Do you have a kitchen island? For those already having one, you might think to redo yours to get a new ambiance. For those who haven’t, these tips would make you want to have one.

A kitchen island is a popping space in the middle of a kitchen. It can act as a dining table, a cooking table, or whatever you want it to be and surely will enhance your kitchen decor. Having a kitchen island would be of big help for your kitchen activities. Here are some kitchen island ideas for your better kitchen experience.

1. Drawer

Getting a full set of a kitchen island is space-consuming. You would lose a lot of space which you can use for storage.

However, there’s nothing to worry about. If you need a space for storing kitchen stuff, just resort to the kitchen island that has a drawer. Not only helped by the kitchen island, but you can also store anything in the drawer provided. A double kill!

Added drawers for extra storage on the kitchen island. For high utility you can include some tall foods like bottled gravy, gravy, honey, etc. In addition, this storage idea really helps you to tidy up this modern kitchen design. You can also add metal high chairs and wooden countertops to make the room stylish. Drawer storage from housebeautiful.

Dark drawers with antique gold handles. In this country kitchen, should you be amazed by the kitchen cabinets? Because the drawer design has a lot of luxurious materials. In addition, applying a drawer like this will help you to store various items in the kitchen so that it will not take up a lot of space. Dark drawers with gold handles from architecturaldigest.

This simple touch kitchen island with additional drawer storage will provide a neat and clutter-free room decor. With this combination of white countertops, it will create the perfect contrast to the design. The white color scheme and large windows on one of these walls will make the room spacious and bright. Kitchen island with drawer storage from architecturaldigest.

Rustic design drawer on kitchen island. The white color provides a touch of neutral and calming decor accent. Paired with a wooden table and some basketball baskets will give this table design extra storage and a sophisticated look. You can also add a high chair that will give a comfortable impression while in this kitchen. Rustic design drawer kitchen island from architecturaldigest.

Kitchen island with lots of drawers. Like the picture above, this multifunctional kitchen island and complete storage drawer will make your room design neater and avoid clutter. In this classic kitchen, you can complete the look with a touch of granite countertops to give the room an elegant impression. Dawers stroage from elledecor.

Wooden island with gray cabinets adds character to the kitchen. With a decoration idea like this, it will give a neat room design and avoid clutter. This kitchen island will help you to store your various items that have been provided in this drawer. Combining it with a dark color kitchen scheme will also give the room a warm and calm feel. Wooden island with gray cabinets from elledecor.

This stunning kitchen features drawer storage on a kitchen island. With a decoration like this, it will make it easier for you to store things so it won’t take up much space and looks neat. Completed with a granite countertop, this will make a stylish room and attract the attention of many people. Drawer storage on a kitchen island from elledecor.

2. Wire Cabinets

This tip emerges from the same problem as the first one: space consumption. The only difference is, this time, instead of drawers, you get a kitchen island with wire cabinets for storing your stuff.

There’s one more benefit from this kind of kitchen island. Not only will you be able to have more storage, but also you will be able to see what’s in the storage. A triple kill!

Wire cabinets are better than using glass. Due to its durability and maintenance free. Not only that, but it also gives you a shot of decorating in the kitchen. Combined with a gray kitchen island and a modern rustic theme this kitchen will give it a sophisticated and attractive look. This idea you need to try. Wire cabinets from countryliving.

3. Rolling Cart

If you’re looking for an island that supports mobility, a rolling cart will make a great kitchen island for you. It provides you with helpful mobility. You take it when you need it. Then, drag it off out of the kitchen whenever you need more space in the room.

The center of the stroller is black. This cart is useful for placing contemporary cooking produce as well as providing storage utility under it. Adding a storage shelf at the bottom will make it easier for you to store various cooking utensils and other items. Using this type of kitchen island will make it easier for you to move it to create more space in the room. Black rolling cart from homestratosphere.

Full white decor in the kitchen with a few wood accents. Moreover, the rolling cart in the middle provides a place to put some food there as well as a modern dining table. In addition, this kitchen island is equipped with some additional storage to make it easier for you to deviate things. Drawers and cabinets give it a stylish look. Wooden rolling cart from homestratosphere.

Modern rolling cart with storage rack underneath. You can store multiple cookware in this scrolling chart. Not only that, you can also add towel storage to give the table an attractive appearance. Using this rolling cart will make it easier for you to pull it out whenever you need it. Rolling cart with storage from homestratosphere.

The wooden table wagon rolls in the middle of the kitchen. It is ideal to place nice flowers there, to decorate natural flowers. The sled also gives you a storage cupboard so that it will be easier for you to store items at low reach. You can move it according to your need to take up more space in the room. Wooden kitchen rolling cart from decoist.

4. Minimalist Wood Island

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. A minimalist wood island, for example, can be helpful while being light. No big volume is taken. Thus, your kitchen will still look spacious despite containing an island.

Elegant wooden kitchen island for best kitchen decoration. A simple thing but can make your kitchen look cool by adding a wooden table. Breathe some serious rustic air into your modern kitchen with this wood paneled kitchen island. Equipped with a sleek wooden bench will provide a comfortable and inviting kitchen design. Wooden kitchen island from renoguide.

Opting for this sleek wood kitchen island will give this kitchen décor a sophisticated look. Not only provide a place to eat but also provide a place to display food. However, it needs a lot of decoration with the bench section that blends with the table in the back. Sleek wood kitchen island from renoguide.

An elongated wooden island can be the best choice for your kitchen. It accommodates your needs more than the small one. Equipped with a comfortable high chair, this will give a comfortable impression when you are in the kitchen. Combined with the white color scheme in this kitchen, it will create the illusion of a spacious kitchen. Wooden kitchen island from renoguide.

Those are four kitchen island ideas for your better kitchen experience. Which one do you love?

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