A bohemian bedroom is a room that expresses your personality through some unique and artistic elements. Also, it brings your inner hippie. There are hundreds of ideas to change your bedroom into a chic and warm bohemian style. Moreover, you can have a cozy and romantic ambiance in the bedroom through bold colors, artistic patterns, organic elements, and various fabrics. As well as, the role of ornaments is very significant. Thus, here we present decorating ideas to make a chic boho bedroom decor.

DIY Wall Decor with Fabric

Having a bohemian bedroom, you had better consider your wall. Making it as an interesting spot can enhance your decoration. One of the ways to make it true is by hanging a mandala tapestry. It is available in various design, such as floral or plum and bow. Sometimes, it has a bit touch Indian style. Not only that, you are possible to make a dramatic ambiance by decorating your tapestry with string lights.

Don’t let your bedroom walls look plain and boring, you can install colorful floral tapestry as a fun touch of color and make this room look even more passionate. Coupled with a floor layer with a bohemian carpet that has a special pattern and color. Green plants are the final touch that refreshes the entire room to the maximum. Colorful floral tapestry from society19.

If the feel of your bohemian bedroom is dominated by bright colors, then for wall decoration ideas you can choose and use a large mandala with a splash of darker color. Hang this wall hanging right behind the bed as one of the characteristics that emphasizes this style. The greenery surrounding it provides a beautiful color contrast. Dark color mandala wall decor from society19.

Bold color tapestry hung on the wall using this pole will be more sturdy and strong. Orange is the best color choice that can be applied to white bed decorations, choose tapestry that has a classic pattern so that it can blend in perfectly when placed in a bohemian style room. Some soft and thick fabrics on the bed give a warmer impression and are suitable for use in winter. Classic tapestry pattern from society19.

Cover the entire surface of your bohemian bedroom wall using mandala fabric that has different patterns and colors. In this mandala wall decoration you can also add a string light as a lighting idea that can be used at night, this lighting also gives the impression of a warmer and dimmer room. You can use some Moroccan pattern pillowcases for the perfect mix of styles. Cover the walls with mandalas from homedit.

One idea to emphasize the bohemian style in your bedroom decor is to hang a large enough mandala cloth as an easy wall decoration idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Now you can use two different types of mandala patterns and add greenery that vines freely. This green plant is the best choice for room decoration that can circulate air in the room. Hanging two large mandalas from homedit.

Macrame Ornament

Macrame is one of bohemian ornaments that cannot be forgotten. To reach a perfect bohemian bedroom decoration, you need a macrame as the characteristic of the style. Some people state that a macrame is the must-have ornaments for a boho decoration. Generally, a macrame is made by tge process of knotting and hitching. It is available in some types, like macrame planter, mason jar holder, and lantern. Moreover, a macrame as wall hanging ornament can be the focal point of the decoration.

You can hang this not-too-large beige macrame on a white-painted bedroom wall as a decoration idea that emphasizes the bohemian style and of course provides different colors that both have a splash of neutral color. Macrame is one of the ornaments that is on budget and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money, you can try it right now easily and not complicated. Hanging beige macrame from society19.

There’s nothing wrong with using macrame as a bohemian bedroom decor decoration, you can choose a larger size as a bold natural view and don’t damage the color tone of your current room. Don’t forget to combine this macrame decoration with green plants beside it by hanging it using macrame woven material too. The combination of the two provides perfection that is never boring. Macrame ornament with pot and room decoration from homedit.

The vintage impression that is displayed through this macrame craft is proven to never go out of style. You can install this large macrame on the headboard of the bed. This decorative macrame becomes a craft pattern that can be used as a wall decoration easily. The white color creates a contrast and blends with the modern bohemian bedroom feel. Vintage vibe macrame wall decoration from homedit.

For the current option, you can use a small macarame craft as a wall decoration that will be an additional bohemian decoration detail. This wall decoration becomes the focal point of the room and a dream catcher at night. Block color wall paint adds a modern impression and of course it’s never boring when you look at it. Small craft macrame from homedit.

This macrame craft that is made as a wall decoration displays a natural impression that is suitable for decorating a bohemian bedroom. The creation of this woven rope can be used as a long macrame which will become a beautiful focal point. Hang this macrame right next to a glass window for an inexpensive, easy-to-install decoration. Long macrame as wall decoration from homedit.

Applying Pretty Greenery

Bringing nature inside as your boho bedroom design beaver fails the decoration. It surely enhances the look and makes the nuance gets cozier. You can have some potted houseplants or vines. For example, you may put them on the corner of your bedroom. This idea lets your bedroom ambiance look fresh every time. Check these following examples to get inspiration on setting up the greenery.

Several types of green plants that are applied in decorating this bedroom become natural decorations and do not require a lot of expenses because you simply take them in the home garden and then move them into several pots that have different shapes and sizes. Snake plants are one of the highly recommended indoor green plants, place these green plants in random areas but still look neat and orderly. Some green plants in a pot from society19.

If you have a bedroom area with limited space, then you can put a fairly large green plant in the corner of the room or rather behind the bed. Perform routine maintenance for more fertile and fresh results of course. Enter sunlight through transparent glass windows as a light source that will support the growth of your green plants. Indoor green plants in the corner of the room from society19.

Monstera plants and hanging vines are a mix of green plants that you can apply to your bohemian bedroom decor. In addition, here you can also use rattan wicker pots and macramé pots to emphasize this style to the maximum. Paintings of green plants become plain wall decorations so that they are not easily boring when viewed. Combination of monstera plant and hanging vines from society19.

If you put a palm tree in your bedroom decoration, the use of a transparent glass window with a larger size is a smart idea that is highly recommended, because sunlight is an important source of indoor fertility for your green plants. In addition, the glass window is also an area that can be used to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view and can be enjoyed whenever you want. Indoor supported palm tree with glass windows from homedit.

To combine a bohemian style with a tropical vibe in your bedroom decor, you can use boho-patterned bedding equipped with a banana tree placed in the corner of the room. The bedding here is equipped with a polka dot pattern that is so beautiful and charming. Don’t forget to coat the wooden floor with a leather carpet that is not too big. Tropical greenery in a bohemian bedroom from homedit.

The ideas of having some ornaments like hanging wall tapestry allows you to set it by yourself. You can make it more exciting as a photo display spot as well. Then, hang a macrame to show how boho style is infused in your bedroom decor. The last, greenery will help you more in making fresher ambiance at anytime. Therefore, get some potted plants to enhance the the idea of boho chic bedroom.

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