Decorating your home is a nice way to improve the overall look and feel of a house, although it can cost a significant amount of money. However, you can reduce your decoration expense if you put your crafting skills to work by making your own decoration. Here are some DIY crafting hacks ideas you can do using repurposed wood, which not only cheap but also eco-friendly.

1. Wooden Memo Board

Rather than sticking post-it notes everywhere in the house in case you need to remember something, why don’t you build a memo board dedicated for this instead? A memo board will help you keep things organized and will help you remember everything you need to do. All you need to prepare is a reclaimed wood and wire mesh. Cut the wire mesh as wide as you need for the memo board, and then use the reclaimed wood as the frame around the mesh. Voila! Your memo board is ready to use.

If you decide to use reclaimed wood as your memo board at home, then adding wire mesh in the middle of the frame is highly recommended because it can help you hang important paper that you have to keep properly. Use paper clips to hang some of your paper on the wire mesh so they don’t fall off easily when exposed to the fan or air conditioner. Reclaimed wood memo board with wire mesh and paper clips from craftsbyamanda.

Do you have reclaimed wooden doors in your shed? If so, then you can add a wire mesh in the middle of this door as an memorable area to hang some important memos that must be remembered and your photos. This reclaimed wooden door that was converted into a memo board will be more useful and will always remind you when you have an outdoor event at the right time and according to the invitation or the contents of the memo. Reclaimed wooden doors turned into DIY memo boards from thesprucecrafts.

Hang this memo board reclaimed wood an area that you often visit so you don’t easily forget when you have an event or schedule out of the house. This DIY memo board is equipped with a wire mesh in the middle as an area to hang up invitations or memorable photos that you have. Hang this memo board in the entryways farmhouse decoration which is decorated with several glass ornaments above the dresser. You can easily try DIY memo board without spending a lot of money to make it. Reclaimed wood scrap board in decoration entryways from wonderfuldiy.

2. Wood Mirror

Use reclaimed wood to level-up your old plain mirror and turn it into a stunning accent mirror. It will be a chic and functional decoration item for any room where you want to hang it. All you need to do is using reclaimed wood to create a frame around the mirror. This simple hacks can easily turn any plain and cheap mirror into an expensive-looking room decoration.

You can use reclaimed wood with a pale color as a mirror frame to hang on your entryways decoration. This mirror frame is equipped with carvings at the top and bottom so that it is an artistic impression that is not unusual and more unique, let this reclaimed wood be in its original color to present a vintage impression that matches the farmhouse entryway style that you are currently using. White reclaimed wood with carvings on the lower and upper frames from homebnc.

There is nothing wrong with using reclaimed wood mirror frames for a more natural and environmentally friendly rustic impression. You can add an iron hook accent to hang your car keys or house keys to make them more functional and useful. Mirrors that are placed outside or indoors can reflect sunlight, making the room appear brighter and wider. Reclaimed wood mirror frame with iron hook from homebnc.

Bring a natural, environmentally friendly feel to your bathroom decor by using reclaimed wood mirror frames made of teak wood so that it is stronger and sturdier when used for a long time. Avoid painting this wood to emphasize the farmhouse style. You can put mirrors of different sizes and shapes in one room to help the illustration of the room seem wider and less cramped. Reclaimed wood mirror frame made of teak wood from homebnc.

Reclaimed wood that is reused into a standing frame mirror will be more useful and present a vintage impression as well as suitable for a rustic bedroom decor. Place this mirror in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when on the move. This reclaimed wood has a white paint that is starting to fade. Standing mirror with reclaimed wood white frame from homebnc.

3. Wooden Shelf

It is a classic decoration piece that will look beautiful in any house plus useful for storing your belongings like books, travel souvenirs, photo frames, and more. Use any reclaimed wood you have to build a wooden shelf. Apply wooden varnish once it ready to give a glossy finish which will make it look like new. But if you are into rustic style, then you can leave it as it is.

Do you have a home decor with limited space? If so, then you can try floating wooden reclaimed shelves that are placed in shrinkage of the room. Don’t forget to use the iron support at the bottom of this shelf so that it is stronger when used as storage in large quantities. This wooden shelf brings out a natural vintage style with moderation. Floating wooden reclaimed with iron supports from homebnc.

Don’t leave your walls empty and unused. Try hanging reclaimed wood shelves repainted brown for a new, shiny look. Take advantage of this shelf to put some of your favorite books so that they are well organized and of course not easily damaged by being piled up. Not only here, you can also hang napkins on the iron hook, more precisely at the bottom of this wooden shelf. Hanging reclaimed wood shelf with built in hook storage from homebnc.

Change the reclaimed wood in your warehouse as a floating magazine rack equipped with a hook as a storage area for your home or car keys to make it easier to find them when you are going to use them. This magazine rack really saves space and doesn’t even take up much floor area when using it, so it’s a good idea to use this shelf idea in small and large home decorations. Reclaimed wood shelves also don’t cost a lot when making them. Hanging magazine rack with key hook from homebnc.

There are many things you can do with reclaimed woods, from smaller decoration items to bigger furniture. Therefore, next time you find any unused wood laying around the house, don’t throw them away too quickly and think about the endless possibility of what decoration you can make with those reclaimed wood.

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