The porch is the part of the house that presents the house appearance. Beautiful and attractive porch decorations will give the same impression to the whole house. In other words, the porch decoration can display the beauty of a house.

Today, designing a porch with natural materials is a perfect choice. Are you curious about what natural materials can be used for porch decoration?

1. Wood

Wood is one of the most well-known building materials. It naturally has a variety of colors and shapes of fibers. You need to know that wood also has several advantages, including easy to be found in stores, mostly processed by local craftsmen, and flexible to form and use.

The use of wood as a construction material is not only based on its strength but also its beauty aspect.

The string light makes the wood porch look even more dramatic, the soft swing which is complemented by the black and white carpet exudes a warm and comfortable feel. Don’t forget to add complementary ornaments such as candle holders and greenery. Wood porch with string light from onekindesign.
Wooden swing chairs and white shiplap walls reinforce your farmhouse porch decor, white is your favorite color and has a neutral characteristic. Colorful flowers and plaid cushions add to the ravishing color. Farmhouse porch decor from onekindesign.
Use wood as the main material in your porch for a natural and environmentally friendly feel. An outdoor wicker table set covered with a boho patterned carpet is the final touch that adds color to your porch decor. Outdoor wicker table set from onekindesign.
Building a white wooden porch doesn’t cost much. Add wooden furniture and blooming flowers to refresh the atmosphere around you. This decoration will look beautiful and very attractive. White wood porch from onekindesign.
When you have a small porch, you don’t need to overuse furniture. Vintage wooden benches, milk cans flower pots complemented by shabby rugs give it a simple rustic style. Rustic wood porch from onekindesign.
Refined reclaimed wood furniture with swings and pallet wood fences is a modern farmhouse porch idea that is cheap and easy to build. Throw a few pillows into your swing for maximum comfort. Modern farmhouse porch from onekindesign.
Not only about white, you can also add other colors like black and brown. This wooden porch will look more perfect when equipped with some green plants and greenery wreath, imitate this decoration idea now. Wooden porch with greenery decor from onekindesign.
Instead of using concrete with wood as a porch decoration idea that is on budget. Crochet rug and stitch knitting blanket are items that add to the boho style. Round slice wood becomes the area to put the glass on the swing so it doesn’t spill. Wood porch with boho style surface from onekindesign.
You can create wood porch privacy with white curtains as the screen of this room. The wood on the floors and walls of different colors adds to the warmth maximally. Green plants make fresh ornaments that are easy to care for. Wood porch privacy from onekindesign.

2. Bamboo and Rattan

The use of bamboo and rattan as building materials is increasingly popular because they have artistic value when you see them. The advantages of using bamboo and rattan for porch decoration with natural materials are that they are cheap, easily shaped, and have elastic properties as well as good durability. 

Do you want the atmosphere of your porch is guaranteed to be homier? Pick bamboo and rattan for that purpose because of their variety.

Give a new look to your porch with a bamboo roof and fence. Leave this bamboo in its original color for a natural and simple design. Besides that, bamboo material will be stronger against all weather. Natural bamboo porch from crismatec.
The privacy screen that made of woven bamboo is an inexpensive and on budget idea that you can try. This screen is a barrier to dust or wind that can enter your porch decoration. Woven bamboo privacy screen from christinamariablog.
Rattan chairs are an outdoor furniture idea that brings a vintage impression. Cover your hardwood floors with patterned and brightly colored rugs for a cleaner and modern look. Throw some colorful pillows to make them more energetic. Rattan chairs from hupehome.
You can add floral fabrics to your rattan furniture to give a porch treat with a pretty simple colorful seat. White is a neutral color that can be combined with any color. Rattan furniture covered floral fabric from hupehome.
Complete the elegant appearance of your porch with a large privacy screen rattan so you don’t glare during the day. This porch can be used as a place to rest and relax comfortably. Rattan privacy screen from windowtreatmentsdesign.
Cover your rattan chairs with cushions so that they have a softer surface when sitting. You can add several different types of flowers for a pretty and feminine decoration. Covered rattan chairs with cushions from hupehome
In addition to blocking sunlight so that it does not directly enter the bamboo curtain, it is also able to beautify the decoration of your home terrace. That way your terrace will get an artistic touch. Bamboo curtain from christinamariablog.

3. Natural stone

Nowadays, natural stone is the people’s favorite material for designing porches with natural materials. Part of the porch that usually utilizes exotic natural stone is the walls and floors. 

The reason is that natural stone has a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You need to use them to get a unique, charming, and attractive impression for your porch.

Because natural stone floors can make the porch look more natural. Combine it with wooden outdoor furniture that can enhance its appearance instantly. Natural stone floor from front-porch-ideas-and-more.
Besides being sturdy, not easily porous and resistant to all weather, stone porch is also the best choice of cheap and easy decorations to find the main material. Stone material has a low selling value. Stone porch from front-porch-ideas-and-more.
The floor, pillars, steps and the path to the porch made of the main material of stone are not in doubt. This material is very durable in the long term so it avoids costly repairs. All stone material porch from front-porch-ideas-and-more.
The stone patio decoration with items of greenery and flowers will add a farmhouse touch which will certainly feel warmer and more comfortable. Complete with rattan chairs for comfortable seating. Farmhouse porch with stone material from front-porch-ideas-and-more.
Natural stone that is neatly arranged so that it becomes a smooth floor decoration you can easily imitate into your porch design. This stone presents an elegant impression that is not excessive. Natural stone floor from gambrick.
Complete the look of the stone steps with a few flower pots on each step as a warm welcome for the guests or family who come to your house. Don’t forget to add outdoor furniture for a comfortable gathering area. Stone staircase from gambrick.
The porch floor made of stone gives a natural and elegant impression. Especially when combined with wooden walls, it will strengthen the natural impression of your home. Porch decor with stone floor from gambrick.
Stone floors and wooden walls are a perfect match for your country house. By displaying a classic style with a pillar that is also given a touch of stone at the base. Combination of stone and wood porch from gambrick.
In order not to make repairs repeatedly, you can try stone walls and floors in your porch decoration. Red rocking chair is a bold color on this natural porch, you can try it right now. Stone wall and floor from gambrick.

Porch decoration with natural materials is currently becoming a trend in the property business. Those natural components will make your porch look natural and pleasant. Besides, the use of natural materials also supports environmentally friendly programs. Are you interested in designing your porch with natural materials?

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