Living in limited space means taking more consideration when it comes to ornaments. From 2-in-1 sofas to multifunctional tables, sometimes you want to have something which role is purely artistic. Fortunately, there’s always mini wall hanging. Taking none of your small floor space, these wall decorations let you be creative without wondering whether it will cramp your space or not.

So, without further ado, here are five best mini wall hanging ideas to get you inspired.

1. Potted Succulent Wall Hanging

Potted succulents are great mini wall hanging if you want to add some greeneries without worrying over the lack of space. Not only that it’s easy to install, but these succulents also don’t need constant attention to thrive.

The bedroom wall decoration by adding succulent pots gives a unique look. The use of terracotta pots and an industrial-style bedroom will create an attractive appearance. You can place it on top of the headboard to rotate the focal point of the perfect room. In addition, this succulent plant makes a room decoration fresh and has a natural impression. Hanging succulent pots from apartmenttherapy.

2. Vintage Macrame Wall Hanging

Arguably one of the most classic mini wall hanging decors, this vintage macrame can easily be a bold centerpiece in your limited space. To make it better, macrame craft is beginner-friendly, and you can easily learn it within five minutes on crafty Youtube videos.

How to decorate bedroom walls using antique macrame will be the center of attention in your limited space. Combine it with shades of blue and wooden floors to create a warm space. Pairing it with a white mattress will provide the perfect contrast. This unique pendant lamp and table lamp makes for dramatic lighting. Green potted plants also give a fresh atmosphere to the room. Large macrame bedroom wall from deavita.

A bedroom complete with antique macrame will create an interesting wall decoration for you to try. To make it even better, the beginner friendly macrame craft you can learn in five minutes on a sneaky Youtube video. With a boho theme, this bedroom will make the room a perfect decoration and make the room look attractive. Antique macrame on boho bedroom from deavita.

Adding an antique macram on top of the headboard becomes the perfect room decor and you will create the focal point of the room. Combined with nuances of white seba and some potted greenery it also presents a perfect decoration for the room. You can easily learn it in five minutes on a sneaky Youtube video. Large windows also allow sunlight to enter the room. Antique macram on bedroom from deavita.

Unique wall decoration by adding antique macrame will make it look even more beautiful. This vintage macrame can easily take center stage in your limited space. You can place it on the headboard from the sky to the floor for a stunning decoration. You can pair it with navy hues and accented white walls for the perfect contrast. The window beside the bed provides natural light. Vintage macrame above headboard from deavita.

3. Colorful Seashells Wall Hanging

Are you feeling a little bit nautical? Think twice about throwing your seashell collection and transform it into a mini wall hanging instead. The soft twinkling sound will immediately take you to those summer days spent with leisure and relax at the beach, away from the hustle-bustle of reality.

A colorful shell wall decoration on a reclaimed wood frame will make the bedroom look flickering, bringing you to the fun summer days. Instead of filling the frame with lots of small shells, you can use one or two larger shells. Add a piece of wood to the frame to provide a solid backdrop. You can place this decoration on the storage so that it makes your room look attractive. Colorful shell wall decoration from homedit.

Hanging seashell wall decoration will create an interesting look in your room. This method will remove the clumps of shell and turn it into a mini wall decoration. Hanging them on ropes and tree branches will be the perfect decoration for the room. This idea will make the perfect room decor and will be the focal point of an attractive room. Hanging seashell wall decoration from homebnc.

4. Funky Tassels Wall Hanging

Despite its size, these funky tassels are going to be the showstopper in your house. Comprised of myriads of colors, this mini wall hanging provides a stylish touch in your space without being too much.

Bedroom decor with additional tassels can easily come in tassels as well. As with this adorable mini tassel wreath is perfect for any bedroom accent you might host in your room. Funky tassels wall decoration in millions of colors will add a touch of style to your bedroom. You can use colored tassels and you can put them on the wall above your bedroom console table and will attract the attention of many people. Coloful mini tassel wreath from diys.

A colorful tassel wall decoration will create an eye-catching look in your bedroom. Stick it on the headboard to give the bedroom a touch of style. Completing the room decor in this French style makes the room more attractive and inviting. These shades of blue and hardwood floors bring out a rustic vibe while still creating a warm and serene space. Colorful tassel wall decoration from lonny.

5. DIY Heart Craft Wall Hanging

Who says that you can’t decor your room without breaking your bank? Hop into the crafty, DIY train and create this heart mini wall hanging. Setting a romantic atmosphere inside the house, this knickknack is perfect for Valentine and other special occasions.

The romantic atmosphere in the bedroom by placing DIY heart craft wall hangings will suit the valentine theme and other special occasions. You can place it on top of the headboard to make it the perfect focal point for the room. You can make it yourself by using colored paper, scissors in the shape of a heart, and you can tie it on a rope and place it on the wood. Combining it with shades of beige creates the perfect look. DIY heart craft wall hangings from homebnc.

Now you realize that you can always be creative without overcrowding your house. These mini wall hanging ideas will be your steppingstones to discover more inspirations ahead–or you can invent a new one instead!

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