Some say that ethnic decorations can be defined as when you apply the long-standing and time-honored traditional and culture art accents and flairs to your home living. They can be derived from various world’s cultural heritage of crafts and artefacts in their different and unique styles. 

You may apply these ethnic-based styles for interior designs as well as other decor accessories and embellishments in their very own details. The following are some ethnic decor styles.

1. Moroccan Style

Inspired by the Moorish decor of the East, Moroccan style is highly well-known for its vibrant colors, textures, and fluid line, as well as extremely intricate patterns. It can be found in enchanting colorful textiles, rugs, pillows, blankets, craved metal lanterns, the very popular ottomans, as well as its famous tiles, other interior design inspirations.

Moroccan Hanging Chandelier from futuristarchitecture
Colorful Moroccan Home Living from futuristarchitecture
Gold Moroccan Chandeliers from futuristarchitecture

2. Asian Style

Claimed as exotic ethnic decorations, Asian style offers mostly the well-known Oriental look of Chinese and Japanese, the historical Indian flairs, and the increasingly growing Indonesian as well as other Southeast Asian natural-cultural accents.

As to interior decors, they come in calligraphy, chinoiserie, porcelain, paper-based room partition (Shoji screens), paper lanterns, Zen-style, carvings, statues, beautiful exotic crafts made of wood, bamboo, rattan, and other natural plant-based materials, and many more.

Small Asian Home Living from superhitideas
Modern Asian Home Living from superhitideas
Colorful Asian Home Living from superhitideas
Oak Wood Floor from superhitideas
Main Material of Wood from superhitideas
High Plywood Ceiling from superhitideas

3. Southwestern Style

This style has its origin from the Native American tribes such as the Navajo and Hopi or the legacy of native Arizona, Mexico, and Spain. This accent is characterized by its warm to vivid colors, aesthetic, primitive, and rustic features. You can add their geometric fabrics, rugs or authentic pottery arts, wall decorations, and more.

Square Tufted Table Coffee from homestratosphere
Rattan Wicker Carpet from homestratosphere
Wall Décor Beside the Fireplace from homestratosphere

4. African Style

Heavily inspired by nature and wild animals, African ethnic decorations can be found in many eclectic colors and textures of textiles (the most famous is its animal print patterns), wood carvings, masks, statuettes, and many other artworks. 

Elephant Statue Decoration from homedesignlover
Animal Statue Above Fireplace from homedesignlover
Deer Head Statue from homedesignlover
Traditional African Home Living from homedesignlover
Classic African Home Living from homedesignlover

5. Nordic & Boho Styles

There are more recent interior decor styles gaining their increasing popularity, such as the Scandinavian (Nordic) and Bohemian (Boho) accents. They are sometimes interchanged or mixed with the existing ethnic decorations, especially with more modern or contemporary interior decor ideas.

Neutral Materials Home Living from themoodpalette

Of the above ethnic decorations, which one do you think can go hand in hand with your living space?

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