Many design trends from the past have made a comeback to the modern era, including Mid-Century décor. Originating in the post-World War Two era, this design reflects the need for a simple, efficient, but still stylish look. You can follow several design pointers to create a Mid-Century look in any room in your home.

1. Geometric Patterns

The post-war development of expressionist and abstract arts was reflected in the design pattern trends. Geometric, asymmetrical, or abstract patterns became norms in Mid-Century décor. These patterns appear on various surfaces, such as rugs, sofa pillows, cushions, or curtains.

Tones of geometric curtain pattern. Bright colors don’t have to mean neon. Smoothing out the red stripes by pairing it with beige on the curtains the result can be perfect. This geometric pattern gives art to this mid-century living room. Combined with beige tones and hardwood floors and red carpet, this armchair and lounge chair complements your decor. Geometric curtain pattern from decoist.

The geometric tones of the carpet add a neutral focal point in this Medieval space. Moreover, many natural color furniture materials have been chosen as decoration shots. This large sofa fitted with wooden chairs and wooden tables gives the living room a rustic feel. Gold pendat chandeliers also provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. The white nunasa accent and the brick on one of the walls will provide an interesting decoration for you to try. Navy and white geometric carpet from decoist.

A bold living room statement. Small spaces like living rooms are great places to try geometric designs. This geometric patterned sofa cushion will attract the attention of many people. Maybe a little outside your comfort zone. But the color combination makes this living room look stunning. Paired with a mint sofa and a wishbone wooden chair complete the décor. A white tulip coffee table and a red carpet will give you a stunning look. Geometric patterned sofa cushion from decoist.

2. Clean Lines and Curves

Mid-Century Modern design combines two elements in the furniture: clean lines and curved accents. The clean, straightforward lines reflect the modern era trend. However, the slight curves accentuate the decorative aspect and make common furniture look more interesting.

The clean lines of mid-century modern furnishings are a perfectly rugged, industrial space. Which makes this stylish mix ideal for the living room. Applying a clean line pattern to this pillow will create a trend of the modern era. Combined with a gray sofa, a round coffee table and a soft fur rug, the general furniture looks more attractive. The wooden sofa side table which is equipped with a table lamp will also provide the perfect lighting. Red and gray pillow with clean lines pattern from hgtv.

Clean lines and natural colors. Mid-century furniture pieces are characterized by their clean and simple lines. Here, a clean-lined patterned rug will complement your decor and pair it with this traditional mid-century round coffee table with contemporary sleek sofas and thick teal walls. Adding natural lighting from the large windows and hanging lamps from tree branches creates the perfect focal point.Clean-lined patterned rug from hgtv.

3. Dark, Saturated, and Bold Colors

Since Mid-Century décor features clean lines and simplicity, it compensates with interesting colors. The popular combination includes bold colors, dark neutral, and saturated shades. The typical combination is 60 percent base (neutral) color, 30 percent additional color, and 10 percent of accents.

The mix of traditional and modern mid-century style really creates elegance for the living room. Using neutral white tones paired with blue on the high drapes and this sofa creates a warm vibe to the room. Don’t forget to add some gold accents to the sofa legs for some fun and this sun brust chandelier will make it a focal point. A geometric rug will give a pattern to this mid-centuy living room. Gold sun brust chandelier from digsdigs.

4. Giant Windows

Another post-war era influence, many people during that era longed for relaxing and rejuvenating nature element. They opened the windows widely to allow air, light, and the beauty of the outdoor environment to enter the house. Large windows make your house more inviting without relying on expensive objects.

The wide windows in the living room create many benefits. Not only does it provide brighter room lighting but also creates a natural sensation. You can combine it with white nuances and some furniture such as sofas and dark wall decorations to create a monochrome room. This concrete floor will give an industrial vibe in this mid-century living room. Wide windows from digsdigs.

Give your mid-centuy living room a spacious look and airy feel with large windows everywhere. Instead of making the living room brighter. The windows can make the beautiful scenery out there clear to see and they will also give the room a natural feel. Combined with some neutral colored furniture, it will add a rustic vibe to the room. This patterned rug and leather sofa are the hallmarks of the mid centuy style. Large window with white curtain from digsdigs.

Cozy relaxing living room with large windows lining the walls. The wooden accents on the floor make this room feel warm. Paired with some wooden furniture it will also bring a rustic style to the room. Don’t forget to add a small rug under the coffee table to give the room the perfect design. Add greenery to the corners of the room to create fresh air. Large windows lining the walls from digsdigs.

Don’t forget to add natural lighting in the form of a large window in this mid-centuy living room to give a soothing and refreshing impression. You can pair it with a light white curtain to give it your privacy. This large green potted plant also gives a fresh impression to the room. Wooden furniture and leather sofas are the hallmarks of this mid-century decor. Large window in mid-centuy living room from digsdigs.

These design elements don’t always have to follow strict rules. Modern Mid-Century design may mix contemporary elements with the classic design rules. Make sure to aim for the overall look that you love instead of a blind trend.

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