Teenagers have a lot of energy to do almost anything, love privacy, and love to stay in their room a lot. So, why don’t you use those energies to create something fun for the bedroom with these easy DIY decor ideas?

We all know it’s a complicated year to go through due to what is called teenage problems that are overwhelming, not to mention the hormonal changes, emotional volatility, and academic and social challenges. Put them aside; let’s show some creativity.

DIY Photo Wall Clock

Yes, teenagers love to take pictures and show them off. Forget the ordinary, old mommy style. Make a DIY creative photo collection. It’s so simple; print your coolest photos and arrange them into a wall clock.

Start decorating your bedroom by making a DIY wall clock filled with creativity. Try printing some photos of the people closest to you to be arranged into wall clocks. Print them in a uniform size to get a neat and attractive appearance. Use a black frame to make it easier to arrange and look more elegant as a light gray wall decoration. DIY photo frame wall clock from hative.

Capture the moment together in a photo, change the function of the photo so that it is not only used as decoration. Organize your photos into an artistic DIY wall clock. You can apply this DIY wall clock from this photo arrangement to your bedroom wall, you can also add some motivational sentences in the middle of your DIY wall clock. That way the walls of your room will be decorated with useful wall decorations. DIY a photo clock with motivational sentences from homebnc.

Memories can be immortalized in a photo, not only for a family photo display, you can also use it as a DIY wall clock. Print four photos in large size to fill in the four digits on the clock and print eight photos at a slightly smaller size to fill in the rest of the digits on the clock. The combination of several sizes makes this DIY wall clock look less monotonous and boring. DIY family photo wall clock from diyfunideas.

Tape Light Switch Cover

Flexible and super durable, colorful washi tape can create a cool and easy DIY decor for your bedroom. Available in a variety of textures, widths, patterns, and colors, match them up to make a decorative light switch cover idea. They work awesome for the door too—a unique decor that you can easily change.

Change the look of your home switch cover to be more attractive in an easy way by using a colorful washi ribbon with a cute and lovely polka dot pattern. A wide selection of motifs and colors makes it easier for you to customize your desires. Use bright colors to bring a cheerful atmosphere to your home. Bright colors are also suitable for the taste of young people who are full of passion. Polka dot patterned washi tape cover switch from homedesignlover.

You can also use several different motifs to coat the switch cover so it doesn’t look monotonous. Not only to make it look attractive covering the switch cover can also make it easier for us when looking for it, because it has a motif that is different from the color of the walls of your home. Don’t forget to use striking motifs to make it one of the attractive centers of attention in your home. Bold motif switch cover ideas from homedesignlover.

Use a few different but matching colors for a creative DIY switch cover laminate. Washi tape with several color combinations of yellow, pink, blue, green and orange will give your bedroom walls a more colorful look. You can try it at home easily and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Colorful washi tape DIY switch from homedesignlover.

DIY Hammock Chair

For those of you who love to read and always need a little bit of quiet space, this DIY seating nook is one of the coolest ideas ever. It’s easier to make than you would think, and you are free to get creative with your favorite colors. Just make sure you get enough canvas for the chair.

Choose and use a canvas hammock chair in the corner of your bedroom as a relaxing area that will accompany your weekends throughout the day. A throw pillow that you can choose a patterned canvas with a combination of monochrome colors that will add a modern impression to your room decor, don’t forget to cover the floor with a faux fur carpet as a warm and soft footrest, the greenery will be a refreshing addition accent. Patterned canvas hammock chairs from diys.

If you have limited bedroom decor, then hanging macramé hammock chairs in the ceiling area is an interior idea that you can try right now. In addition, this hammock chair also presents a bohemian style at the same time, don’t hang this hammock too high to make it easier to reach and use. Hang it right beside your bed for a closer reach. Macramé hammock chairs in boho style from mymove.

DIY String Art

Everyone has a special and meaningful dream decoration that can be a motivation for doing something good and right for their lives. Be creative using your color combos and wake up every morning to see them as an inspiring way to start and end your day.

Decorate your bedroom with a DIY piece that is cheap and of course very on budget. Make a string art creativity with red color that forms a heart. You can make this DIY decoration in a bigger size so that it can be used as a focal point that is different from the others. Apply this DIY string heart to a glossy black melamine board. DIY string hearts with red color from architectureartdesigns.

DIY string art that is applied to a white wooden frame, you can attach it to the bedroom wall as a decoration and very creative decorative item. Use some rainbow colors to make it seem more fun. This DIY string art reads DREAM which is very suitable and suitable when used as a teen bedroom wall decoration. You can make it easily and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Colorful DIY string art from diyprojectsforteens.

There are still a lot of ideas to make your bedroom the coolest place. However, from the list of easy DIY decor ideas above, make sure you pick one to try right now.

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