Every house has some broken stuff like picture frames, teacups, or other household equipment. You may have ones too. Thinking they are just trash? Hold on.

There are many ideas out of there to make all those broken stuff to be something useful. You can even create amazing décor for interior or exterior from those “trash”! Here are some repurposed décor ideas that will improve your home.

1. Recycle an Old Ladder to Laundry Drying Rack

Use your old ladder to be a laundry drying rack, so doing laundry will be more functional and stylish. You will need a wooden ladder and a fresh coat of paint to make it look fresher. Then, mount the ladder to the ceiling, and you have a clever drying rack now.

To meet your drying needs, using an old ladder as a laundry drying rack is the right idea and easy to do. You just need to repaint it blue to make it look more modern. Repaint laundry drying rack from remodelaholic.
Take advantage of your old wooden stairs to become more useful furniture in your home. For example, hanging from the ceiling in a laundry room with a chain to serve as an idea for drying clothes that saves floor space. Hanging drying clothes with chain from instructables.
The idea of repainting an old ladder for a clothes drying rack will look newer and less shabby. You can use a clothes hanger for drying activities so that you use more of this shelf ladder. Repaint blue ladder rack from onecreativemommy.
Add a hook on the ladder drying rack to make it easier for you when drying clothes. This shelf idea doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for decorating a small laundry room. Ladder drying rack with hook from habitatgvc.
You can hang the dryer ladder rack next to the washing machine for a closer and more efficient drying time. With this rack, you will avoid the wet laundry that piles up every day. Hang dryer ladder rack next to the washing machine from arusticgarden.
To get a rustic look in the laundry room decor, you don’t need to repaint the old stairs which are used as drying racks. Use the chain as a tool to hang it from the ceiling so that it is stronger and doesn’t break easily. Rustic ladder drying racks from arusticgarden.

2. Have Antique Spigot Handle Towel Rack

Vintage spigot handles can be reused to make a beautiful towel rack. It is not only functional as a rack but also boost the vintage ambiance of your home.

A piece of wood with attached handle spigots can be transformed into a towel rack that has an industrial style. This old-fashioned idea makes for the perfect project for a weekend. Piece of wood with attached handle spigots from hgtv.
Both wood and copper also add a contrasting touch of texture to the bathroom. Combine the towel rack handle spigot with a piece of teak for storage ideas. Spigot handle towel rack with a piece of teak from refreshliving.
The rainbow spigot handle doesn’t take much time to make it even more useful, you can easily turn it into a cool and cheap towel rack. You can try this idea in your bathroom decoration. Rainbow spigot handle towel rack from wonderfuldiy.
You can hang the spigot handle on the bathroom floating shelf. You can use this spigot handle to hang a towel or body scrub so that the bathroom looks tidier. Spigot handle towel rack on the floating rack from huffpost.

3. Change Baby Lotion Bottles into Stations of Cell Phone Charging

Most people usually throw away baby lotion bottles when they are empty. In fact, you still make something useful from them. Turn them into handy cell phone charging stations. The stations will also keep your cords neat.

Recycling the baby lotion bottle into a cell phone charging station, you can give it a little polka dot with bright colors. This DIY gives a pretty and charming color. Recycling baby lotion bottle from whilehewasnapping.
Cut some of the lotion bottles for the area to put the cellphone while on the charger. You can make a small hole in the top to deliver the charger to your home electricity. Repaint with dark colors for a different look. Repaint bottle lotion for charger cellphone from homehacks.
Paint the outside of the bottle for a more beautiful look, this DIY phone charging station idea will be useful for a long time, because the bottle material that is made of plastic material will not be easily porous or damaged. DIY paint phone charging station from makeit-loveit.
You can crochet the outside of a cell phone charging station bottle as an eye-catching decoration. This idea does not cost a lot of money and space to use. Crochet the outside of a cell phone charging station bottle from tombowusa.

4. Put Traditional Wood Cabinet

You can give a rustic effect on your traditional wood cabinet. How should you do it? Well, replace the existing cabinet doors with chicken wires, making them fancy. Besides, they just fit perfectly to your rustic home style.

Replace your wooden wardrobe doors with chicken wires so you can see from the outside. With this you will rearrange kitchen utensils to be more neat and orderly. Replace your wooden wardrobe doors with chicken wires from decorpad.
A traditional wardrobe will look more elegant when using a small chicken wire door. This door gives a rustic impression to your current kitchen decor. Small chicken wire door from decorpad.
Change your traditional wardrobe design to be more modern by repainting white, besides that, the cabinet door design also needs attention. You can change it with a more transparent chicken wire. Transparent chicken wire from decorpad.
The style of a country house will become more modern when it has smart minimalist furniture, instead of wooden cabinet doors with chicken wires that will be visible from the outside of the cabinet. This chicken wire doesn’t rust easily. Instead of wooden cabinet doors with chicken wires from decorpad.
Floating wooden cabinet with chicken wire door cannot hide the clutter in the cabinet, with this you will be more diligent in managing all your food supplies neatly. Floating wooden cabinet with chicken wire door from decorpad.
Bring a rustic impression to your kitchen decor with a traditional cabinet equipped with chicken wire doors that add an artistic and vintage impression. You can try this idea right now. Vintage chicken wire doors from thespruce.

5. Make Basket Pendant Lights

Woven baskets can be repurposed to be pendant light. Wash baskets and make DIY dupes for chic pendant lights. This project can be applied to the kitchen, entryway, or even bathroom.

Not only in the dining room, you can apply it in a modern bathroom too. Hang three pendant lights in the corner of the room as the main lighting that illuminates the entire room to its full potential. Corner three basket pendant light from collectivegen.
You can change the appearance of the pendant light with a basket shaped hat. Ideas very much qualify for installing a good and correct chandelier. Pendant light with a basket shaped hat from architecturaldigest.
DIY basket wicker pendant lights you can hang in a white dining room. With this light, this room will be brighter and give a spacious impression that is not excessive. DIY basket wicker pendant lights from sugarandcloth.
Wicker basket pendant lights give off a warm, natural feel. This basket makes the pendant light look more charming and different from the others, you can try it in the modern farmhouse dining room. Wicker basket pendant lights from completely-coastal.
The coastal dining room with round basket pendant lights provides a very attractive focal point. You can put greenery on the dining table as a fresh decoration. Round basket pendant lights from completely-coastal.

Repurposed décor ideas above will be useful to improve your creativity and home’s coziness. Besides, you can also be a part of conserving the ecosystem by recycling unnecessary trash. Those projects are quite suitable for those of you who want to go green or save budget.

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