One way to improve the overall look of your house is by adding some plantations. While shrubs and flowers are perfect for this purpose, a vegetable garden can give you additional value by providing produces you can consume. But if you don’t have large enough space, how can you build a vegetable garden? Don’t fret, here are some clever vegetable garden ideas for you.

1. Hanging vegetable garden

Most vegetables can grow well in hanging planters due to the reflected heat back of the wall. This vegetable garden is easy to make, and you don’t even have to buy a planter pot. Simply find some old buckets, recycled soda bottles, or unused ceramic bowls around your house. Fill them with soil and then add the fruiting plants. Finally, hang or attached them to horizontal boards placed along the wall.

Hanging vegetables using recycled colorful pots and attaching them to horizontal boards placed along the fence will create an attractive garden. You can grow several different kinds of vegetables so that you will have an attractive garden look for you to try. This planter idea will maximize the space on your picket fence and will become the perfect focal point of the room. Hanging coloful pots from thespruce.

This hanging vegetable plant uses a wooden box that will add to the attractiveness of your garden. This plant is quite interesting by attaching it to the wall vertically. You can grow a wide variety of vegetables with ease which will create the perfect room decoration. Hooking with a chain will look solid. This idea is worth trying because this decoration will attract the attention of many people. Hanging wooden box from shelterness.

2. Vegetable garden pallets

If you have unused wooden pallets lying around, turn them into a vertical vegetable garden. Use landscape fabric to hold the potting soil inside the pallets where you will plant your vegetable seeds. You can hang the pallets or let it stand by the wall for a pretty vertical vegetable garden.

A vertical vegetable garden palette painted black will add charm to your garden. Place it on the wall to make a pretty vegetable garden. Multiple pallets that are joined together and attached to a fence create the ideal planter for your plants. Triple decker means more planting space and versatility. It is best to have a minimum of bending over when picking and growing your herbs. That’s sure to be a big plus when cooking for a storm and preparing your concoctions. Vertical vegetable garden palette from airtasker.

Interesting ideas to complement the garden decoration using a mix of vegetable garden palettes will add to the attractive appearance. Using a wooden palette painted white this makes the perfect contrast to this garden hedge. Place it near the wall by adding some lighting and it will take it to a different level as the sun goes down. Impress your dinner guests with your illuminated garden. White wooden pallet from airtasker.

3. Vegetable in a strawberry pots

Strawberry pots are not only great to display colourful plants, but you can also use them as the media to plant vegetables. Beautiful vegetables such as rainbow Swiss chard are perfect for growing in this type of container, as the lush leaves can create a stunning look from this beautiful ornamental pots. Once you harvest the outer leaves, the new one will fill in and maintain the fresh look of the vegetables in a pot.

Applying vegetables in a strawberry pot will give your garden a unique look. You can plant a variety of vegetables attractively as well as give an attractive appearance for you to try. Choosing this blue ceramic strawberry pot is the ideal choice to present a unique garden appearance as well as being the perfect focal point of your garden. because the lush leaves can create a stunning display of this beautiful ornamental pot. Blue ceramic strawberry pot from bonnieplants.

Planting vegetables in strawberry pots will create a unique look to your garden. This simple method will enhance your garden decor. A pretty vegetable like rainbow Swiss horseradish is perfect for growing in this type of container, as lush leaves can make a stunning display of this lovely ornamental pot. You can use ceramic clay strawberry pots to create attractive garden decorations. Ceramic clay strawberry pots from bonnieplants.

4. Use it as bedding plants

Think outside the box; flowers are not the only plant you can grow in a bedding style, but some vegetables are also perfect for a bedding plant, especially for those quick-growing plants. Plant them under the shade of a larger tree, and toss in a few flower plants around them to enhance the looks as well as preventing animals from destroying your vegetables.

The use of vegetable bedding is suitable for you to try in your garden. This will enhance your appearance and prevent animals from spoiling your vegetables. Put some flowers around it to enhance your appearance. You can make your own using an unused wooden pallet, which provides an inexpensive hair removal. Don’t forget to add planting media for some of the vines. Reclaimed bedding vegetable from lushome.

Another way to decorate a garden using wooden vegetable bedding is to improve your appearance and prevent animals from damaging your vegetables. In wet climates or on a hillside, the raised bed garden design is ideal for growing edible vegetables and herbs at home. Using elevated reclaimed wood adds a lovely accent to backyard landscaping ideas and creates a gorgeous outdoor living space that is functional and spectacular. Wooden vegetable bedding from lushome.

5. Simple vegetable box

If you want something simpler to make, prepare a simple box crate and fill it with potted plants. Then, add a variety of vegetables here in the box. The final results will be a stunning natural salad box that you practically harvested by yourself.

The perfect vegetable garden idea of using a vegetable box and filling it with a few plants will make a stunning natural salad box that you harvest yourself. In addition, this method will make your garden tidier and make the garden attractive. You need to water regularly for the plants to grow quickly. Placing it in the corner of the garden will also provide the perfect garden focal point. Vegetable box planter from foxyfolksy.

Using a simple vegetable box and filling it with potted plants makes a great vegetable box that you can harvest yourself in your garden. This method will create a natural finish and will be the center of attention when people visit your garden. You can add several chests to make an attractive garden. Combined with green grass and several other greenery, it also creates a cool garden. Vegetable box with potted plants from goodhousekeeping.

Those vegetable garden ideas are perfect for who does not have enough space as it doesn’t require a separate land or space to plant them. Which one do you think easier to make?

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