf blends with its surroundings and takes less space. Though it saves a lot of space, a built-in shelf can load a lot of stuff. This shelf is very useful for you if you have tons of kitchen stuff to store.

Having this kind of shelf makes your kitchen feels spacious and more comfortable. You can enjoy your cooking and other activities better.

Take advantage of your empty wall space to create a large and large built-in shelf. With this shelf, you will be more effective and efficient in storage. Wall-mounted built-in rack from hawk-haven.
The built-in shelves in a farmhouse style kitchen made of the reclaimed wood look great for large kitchen decorating ideas. Don’t forget to use white as the dominant color. White built-in cabinet from hawk-haven.
You can create a kitchen pantry with a built-in shelf in the corner of the kitchen. Put all your food here to make it easier for you to get the food you need. Built-in kitchen pantry from hawk-haven.
You can use a floating cabinet that has a built-in rack above it to place bowls that are often used. Apart from being tableware, this bowl can also be used as a beautiful decorative item. Floating cabinet with built-in rack from goodhousekeeping.
Hanging storage racks are wooden slabs that feel warm and add rustic charm to your kitchen decor. Wooden built-in shelves are also affordable and cheaper. Built-in wooden slabs rack from goodhousekeeping.
A standing cabinet that carries a vertical rack provides additional storage space in your white kitchen decor. You can put it in the corner of the room that has an empty room. Corner built-in rack from goodhousekeeping.
To organize your built-in cabinet storage, you can use plastic and woven baskets to facilitate your kitchen activities. Paint the cabinets white for a modern farmhouse style. Built-in cabinet with woven basket from goodhousekeeping

4. Hanging Shelf

A hanging shelf offers a unique look to your entire kitchen interior. It makes it easier to put, arrange, and take things from it. You can organize all your utensils and daily logistics with more convenience. This shelf is also flexible to be placed anywhere you like in your kitchen.

A thick wooden plank used as a storage shelf will work well. This multipurpose shelf in an L shape has a modern farmhouse aesthetic. L shape wooden rack from homebnc.
White wooden shelves equipped with supports can float freely in your kitchen. Use this shelf to store frequently used cutlery for easier use when needed. White hanging shelves from homebnc.
To bring a rustic style to your kitchen decor, you can try reclaimed wood shelves as the main material. Leave this shelf from the original wood color. Rustic wooden rack from homebnc.
A wooden shelf that hangs in the corner of the kitchen adds to the minimalist storage space, decorate it with small greenery and favorite artwork. They are functional but leave room for creativity. Corner hanging rack from homebnc.
You can use pieces of wood for storage racks in your kitchen. You can DIY this shelf so that it can be used to place cutlery. Pieces of wood rack from homebnc.
The mosaic wall equipped with wooden shelf hanging repainted in white looks minimalist and elegant. You can put a box planter at the top as a natural decoration. White paint rack from homebnc.
To accommodate more cutlery, you can use a large hanging rack in gray color. These shelves embrace the farmhouse aesthetic with white shiplap walls. Gray hanging rack from homebnc.

Arrange your kitchen prettily and neatly with those open kitchen shelves ideas and have more fun with your cooking!

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