A good organizing system is the backbone of any room, including a small room or home. If you don’t have the money for a fancy organizer, you can create a simple and effective DIY organization tool. With easy decorating tricks, your homemade organizers can look as good as purchased in-store.

Here are some easy tricks to make simple and neat organization tools.

1. Modular Shoe Box Storage

Create modular storage using several thick shoe boxes and large paper clips. Place the boxes vertically on top and next to each other. Secure the edges with paper clips, so they become conjoined. You can reposition, add, or reduce the boxes whenever you need it. If you want a more beautiful look, cover the boxes with gift wrapper.

Pour your creative ideas to make beautiful and interesting DIY storage to try. Use an old shoebox to make DIY storage. Cover the shoe box with gift wrapping to make it look neat and even more beautiful. You can use this DIY shoebox storage to store your pen collection. Its small and slim shape fits perfectly on your desk. Polka dot shoe box storage from architectureartdesigns.

If you have a shoe box piled up in the warehouse, there’s nothing wrong if you turn it into a very useful item. Take a shoe box and get creative by wrapping it in gift wrapping, making it a cute and beautiful DIY storage box. The size is wide enough to make this DIY shoe box storage can be used to store important files and make it easier for you to find the files you are looking for. DIY shoe box file storage from architectureartdesigns.

Simply by using an unused shoe box you can make DIY storage to sort out some cables that have your different functions. You can add a divider in the middle of the shoe box storage to keep things in one place. Don’t forget to give the final touch by lining the shoe box storage with gift wrapping that has a unique motif. DIY cable box storage from architectureartdesigns.

If there is still a shoebox lid left that has not been used as a storage area, don’t rush to throw it in the trash. You can also use it as a unique and different photo frame. Cover this photo storage box with an unused map, this is suitable to be applied to photos that tell the story of your journey with the people you care about. Shoe box cover photo frame from architectureartdesigns.

2. Cereal Box Drawer Divider

Turn cereal boxes into neat drawer dividers to keep the inside properly organized. Cut cereal boxes around to create “square rings”, matching them with the inside of your drawer (measure for accuracy). Wrap the plates with colorful paper before you place them inside.

Do the division of storage in your storage drawer by using a cereal box. The shape of this cereal box has a small size so it is easier to cut and fit into a drawer according to its area, usually, this cereal box is the choice of many people to be used as dividers. Line the cereal box that has been adjusted in size using colorful paper that is very attractive and cheerful. Line the cereal box with colorful paper from iheartorganizing.

Use a few boxes of seral for dividers in your storage drawer. Cut and adjust the size and height of the cereal box so that it looks neat and fills the entire drawer. That way you can sort items according to their type and needs so that it will be easier for you to find the item you are looking for. Isn’t it quite easy and cheap to try. Cereal box drawer divider on budget from kixcereal.

Don’t let your drawers become a mess because of their failed and ineffective organization. Use unused cereal boxes as a divider idea in a drawer so that everything you store can be better organized. Don’t forget to coat this cereal cardboard using wrapping paper with a variety of colorful patterns and colors. Colorful cereal cardboard drawer divider from songbirdblog.

3. Shelf with Jars

Jelly jars or jams make a good storage organization tool. You can use it to increase the capacity of floating shelves. Tape the lid of the jar beneath the shelf, so that you can place the jar with “messes it” on the lid. You can also decorate or label the jars in advance to suit your room’s décor.

Change the function of an unused mason jar into a storage idea for your makeup tools that doesn’t take up much space when using it. Add glitter on the surface of this mason jar for a more attractive appearance and of course it will seem more luxurious. Make a hole in the lid of this mason jar according to your makeup storage needs. Glitter mason jar storage from homebnc.

Reuse an unused mason jar as a simple storage idea that you can easily and inexpensively try. Change the appearance of this mason jar by repainting it with plain white, don’t forget to add a rope accent on the top surface of the mason jar as a natural decoration and of course very easy to find. Use this mason jar to store some of your pens so you don’t lose them when you use them. Mason jar pen storage from homebnc.

Mason jar which is equipped with a lid can be an idea for storing sugar, coffee and tea. This lid is intended so that all your drink powder is not exposed to dust or entered by insects such as ants, label each jar as a marker. After that you can hang it on the floating wooden rack neatly and of course with a distance that is not too far away. Use the shelf under the mason jar storage by adding hooks as an area to hang your ceramic cups. Mason jar with label from homebnc.

Give your mason jar a different look by lining it with floral patterned paper with a splash of black and white. Paper labels that are hung together with patterned paper also become markers that make it easier for you to take stationery in a more effective and efficient manner, pouring your creativity into creating inexpensive DIY storage. Floral pattern mason jar storage from homebnc.

4. Pegboard with Old Frames

Have unused picture frames? Use them to frame pegboard and place them on the wall. These framed pegboards are useful for hanging tools and kits for your art projects. The frames add unique decorative elements, especially if they look antique.

Reuse your old wooden frame to cover your storage pegboard easily and without spending a lot of money. The wood material used is teak so it is more sturdy and strong when used for a long time, hang this storage pegboard in your home office area to hang stationery and some decorative items such as green plants and your photo frame. Pegboard teak wood frame from nextluxury.

Perfect the appearance of your storage pegboard by applying a re-polished wood frame so it looks more shiny and clean. Besides giving a natural impression, this wood pegboard frame is also very environmentally friendly and brings a beautiful vintage vibe. Hang some iron baskets in this pegboard area to store more of your gear and tools. Vintage vibe frame wood pegboard from shanty-2-chic.

5. Binder Clips as Cord Organizers

This classic lifehack is simple yet very useful for those working with a lot of electric appliances. Attaching binder clips on the edge of the desk give you places to organize USB or electric cords.

Binder clips that are applied to this table serve to organize all your cables so that they are neater and less messy. Irregular cables will interfere with the comfort of your work. The more binder clips you use, the more cable storage ideas you can come up with. Binder clips applied to the workbench from experthometips.

So that your cables are not scattered everywhere, you can use some binder clips to tie your cables according to their functions and needs. Use binder clips with different colors as markers that are very easy to mark, this idea is quite easy and certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money. Colorful binder clips cable organizer from cnet.

This DIY Room organization tool is practical but useful. Try them out to make your room more comfortable for your daily bustle.

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