For you who love gardening and have a beautiful green terrace but find something missing in place, well maybe you need to add a little extra. Murals will be an awesome addition to your outdoor garden ideas. If you have the same thought and are looking for a perfect image but haven’t come up with one, here are five stunning murals that hopefully can inspire you.

1. Tree Silhouette

On a blank spot of your garden, draw a big tree silhouette, and it is effortless to do it yourself. To add a little color on it, hang colorful bird nests on the branch images in an array. No need to hang too much of them since your living plants themselves contribute a lot fresher natural colors.

Don’t let the wooden fence in your garden decoration seem boring, you can paint a tree silhouette mural that is quite large. If your fence is painted white, then for the tree mural you can use black to make it look more contrasting but still beautiful when used as an unusual or more unique view and decoration of the wooden fence. Silhouette of a black mural tree from architecturendesign.

Another option to decorate your garden to the fullest is to apply a mural of green banana trees on the wall as well as your garden fence. The green color gives the impression of a fresher outdoor space and of course it will be easier to blend when planted with green plants around it. The fence, which has the main material of wood, is a natural accent that you can try. Banana tree mural from architecturendesign.

In addition to giving a different look, tree murals can also be an area for hanging bird cages correctly and appropriately. Apply this mural on an empty wall to make your garden look more colorful without being boring. Apply outdoor furniture around it as a sitting area that you can use to relax in the morning or afternoon. Tree mural with bird cage accent from craftymorning.

2. A School of Butterfly

Another cool picture for your wall garden mural is images of butterfly. With blue water paint as the base, add several pics of white and red butterfly. The mural will make it seem like those fish are swimming on top of your flowers and green livings.

This wooden fence with a splash of darker color will look more beautiful when painting it with a large enough butterfly and flower themed mural. Orange is a bold color choice that you can apply with a splash of green that is applied to the leaves. A high fence makes your school garden more private and minimizes children from getting out of the school zone, isn’t it quite functional. Butterfly and flower themed mural from diys.

When you want to make the school garden more colorful and cheerful, then you can use professionals to paint a feminine-themed mural with splashes of bright and fun colors. These butterfly and flower accents are the perfect combination that you can apply at the same time. The surrounding greenery is a sight as well as a refreshing accent that you can enjoy at any time. Colorful butterfly mural from diys.

This butterfly mural with different sizes is the best choice and decoration for school walls that you can easily try with all your students to express their painting talent. Choose several different paint colors for a colorful outdoor display, this mural can also be a background for photos so it will be more functional than before. Butterfly mural as wall decoration from lushome.

Take advantage of the empty walls to apply the butterfly mural as a feminine touch that is suitable for your female students to make them feel more at home in school. Paint three butterfly murals with a larger size so that they look bolder and of course make the outdoor garden more colorful, you can try combining different bright and dark colors. Three large butterfly murals from selmatimesjournal.

3. Forest and Exotic Birds

Do your plants grow bigger and higher? Then drawing a picture of the forest will blend perfectly with your greeneries. To add some colors for the green domination, paint some colorful exotic birds showing them flying and spreading its wings.

For outdoor wall murals, you can try the forest theme as a base that is suitable for all types of garden decorations. Don’t forget to apply bird accents that look as if they will fly and spread their wings. The greenery around it looks faint because it has a color combination similar to the mural you are currently installing. This technique of combining more than two colors will be very popular. Green forest themed mural from 1001gardens.

Dry green plants, deer, birds and rivers are accents of forest-themed murals that look more real and you can try as easy and cool as possible. Brown is the basic and main color that creates a warm impression and is more of an earth tone color vibe. Draw three birds in flight for an outdoor wall decor idea that many who see it will love. You can be assisted by professionals to get a more perfect final result. Forest mural with deer and bird accents from wallpapersafari.

4. Rainbow over the Sky

The rainbow mural gives a fresh, inviting, and cheerful vibe to your outdoor garden ideas. Use a bright blue for the base to impersonate the sky and then juice it up with rainbow containing lots of fun colors. Your garden will be an eye-catching spot.

The combination of pink, yellow, blue and purple colors becomes a rainbow mural accent that you can easily apply to outdoor garden walls and don’t cost a lot of money when making it. The green splash that is made as a leaf accent and the white color as a cloud is a complement that you can apply simultaneously. Colorful rainbow mural with green and white paint splashes from architecturendesign.

Not only painting a mural with a rainbow shape, you can also use several color combinations of rainbow paint that is applied to the wall with a striped pattern that is splashed vertically. The combination of several rainbow colors makes the outdoor walls look more colorful and fun. Furthermore, you can use some outdoor furniture made of wire material as a comfortable sitting area and of course more sturdy when exposed to all outdoor weather changes. Rainbow striped wall paint from studiodiy.

5. 3D Murals

3-dimension murals become more and more popular over the years. Lots of artists show off their abilities with this 3D image in several public places. You can also steal this idea and implement it in your garden. You can choose a ladder to higher hills, coconut tree in a sea, or opened windows facing a beautiful lake.

Complete your beige wall appearance with this fantastic 3D mural. This mural provides a view that makes you and the guests who come look unique and different when you set foot into your house. You can choose a 3D gate mural with several different colors of paint splashes to feel an awe-inspiring effect and you can try it easily and of course on a budget. 3D gate mural from vatgia.

Pour your creative ideas for outdoor decoration by using 3D mural art. This 3D mural art is very detailed in displaying beautiful works so that it makes it look more real and beautiful. You can use the empty space on the side of the stairs to draw a 3D mural. Describing a staircase with flowers around it makes your outdoor atmosphere look cool and beautiful. The combination of paint strokes applied to this 3D mural art produces an extraordinary work. 3D mural of stairs from wallpapersafari.

You can fill this empty wall outside with outdoor decorations that have very high artistic value. You can draw a simple 3D mural there, for example by drawing a large window that seems to lead out of the room with several workers making puzzles. This simple work contains many meanings that are conveyed. Because 3D mural art not only displays a work of art but you can also insert an implied message in it. Large window 3D mural from wallpapersafari.

The pool side wall usually looks empty and unattractive, to change the pattern you can add 3D mural art to decorate it. You can draw a gate that leads to a beautiful beach, this atmosphere is very suitable to be applied to the side wall of your swimming pool. You can feel the pleasant beach atmosphere by using this 3D mural art. 3D mural of the gate to the beach from wallpapersafari.

Make your open green space much more mesmerizing with those murals that are just perfect for your outdoor garden ideas. Among other things to beautify your outdoor greenery, murals will create a big difference.

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