French country style offers an incredible design for your home. The natural material touch and craving elements that make romance are presented beautifully. The furniture plays an important role in creating a coziness. Thus, French country furniture should consider functionality and convenience. Moreover, some rustic and vintage furniture are the most commonly seen to make this style perfect. In addition, a natural hue of the furniture will lead this style into a well-designed decor. Then, scroll down for a deeper explanation and description.


No matter what kind of chair you opt to decorate your French country style home, they will give an edgy ambiance. A long wooden bench with tribal cushions is comfortable and brings a classic chair model. On the other hand, a floral motif armchair always gives a statement to a French country living room decor. For those who prefer to have a sofa, opt the one which has a neutral or soft color to get a chic look.

To emphasize the French country style in your dining room decor, the use of chairs covered with floral pillows is the right furniture idea and you can try. This chair is equipped with an armchair that will relax your hands while eating. You can also use floral patterns with different colors on the wallpaper and cotton curtains that are not too thick. Wooden dining chair with cushioned floral pattern from housebeautiful.

Not only using floral patterns to emphasize the French country style in your living room, you can apply tribal pillows in red to vintage wooden chairs that have a shabby white color. Coffee tables and sofas that have a white color will neutralize the room for the better and natural. Several frames with different sizes and themes will become wall decorations that give an artistic vibe. Tribal cushion on vintage wooden chair from housebeautiful.

This long chair with a classic design is one of the furniture that is suitable for decorating a French country style room. Of course you have to choose wood as the main material because it has a more sturdy texture, don’t forget to cover this lounger with soft cushions made of black synthetic leather. Besides being able to be used as a sitting area, this chair can also be used as a relaxing and relaxing lie down. Classic style lounger from housebeautiful.


The next furniture things to consider is a table. It is another important furniture kind after chairs which can bring a classic touch. A farmhouse table made of wood looks sleek and classy for a French living room. On the other hand, a carved wooden table in the 1980s era shows a great design to complete a French country living room decor. Make a table more fabulous by putting a centerpiece like candle holders or a vase of flowers to get a romantic vibe.

The wooden dining table will look more modern and clean when painted or re-polished so that it looks more shiny. Surround this dining table with vintage dining chairs covered with white linen pillows for a softer and warmer sitting surface. Ceramic vases with white color become decorations that can be used as beautiful centerpieces and of course give the impression of a more beautiful room. Re-polished wood dining table from bhg.

This French country kitchen decor has some furniture made of wood and looks more vintage and classic. For example, a kitchen island with an outer surface filled with carvings. This kitchen island is equipped with a wooden countertop so that it has a smoother surface and being one of these furniture will be more functional when equipped with chairs that have the same height as a comfortable dining table and do not take up a lot of floor area. The chair with spindle legs gives off an instant vintage vibe. Kitchen island with wooden countertop from bhg.

The reclaimed wood dining table is one of the suitable furniture for French country decorations that gives a natural impression. You can combine it with a dining chair with a matching material equipped with a slate backrest that makes you feel more relaxed when sitting. The colorful rug layer makes your feet feel warm and comfortable to use all day long, you can choose a material that is not too thick so it’s easy to wash when it starts to look dirty. Reclaimed wood dining table from bhg.

Cabinet or Cupboard

Cabinets or cupboard sometimes help you to create a real French country style home decor. An amazing wooden carved cupboard can be a display for your ceramics. Put it in your living room to enhance the decoration. Additionally, to decorate your entryway, put a rustic cabinet and a faux fur rug. They work together to beautify your home through a nice look at the entryway. To make it more impressive, you can add some ornaments on the wall over the cabinet, like frames gallery, a mirror, and a wall clock.

Standing cupboard made of wood has a white color with a larger size. Combine it with a dining table set with matching colors and materials to harmonize the color tone of the room which is elegant and of course more of a classic style. This cupboard has carved accents on the outer surface which gives it an artistic style that is not overdone. Standing cupboard with carved accents from deavita.

Not only using white, this time you can use kitchen cabinets that are repainted with green and a little splash of gold in this cabinet list section. This wooden kitchen cabinet looks more natural and looks shiny when exposed to sunlight or light. Use a kitchen island with matching materials and colors to prepare the food that will be eaten at this table as well. Green wooden kitchen cabinets from deavita.

French-style house certainly needs a touch of vintage decor elements such as high cabinets made of reclaimed wood. You can use the glass door to arrange some ceramic decorations so that they can be seen from the outside without opening them. This cabinet has a larger size so it can store more of all the antiques you have. Vintage style high cabinet from deavita.

One of the hallmarks of French home decor is the use of classic furniture. You can place this wooden cupboard that is beautified with carving accents in the living room decoration as an area to put some vintage decorations that beautify the room to the maximum. You can make a combination of minimalist furniture and classic furniture with matching colors so that the color tone of the room is harmonious and harmonious. Wooden cupboard with carved accents from deavita.

After knowing some furniture of French country style home decor, now you know how elegant it is. The room like the kitchen, living room, and dining room are those who are easier to apply a French country style with some chosen furniture. Especially carved furniture, it gives romance through beauty and art. So, bring an amazing home decor into yours with a Frech country style.

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