An entryway for a house is like a cover for a book. That’s the very first impression people will see before looking deeper inside. For that reason, it is important to make a first stunning impression through your foyer. While there are tons of ideas out there, here are five best inspirations you can steal to beautifully transform your entrance hall.

1. In the Mood for Stripes

To instantly light up your entrance alley, go bold with stripes. Play fun with the combination of colors you choose. While black and white are versatile combos, you can also go with turquoise and warm sand, purple and warm pink, sailor blue and mint, forest green and moss green, pink and cream gold, or sky blue and white.

Combination of white and gray basic colors has vertical carved lines. With a lot of photo decorations on the wall also adds to the impression of a lively and friendly decoration.
Line art in all directions. you can apply it to the walls of your entrance hall as a unique decoration and display the impression of modern art. Especially the combination of the basic colors of white walls and wooden floors add to the perfect decoration.
Half-shiplap wall art can be option for you who want stripes art in the entrance hall. You can combine it with other wall art such as a grey like in this picture.

2. A Splash of Bright Colors

If you don’t like to go bold with radiant colors like yellow, red, or blue, then add a little of them here and there. Pick a neutral shade for your entrance hall; make it the dominant tone. Then, you may add a shocking presence of bright yellow bench, orange area rug, mirror with solid red frames, or big royal blue vase.

Yellow in main color idea with a little bit purple accent. Give your hall with a pop of color decoration with a funky attractive color. Likewise, the floor with a simple pattern.
Graffiti can be a good idea to decorate the walls. It will not only create an impression of creativity but also has its own aesthetic value.
A colorful antique kilim rests on the floor, while the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with framed prints.

3. Refreshing Coastal

Coastal styles feature lots of white, cream, and aqua blue. The combination of the three colors creates a tropical feel, bringing the holiday vibe into the house. Place a wooden side table, a beach painting, white-blue area rug, or a white bench with a nice blue cushion.

This beige color perfectly matches the design of the soothing entrance hall. With the addition of burlap carpets that add a warm impression and make an impression that is friendly to guests.
Beige color in this room decoration provides a calm and pleasing to the eye. With some perfect wall lights adorning this aisle make maximum lighting.
A beach entrance with art gallery walls, vintage white consoles, mirrors and some beach accessories that will amaze anyone.
This beautiful hallway is decorated with wooden consoles with oars, shells, driftwood, ropes, artwork and baskets for storage

4. Patterned Tiles

If you are looking for an eye-catching welcome hall without having to add details or significant furniture, having patterned flooring is the best answer you can get. Choose tiles with designs from geometric, Victorian, black and white checkered, herringbone, to chevron.

Large leaf pattern with a neutral color. No need to refer to bright colors, if you prefer calm colors. So, this wall decoration will be more suitable for you to imitate.
A glamorous pattern geometric that fills the entrance hall. As the right choice for you to have, by decorating the walls as the main points in this decoration.
Beautiful diagonal patterns fill the entrance hall. As a minimal decoration and does not need to take a lot of budget. You can apply one simple pattern to the entire surface of the wall.

Since the entrance hall is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your room, create an astonishing one with one of those ideas above. Choose a stylish décor without missing out your personality.

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