A farmhouse style is inspired by a farmhouse building, including its interior and exterior. This kind of building is usually found in a rural or agricultural area. But nowadays people can create their own farmhouse style for their houses.

It always introduces you to a rustic, traditional vibe that gives an authentic look to any room, as well as a bedroom. Having a farmhouse bedroom will suit your taste of aesthetics perfectly. You can create your own with these ideas below on how to make the best one.

Avoid Bold Colors

Any bold colors will give a striking look that ruins the farmhouse theme. Though they seem nice and bright, they do not blend well with the style. You actually can also make a bright and nice look for your farmhouse room as long as you choose the right colors—but not the bold ones.

The white farmhouse bedroom decor embraces a casual feel and brings a friendly, warm and easy décor style. This bedroom shows an emphasis on natural light and spaciousness that epitomizes a vintage farmhouse style. White farmhouse bedroom from homebnc.
Put a graphic texture on the carpet that lines the wooden floor to add to the charm of the farmhouse bedroom decor. In contrast to the shiplap ceiling color with wall paint to make it look more elegant, white is one of the hallmarks of the farmhouse style. White shiplap ceiling and wall paint from homebnc.
Choose a bed frame made of iron to make it more sturdy and not easily porous. You can neutralize the black color on the bed frame with white bedding and pillowcase. The farmhouse bedroom decoration looks simpler. Black iron bed frame with white bedding from homebnc.
You will enjoy this bedroom decoration more because it has natural furniture from wood accents and adds a beautiful feeling to the farmhouse bedroom. Insert a woven basket to perfectly complement this design. Wood and woven accents from homebnc.
Bedroom decoration ideas with a natural look. The natural touch that is born from the reclaimed wood headboard accents and the wood tiles gives a feeling of comfort. Of course this makes the bedroom decor warmer and calmer when it is used for resting. Natural look farmhouse bedroom from homebnc.

Neutral Tones on the Wall

A neutral painted wall is a must. Just as stated before, you need to avoid bold colors and dark ones. Keep the walls all within the same color scheme to help blends and clams everything together. It does not have to be white; soft beige, soft grey, or cream would be a perfect choice.

Neutral tones against the beige walls in a farmhouse style provide a relaxing appeal to rest. You can enter furniture in any color as long as it’s not flashy. Beige paint wall from homebnc.
You can match the wall color with the ceiling with white to emphasize the natural and simple farmhouse decor. Galvanized pot is a beautiful, cheap and doesn’t take up much space. White paint wall and ceiling from homebnc.
You can add striped fabric to add color to the farmhouse bedroom decor. Light gray paint on the walls makes it easy for you to enter all types and colors of furniture to your heart’s content. Light gray paint wall from homebnc.
Complete the look of your gray wall with white writing for a pleasant welcome. Vintage wooden nightstands are natural and environmentally friendly furniture ideas. Gray paint wall from homebnc.
The soft touch of gray board walls displays a special taste to make the farmhouse bedroom feel elegant. In addition, the combination of gray accents on other walls adds contrast to this bedroom. Gray board walls from homebnc.

Warm White Curtain

Having a white curtain on your window will bring a vintage touch that enhances the farmhouse theme. The warm white color selection highlights the theme even more. Plus, it radiates a soothe and warm atmosphere to your farmhouse bedroom.

The farmhouse bedroom will be more perfect if you apply sheer curtain to the windows and also on the bed. This look makes the farmhouse theme even stronger. Sheer curtain from shelterness.
To warm the bedroom in your farmhouse you need to use large white curtains on your window. The choice of white makes the room look wider. Large white curtains from shelterness.
No need to be confused in determining your farmhouse room decoration. Just use high white curtains on the windows which will make your farmhouse room even more classic. High white curtains from shelterness.
Give a warm impression to your farmhouse bedroom with corner curtains so that it can reflect light from the windows throughout the room. White curtains will certainly not make your room stylish. Corner curtains from shelterness.
Your farmhouse bedroom will feel warm if you use the curtains on your windows. And it will look broad if the curtain is also equated with the dominant white room color, the white color on the curtain will reflect light throughout the room. Same color curtain with wall paint from shelterness.

Painted Old Furniture

Freshen up your old furniture that looks worn out with paint. But make sure you paint it within the same color scheme, and you will see the transformation. It has a fresher and newer touch without removing its old look, so it is still authentic.

So that the standing cabinet looks cleaner and newer, then you can repaint it with the same color. White is the color of choice for the farmhouse style. Frame above bed gives a vintage impression to your room. Repaint standing cabinet from countryliving.
This wooden shiplap headboard looks more modern and minimalist when it has been repainted with white color. Give color to this room by applying framed paintings and some green plants as a refreshing item. Minimalist wooden shiplap headboard from countryliving.
Upholster your metal bed with black paint so it doesn’t look rusty, this idea of repainting doesn’t cost a lot of money. Besides that, this method is also easy to try. Repaint iron bed from countryliving.
The bed is the main furniture that you must have in a farmhouse bedroom. The white wood pallet headboard gives the impression that this room is more spacious and clean. You can imitate this idea right now. White wood pallet headboard from countryliving.
This iron bed looks more elegant because it has such a neutral color, which is white. White paint is easy to find in building shops around your house, you can apply this decoration idea to your bedroom right now. Elegant iron beds from countryliving.

Antique Item

Antique items are always old and classic but they never out of style, so do not ever ditch them. It embraces the farmhouse style more and make your bedroom fuller but not stuffy. A table, bedside lamp, or a vanity set usually rock the antique look the most.

Small nightstand that made of iron material gives a vintage impression to the farmhouse bedroom decor. You can paint it white to match the color tone in the room. Small nightstand from teracee.
The wooden table placed in the middle of the bed is a focal point that gives it a simple vintage style. White is the color of choice to emphasize the farmhouse style. Vintage wooden table from teracee.
Table lamps as well as wooden nightstands are antique furniture that you can have in your farmhouse bedroom decor. This antique item will be more stylish when placed in the bedroom as a complementary item. Antique table lamps from teracee.
The farmhouse rustic bedroom will look more charming when furnished with antiques such as table lamps and iron bed frames. These antiques have a high selling value and give a beautiful artistic impression. Antique table lamps and iron bed frames from teracee.
The antiques in this bedroom give the room a more authentic feel. The touch of the dresser with a bluish color is combined with a natural wall color. What makes this bedroom look like a princess bedroom. A farmhouse room decor that makes use of antiques from teracee.

Enjoy your rest more after a long tiring day in your new ‘hideout’. Therefore, design your farmhouse bedroom by considering those ideas above and see the incredible result!

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