Want to create a fresh twist on the Bohemian dining room? Add a tropical flair to the design! Unlike modern minimalist or Scandinavian, tropical boho is vibrant, colorful, and cozy. The combination is perfect for homeowners with a free spirit and warm personalities.

How can you create this look for the dining room? Follow these tips to create a dream tropical boho dining room.

1. Play with Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors as the main colors! The most recommended shades are tropical colors, such as turquoise, forest green, medium brown, and yellow. Choose the saturated versions of these colors to create a more relaxing vibe.

The green color that dominates this boho tropical dining room gives a fresh impression that makes you not easily bored while in this room all day. Apply this green color to a tropical mural that is installed on one part of the wall that is still empty, don’t forget to cover the plywood floor with a boho rug that has a bold boho pattern that has an earth tone color vibe. Tropical green mural from decoist.

The color of the wood that is applied to some of the furniture in the dining room gives a natural impression that is not excessive, you can try it easily and of course, it has a price that is not too expensive. Dressers, floor surfaces, dining tables, and chairs made of wood are highly recommended for a bohemian style room because they can blend more perfectly when combined with one of the bold colors such as green velvet seat cushions. Furniture made of wood with green velvet chairs from decoist.

There is nothing wrong with using bright colors to serve as bold colors in this dining room. This yellow color is applied to a floral sofa combined with a splash of white. The glossy wood dining table is a neutral combination that you can use together. Hang bright colored paintings as well as wall decorations that give an architectural impression to the room instantly. Bold color floral sofa from decoist.

2. Use Bold Patterns

The free-spirit nature of this design allows for liberal pattern usage. Mix colorful ethnic or floral patterns into your upholstery, rugs, curtains, and even sofas. You can combine more contrasting colors in the patterns.

Not only focusing on color to create a bohemian tropical dining room decoration, but you can also focus on the pattern used. For example, let’s say you put a bold rug that is used as the base for modern dining tables and chairs that seem more elegant and never out of date. This rug is installed on a white floor so it looks more contrasted and color. Bold pattern pink rug from homedesignlover.

The combination of wallpaper patterns with rugs that are installed in one dining room is a suitable combination that you can try and imitate easily. Choose different colors in these two patterns to make the room look more colorful and fun. The green plants placed in the corner of the room and above the dining table add a natural color that is suitable when surrounded by re-polished wood furniture. The combination of wallpaper patterns with rugs from homedesignlover.

Tropical wallpaper decorated with some green plants around it makes the room look fresher and seem more natural. You can also install several gold mirror frames that have different shapes and sizes as decorations as well as accents to make the room look brighter and wider. Hanging chandeliers are lighting that you can try right above the dining table. Tropical wallpaper with mirror frame decoration from homedesignlover.

3. Mix the Textures

A Bohemian dining room typically mixes various textures to fill the visual gaps. You can play with wood, leather (or faux leather), natural fiber, grass, and metal on various surfaces. For example, combine a wooden coffee table with wicker armchairs, faux leather sofas, and woven area rugs to create an eclectic style.

The wood accents applied to the shelves and dining table are suitable when combined with wicker rattan chairs, these two materials are highly recommended for a natural bohemian style and of course more on budget. You can line one of the wooden benches with faux fur for a smoother, softer surface. Glass ball lights are the main lighting that you can use simultaneously with large glass windows. Wooden table with wicker rattan dining chair from homedesignlover.

The dining table and chairs placed on this woven rug are a choice of two textures that can blend more perfectly when applied in one room. You can partially cover this woven rug with synthetic leather carpet to get a warmer and softer floor surface, try it easily for maximum results. Combination of woven rugs with synthetic leather carpet from homedesignlover.

The dining chair in this bohemian dining room decor has a blend of two different materials, giving it a different and more unique texture. The combination of synthetic leather with iron material on the legs of this chair makes it more sturdy and not easily damaged or porous when used for a long period of time. Don’t forget to put this dining table and chairs on two layers of rugs that have different patterns and materials. Combination of synthetic leather with iron dining chair from homedesignlover.

4. Splurge with Plants

Plants are prominent in both tropical and Bohemian designs. You can insert plants in various ways. Place the pots on floating shelves, tables, or the floor. Hang them using hanging baskets. Create a vertical garden with mini wall containers or hanging racks. You can combine mini succulents with ferns and even large leafy tropical plants.

The indoor Monstera plant which is placed in the corner of the room becomes a dining room decoration that you can easily apply to a pot that is quite large. Not only Monstera plants, you can also use several other types of green plants that have a smaller size so that they can be placed on wooden shelves arranged vertically. Big Monstera plant from digsdigs.

Choose and use low-maintenance green plants to serve as inexpensive and easy room decorations. You can simply look for this green plant in the backyard garden decoration, use a rattan wicker pot as a plant container that is suitable for decorating a bohemian dining room. Green plants that you can use are rubber trees that are not too large. Low maintenance greenery from digsdigs.

The combination of rubber trees with vines made into one in this bohemian dining room will work well together when placed in one room at a distance that is not too far away. Hang these vines to the corner ceiling using iron hooks that are sturdy and don’t fall off easily when in use. Small macrame is a bohemian decoration combination that is highly recommended for your current dining room style. Combination of rubber trees with vines from digsdigs.

5. Add Quirky, Interesting Accessories

Express your personality through unique and interesting accessories in the dining room. Explore secondhand stores or flea markets to find quirky candleholders, coconut shell utensils, wicker chandeliers, cute animal figurines, and creative wall decorations. Just make sure they don’t disrupt the main function of the dining room.

To get cheap boho dining room decorations and have good quality, then you can go to the flea market that is closest to your house. Choose some rattan plate accessories that have different patterns and sizes, before being attached to the wall of this bohemian dining room, you can clean them first using a soft cloth that is not too wet. After that attach and hang randomly but looks artistic. Wicker rattan plate as wall decoration from digsdigs.

Another option to decorate your bohemian dining room in a unique and artistic way is to use a wicker lampshade that has been repainted in a dark color. You can also use some wicker pots as containers for natural green plants and become one of the creative DIY accents. This dining table with a white cloth centerpiece is equipped with sunflowers so that it looks more alive and beautiful. Rattan lampshade from digsdigs.

If you go to a flea market, then look for a vintage candle holder that comes from the rest of a table leg or chair leg made of spindle wood. This spindle wood candle holder certainly has a low price so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate the dining room on a budget. Place some of these candle holders on top of the dresser as lighting while giving a romantic impression to your dining room instantly. Vintage spindle candle holder from digsdigs.

A tropical Bohemian dining room will liven your home. Use this dining room to enjoy yourself or entertain your friends!

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