We spend most of the time in the living room, whether it is for a family gathering or unwinding after a long day. It is also the place that the guests first notice. That’s why there is no reason for us not to decorate the place.

Apart from the obvious basics, there are several steps to follow. Those steps can help you get your dreamed living room look. Whether you want to take them all or those that go well with the look of your room, below are living room decorating tips to follow.

1. Select the Right Furniture

Many people hesitate to let go of their old furniture. That’s acceptable. But, it doesn’t mean that such furniture cannot mingle with fresh and new ones. Right furniture has the correct size and style that can better the place.

When deciding to incorporate some new interiors, make sure they can work with the rest, including lifestyle. If you love reading, a bookshelf that blends well with your décor items expected. Likewise, a contemporary couch that is both comfy and right for the room size. The idea of a well-designed living room is it is the place where you can chill in.

In order for this contemporary living room decoration to function better, then you can install wall mounted bookshelves which have a larger and wider size so that you can store all your collections of books in larger quantities. These bookshelves are equipped with partitions so you can store books according to the theme so that they are easier to find in a more effective and efficient time. Wall mounted bookshelves from decoist.

Take advantage of the empty wall area as an idea for bookshelves that are painted in a darker color than your wall paint so that it looks more contrasting. This shelf can also be used to put some beautiful ornaments that will beautify the room perfectly. Place a velvet chair in front of this bookshelf as a seat that you can use to read books whenever you want. Dark color bookshelves from decoist.

This large and spacious wall can be turned into an idea for wall mounted bookshelves made of plywood with a slightly brighter color. This shelf consists of several partitions so that you can store books according to the theme so that they are easier to find when needed. No need to repaint the surface of this bookshelf for a more natural look. Plywood wall mounted bookshelves from decoist.

In order for your living room decoration to function better, then you can use the walls as bookshelves ideas that are quite high and wide. These floor to ceiling bookshelves are suitable for Scandinavian living room decorations that never go out of style, place this bookshelf close to the window to get sunlight so it doesn’t cause your books to get damp and moldy. Scandinavian living room with floor to ceiling bookshelves from decoist.

The last option to perfect the appearance of your living room is to install a floating wooden shelf as an idea for storing your books so that they are not scattered everywhere, causing a mess and certainly uncomfortable. You can install this shelf right above the rectangle cabinet that is used to place your speakers and TV. Match the materials and colors of the shelves with the cabinets underneath to make them appear more unified and not damage the color tone of the room. Floating wooden bookshelves from decoist.

2. Pick a Color Story

Who does spend most of the time in the living room? If it’s you, ask yourself, “What color story works well with you”. Yes, living room decorating tips provide a chance for your creative side to grow. Whether you love a monochromatic or colorful room, a color story can add aesthetic to the place. While monochromatic is a safe option, choose pastel colors as the colorful option. Such colors are lovable, and the soft shades are good for stress reducer.

Black and white are a combination of colors that present a monochromatic vibe that is perfect for decorating a modern and minimalist living room. A black linen sofa with white molding walls is a beautiful match, you can also decorate this wall with an abstract canvas painting that has a combination of two colors according to the feel of the room. Provide bright lighting to maximize the appearance of this living room. Black sofa with white molding walls from decoist.

When you use sofas and chairs in dark colors, for carpet and wall ideas you can use a splash of white which looks cleaner and makes the room look wider. Curtains with thin fabrics can enter more sunlight so that your living room is not easily damp. Orchid flowers placed on the coffee table give a fragrant aroma that makes you more relaxed. B/W interior living room from decoist.

The combination of pastel colors that blend in one room gives a sweet impression and looks more colorful. Apply pastel colors to pillowcases, ottoman coffee tables, velvet chairs and sofas. Neutralize all these pastel colors with a wooden cabinet stand that has a clean white color. Greenery and flowers add a fresh color that you can apply together. The combination of several pastel colors on the pillowcase from architectureartdesigns.

This pastel green velvet sofa will look more colorful when combined with pink linen chairs and an ottoman patterned table that has a beautiful color combination. This synthetic leather rug covering the wood floor has a zebra pattern and is a black and white color combination. Hanging crystal chandeliers in gold are a lighting idea that you can use at night to the fullest. Pastel green velvet sofa and pink linen chair from architectureartdesigns.

Several pastel colors that are applied in one living room give the impression of a room that is more colorful and certainly more cheerful. You can use two pink chairs, a light brown sofa and colorful geometric embellishments. Decorate these pastel green walls with starburst mirrors and canvas paintings that are large enough for a different view and certainly don’t make the room feel more boring. Colorful pastel colors in one room from architectureartdesigns.

3. Art Exhibition Feel

Is there an art gallery next to the bookshelf? If so, it means you are creating an art exhibition in your living room. Optimizing the room with some art is acceptable. But combining such a center point with bookshelf is unwise. If you want to keep both, choose one curated painting and save the rest for another room. Otherwise, you can only have either the gallery or the bookshelf.

If the wall decor in your living room is still plain and empty, then you can use it to hang some wall art decorations that have different themes, colors and sizes. Hang all these wall frame decorations right above the yellow sofa with a placement distance that is not too far or not too close. If your wall has a darker color, then use a wall art frame that is dominated by white to make it look more contrasting. Wall decoration art with different themes, colors and sizes from onekindesign.

Apart from being a wall decoration, several sizes of painting frames are also a different type of living room decoration and not much thought by others. Frame all your paintings with frames and hang randomly at a distance that is not too close or too far. The frame art of this painting becomes the focal point as well as the impression of the room that steals the attention. Frame the whole painting with frames from onekindesign.

By displaying several works of art that are stored in frames and mounted on the walls of your living room, you will certainly warmly welcome relatives or guests who come to your home. Feel free to put some paintings on your living room wall and make it like a private exhibition of your art collection. Arrange randomly with various frame sizes to get the maximum artistic impression. Painting frames with different sizes different from onekindesign.

Choose wall decorations that have artistic value to be installed on the walls of your living room. Install several framed or unframed paintings on one part of the living room wall so that it can be the center of attention of guests who come to your home. Use wall paint with dark colors and combine it with a frame of several paintings with white color which will certainly produce the perfect combination and have high artistic value. Art wall decoration from onekindesign.

Arrange and arrange the gallery art that you have in the modern living room as a unique wall decoration and of course very interesting. Some of the art galleries in this room have different colors and sizes so they can become focal points and look more colorful. If these frames will be mounted on a blank wall, the ideal distance is 150 cm from the floor, you can try it now. Colorful gallery art from onekindesign.

Visit these living room decorating tips anytime you need to achieve a perfect look.

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